This spinning toy is perfect for kids who need to improve their coordination and balance or who have neurological disabilities.
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(On back-order until Jan. 19th '18.) SENSORY UNIVERSITY SPIN DISC Learning coordination and balance is easier when you have a tool to help. With this rotation seat, it's fun for kids to sit on the disc and to spin freely on it. The disc sits on an oblong base, and the disc spins on it at an angle. This allows for positioning devices, such as cushions or feeder seats, to be used with it. The disc will accommodate a sitter who weighs up to 125 lbs. It can be used with the SOS sensory seat pad for a calmer experience. For kids with neurological disabilities or balance problems, spending time on this disc is a fun way to learn better balance. There are many ways that it can be used to build balance, including having a child kneel on it, lie on it and even stand on it as well as staying in a seated position while spinning it. It's so much fun that a child may want to keep playing on it even after balance has been improved. 30-day Manufacturer's warranty.

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Just what we hoped for
January 04, 2017

My adopted daughter has a lot of anxiety (from prior emotional trauma) that often looks like ADHD. Intense physical rough-house playing is usually what she craves when her anxiety ramps up. When she is feeling especially active, she loves the spinning of this disc. However she has also discovered that lying on her back on the disc with her eyes closed is very calming. The disc rotates on a slightly angled course, which allows her to self-propel by rocking her knees side to side and when doing this slowly, it creates more of an undulating rotation rather than a sense of whirling around. I tried it myself and it reminds me of being on a swing (something that my daughter has also found very calming). The base is heavy enough that it doesn't tip over, so it seems very safe and overall the disc seems well-made and sturdy. We keep the disc right in the family room and my daughter will go spin around for several minutes at a time frequently throughout the day.

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