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 #24795 Birth Defects: Causes and Prevention
 #8174 What to Do When You Are Due: A Comprehensive Guide to Prenatal Care(+$34)
 #29429 Eating for Two: Prenatal Nutrition for a Healthy Baby(+$34)
 #4628 Abortion: The Moral Dilemma(+$44)
 #5788 Infertility and IVF(+$44)
 #6389 Whose Child Is This?(+$44)
 #38789 Overcoming Infertility(+$44)
 #4586 Caring for Premature Babies(+$44)
 #1902 The Twelve-Month Pregnancy(+$44)
 #2631 Caesarean Birth(+$44)
 #4581 Preparing for Childbirth(+$44)
 #5351 Miscarriage and Stillbirth(+$44)
 #5811 The Right Way to Be Pregnant(+$44)
 #29129 Palpation and Clinical Assessment of the Pregnant Abdomen(+$44)
 #29131 Epidural Techniques in Childbirth(+$44)
 #8896 Perineal Repair after Childbirth(+$84)
 #9183 One Brief Life: The Baby L Case(+$84)
 #8587 Breastfeeding(+$84)
 #5895 Small Miracles: Curing Fatal Conditions in the Womb(+$104)
 #11489 Preemies: The Fight for Life(+$104)
 #11490 Infants: The Fight for Life(+$104)
 #1418 Contemporary Childbirth(+$104)
 #7464 Human Reproductive Biology(+$104)
 #7465 A Human Life Emerges(+$104)
 #32727 Pregnancy: A History(+$104)
 #35993 Waiting for a Heartbeat: The Battle Against Miscarriage(+$104)
 #11488 Last Chance, Best Hope: The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit(+$253.95)
 #7463 Reproduction(+$253.95)

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Product Description:
#24795 Pregnancy & Childbirth - Birth Defects: Causes and Prevention (Run time 10 min.) DVD $45.95

Explores the most common types of birth defects, covering the major classifications: malformations present at birth, inborn errors of metabolism, blood disorders, and prenatal damage. The video also includes information on the prevention of birth defects, with an emphasis placed on the importance of good prenatal care. A Meridian Production. (10 min.)

#8174 Pregnancy & Childbirth - What to Do When You Are Due: A Comprehensive Guide to Prenatal Care (Run time 45 min.) DVD $79.95

This comprehensive video answers commonly asked questions from mothers-to-be and discusses the importance of healthy habits before, during, and after pregnancy. Viewers learn about the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy and what can be done to minimize their effects. The importance of good nutrition and exercise is explained by nutritionists, physicians, and prenatal educators who provide practical advice on What to Do When You Are Due. Viewers learn about the foods they should eat and the foods and substances they should avoid, how much exercise they should get, and what they should expect during visits to the doctor at different stages of their pregnancies. Informative advice is blended with warm and humorous stories from pregnant women and those who surround them to make this a most entertaining and informative prenatal care program. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 45-minute video and guidebook.

#29429 Pregnancy & Childbirth - Eating for Two: Prenatal Nutrition for a Healthy Baby (Run time min.) DVD $79.95

This comprehensive program provides solid information on prenatal diet, weight gain, exercise, harmful substances, and practical meal planning. It emphasizes the importance of regular medical checkups and effectively interweaves interviews with nutritionists, physicians, mothers, and expectant women. By using footage from neonatal intensive care units in contrast with healthy newborns, this award-winning program graphically illustrates the direct relationship between a mother's healthy lifestyle and the subsequent development of a newborn child. Includes the book What to Expect: Eating Well When You're Expecting. One 40-minute video and 470-page book.

#4628 Abortion - Abortion: The Moral Dilemma (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

Caroline and Roger have watched two of their babies die of an inherited disease; they now have one healthy child and badly want another. This program puts their dilemma in very personal terms-Should they risk another pregnancy? If the fetus is found to carry the same fatal gene, should it be aborted? They have firsthand experience of the strains that a severely disabled child puts on a marriage and other children. They are Christians opposed to abortion but feel they could not bear to see another unhealthy child suffer and die. What they should do is the subject of discussion by a Catholic bioethicist, a clinical geneticist, and an Asian woman politician. (28 minutes)

#5788 Fertility & Adoption - Infertility and IVF (Run time 20 min.) DVD $89.95

This program provides an update on in vitro fertilization and the subject of infertility in general, its causes and controversies, and the various ways couples can achieve pregnancy. The program focuses on a young couple who successfully underwent IVF and had a child, and speaks with an infertility specialist who explains the process and what infertile couples can do to increase their odds of getting pregnant. The importance of counseling and what to look for in choosing an infertility clinic are also explained. (20 minutes)

#6389 Fertility & Adoption - Whose Child Is This? (Run time 29 min.) DVD $89.95

Genetic and fertility technologies have far outdistanced society's ability to deal with the consequences. Now that fertilization can occur outside the human body from "component" parts-egg and sperm-how does society deal with the ramifications of children having different, and perhaps unknown, biological and social parents? This program examines the emerging questions of parental ownership and responsibility with Dr. Howard Jones, a pioneer of in vitro fertilization in the U.S.; Elizabeth Bartholet of Harvard Univ. Law School; and George Annas, professor of health law at Boston University. (29 minutes)

#38789 Fertility & Adoption - Overcoming Infertility (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

Difficulty in conceiving a child is becoming an increasingly common problem for many couples. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, infertility affects more than 6 million men and women in the United States. As this program shows, infertility can be frustrating, mysterious, and difficult to cope with-however, advances in assisted reproductive technology are also highlighted, demonstrating that many couples are eventually able to achieve their dream of starting a family. Interviews with renowned infertility experts and patients who have undergone infertility treatment provide encouraging and informative case studies. (28 minutes)

#4586 Neonatal Care - Caring for Premature Babies (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program focuses on the effects of prematurity: the risks for pre-term labor, the possible steps to postpone it, and the problems of the premature infant. Foremost among the infant's problems are underdeveloped lungs, but prematurity affects all body systems and puts the infant at risk for other problems, including learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, and eye and ear impairment. The program covers some of the tools now available to save young lives-tools that can also cause damage; it also touches on the ethical issues involved in helping very low birth-weight babies to survive. The program concludes happily as a family leaves the hospital with their healthy baby. (19 minutes)

#1902 Pregnancy & Childbirth - The Twelve-Month Pregnancy (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program makes a strong case for treating pregnancy as a process that begins months before conception, since much of the critical development of the fetus takes place before a woman knows she is pregnant, and since the over-all health of the fetus is dependent on the mother's health. The program warns of the risks to the fetus posed by the mother's use of alcohol; describes the possible effects of aspirin, Valium, Accutane, and cocaine; encourages women to undergo a preconception exam; and-by means of a quiz-teaches specifics about planning a successful pregnancy, showing the effects of smoking on the developing fetus, the risks of obesity, and the uses of ultrasound. (19 minutes)

#2631 Pregnancy & Childbirth - Caesarean Birth (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program explains what a caesarean section is and under what circumstances a caesarean is performed. It offers testimony from doctors who believe too many c-sections are performed, and from others who believe the number is too small. A mother tells why she needed a c-section; an expectant mother explains why she is requesting one for her second child; and a woman who has given birth vaginally and by c-section compares the experiences. (19 minutes)

#4581 Pregnancy & Childbirth - Preparing for Childbirth (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program examines both high-risk and normal, low-risk pregnancy. The former requires a great deal of medical attention and perhaps intervention, with a variety of risks and dangers attendant both on taking and on not taking action. But normal pregnancy, too, requires regular medical care; the program discusses the benefits of a preconception exam and the importance of nutrition and exercise during pregnancy. The program also covers C-sections and the correlation between high malpractice claims and cesarean deliveries. (19 minutes)

#5351 Pregnancy & Childbirth - Miscarriage and Stillbirth (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Approximately one in four pregnancies in the United States ends in miscarriage, and many babies die at birth or shortly after. This program looks at how bereaved parents come to terms with miscarriage and stillbirth, focusing on a special bereavement unit at a London hospital where parents are helped to cope with loss at any stage of pregnancy. Shock, confusion, and the reactions of family and friends can often lead to anger and depression. The mother may feel guilt and responsibility for her baby's death, which may in turn affect her relationship with the father. The program is becoming a model for other hospitals and support groups. (24 minutes)

#5811 Pregnancy & Childbirth - The Right Way to Be Pregnant (Run time 20 min.) DVD $89.95

This program focuses on a young woman and her pregnancy to explain what women can do to improve their chances for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. An obstetrician and a nurse provide an up-to-date explanation of what a woman contemplating pregnancy needs to be aware of, including pre-conception physicals, the importance of stopping smoking and drinking during pregnancy, medical care, diet and exercise, and high-risk and problem pregnancies. The program stresses the importance of getting prenatal care and following the guidelines that medical personnel set for each patient. (20 minutes)

#29129 Pregnancy & Childbirth - Palpation and Clinical Assessment of the Pregnant Abdomen (Run time 34 min.) DVD $89.95

This timeless program presents a practical clinical examination of the pregnant abdomen while explaining the theory behind this valuable assessment technique. Concepts under consideration include the lie of the fetus, fetal poles, station, engagement, and symphysis-fundal height. Medical students and trainee midwives alike can benefit from this thorough introduction. (34 minutes)

#29131 Pregnancy & Childbirth - Epidural Techniques in Childbirth (Run time 21 min.) DVD $89.95

In this program, obstetric anesthetist Dr. Martin Dresner explains the principles and method of epidural analgesia with the aid of an anatomical model and diagrams and then performs the technique on a patient prior to her elective cesarean section. The different uses of epidurals in obstetrics are also covered, as are the common side effects and potential dangers. Misplacement of the needle or catheter is also addressed. (21 minutes)

#8896 Neonatal Care - Perineal Repair after Childbirth (Run time 30 min.) DVD $129.95

This program provides a detailed study of the anatomy of the perineal area, the disruption that occurs from an episiotomy or a tear made during childbirth, and the surgery necessary to repair the damage. In-depth commentary, detailed diagrams, and actual step-by-step reconstructive surgery combine to create an extremely thorough treatment of this subject. (30 minutes)

#9183 Neonatal Care - One Brief Life: The Baby L Case (Run time 40 min.) DVD $129.95

During her eight weeks of life, Leaney Lavea-born prematurely and with medically insurmountable abnormalities-was dependent on machines to live. But were these machines prolonging her life, or were they merely delaying her death? This deeply moving program explores the ethical dilemma surrounding a case that began in a hospital and ended up in court. Interviews with Baby L's parents, the attending physician, the Laveas' legal counsel, and others trace the course of the battle between the parents and the hospital to assert their rights to do what they each believed was morally correct. (40 minutes)

#8587 Pregnancy & Childbirth - Breastfeeding (Run time 33 min.) DVD $129.95

In this program, 36 mothers and their babies, along with some fathers, participate with health-care workers in discussing the value and demonstrating the methods of breastfeeding. Topics covered include the special nature of mothers' milk as food and medicine; proper positioning and attachment; night feeding and sleepy babies; pumping and hand-expression; nipple soreness, duct blockage, engorgement, and mastitis; and the correct way to breastfeed premature babies, twins, and toddlers. The value of mother-to-mother support groups, the role of fathers, and alternatives for women who are unable to breastfeed are also addressed. This informative program was scripted and directed by Dr. Gro Nylander, recognized as one of the world's foremost experts in the field. (33 minutes)

#5895 Neonatal Care - Small Miracles: Curing Fatal Conditions in the Womb (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

This program follows Dr. Kypros Nicolaides and his team at King's College Hospital in London, who have a worldwide reputation for the diagnosis and treatment of babies with fatal conditions who are still in the womb. The program provides an unprecedented introduction to this very specialized area, presenting both the joys of the unit's triumphs and the despair of parents who have tragic outcomes. The program covers the specifics of three babies with fatal conditions and follows their treatment and its results. (51 minutes)

#11489 Neonatal Care - Preemies: The Fight for Life (Run time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

Born too soon and too small, premature newborns present doctors with some of the toughest medical and ethical challenges today. This program takes a deeply personal look at the emotional odysseys of two families, as specialized medical teams do all they can to save their babies. The emergency C-section to deliver Baby Jada, born twelve weeks early, and an operation to close a hole in Baby Neil's heart are captured on film, as well as interviews with doctors from some of the most advanced neonatal intensive care units in America-and the children's parents, torn between hope and despair. (53 minutes)

#11490 Neonatal Care - Infants: The Fight for Life (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

When a baby is hospitalized with a life-or-death illness, parents place their trust in the doctors, nurses, and other specialists of the neonatal intensive care unit. This program blends the intimate and the informative to examine both the technological and the human aspects of infant critical care. Case studies featuring footage of the birth of the Faul twins, one of whom was diagnosed in utero with a potentially life-threatening cyst; Baby Eddie's surgery and therapy, designed to allow his undeveloped lungs to grow; and Baby Prakhar's treatment for a mystifying virus are included. (51 minutes)

#1418 Pregnancy & Childbirth - Contemporary Childbirth (Run time 19 min.) DVD $149.95

New trends in pregnancy and childbirth include a strong emphasis on preparation even before conception. Issues discussed in this program include optimum weight gain, the importance of good nutrition and exercise during pregnancy, and the effects of alcohol and cigarettes on the fetus. Also discussed are the benefits and drawbacks of alternative birthing methods. The program shows the results of preparation in the final stages of pregnancy, the complication-free delivery of a baby in a hospital birthing room, and the rapid recovery of the mother. (19 minutes)

#7464 Pregnancy & Childbirth - Human Reproductive Biology (Run time 35 min.) DVD $149.95

For most couples, getting pregnant is an easy matter, but not so for the 15 percent with infertility problems. This highly technical program designed for advanced anatomy courses and health-care practitioners focuses on the processes that lead to normal impregnation, and the physical hindrances that can prevent it. Superb microscopy and computer animation illustrate the processes, and show how reproductive medicine helps infertile couples over biological hurdles. The various fertilization techniques illustrated include synthetic stimulation of hormones, in vitro fertilization, micro-insemination, and test-tube embryo transfer to the womb. How diseases of the uterine lining and OAT syndrome can disrupt impregnation is discussed and illustrated. (35 minutes)

#7465 Pregnancy & Childbirth - A Human Life Emerges (Run time 35 min.) DVD $149.95

Human reproduction is a fascinating and complex process, especially when seen microscopically. This program presents a close-up view of reproduction, beginning with the fertilization of the female egg, through gestation and the millions of cell divisions, and culminating in the birth of a fully formed individual. Each stage of the development is visualized in sequence: when the heart begins to beat, when the limbs develop, when the child first moves and responds to stimuli, and when it offers its first cry to the world at the moment of birth. Sophisticated computer animation and technical narration are used throughout in an effort to explain the gestation and birth processes for the advanced learner. (35 minutes)

#32727 Pregnancy & Childbirth - Pregnancy: A History (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

Due to ignorance, politics, and misused technologies, childbirth until very recently was often deadly to mother and child. This program presents a medical history of childbirth from ancient times to the present, contrasting methods and beliefs of the past with today's obstetrics. Along with commentary from obstetricians, medical historians, and evolutionary biologists, the program highlights dangers and advances in birthing through documentary clips, reenactments, archival material, computer graphics, and footage of several modern delivery techniques. Topics include caesarian section, fertility treatments, morning sickness, ultrasound, in utero surgical procedures, and the story of obstetrical forceps. Contains nudity associated with childbirth. (51 minutes)

#35993 Pregnancy & Childbirth - Waiting for a Heartbeat: The Battle Against Miscarriage (Run time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

Rachel has lost six pregnancies-but a London medical center is giving her a fighting chance at motherhood. This program records a year inside the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic at St. Mary's Hospital, a facility renowned for its state-of-the-art treatment. Underscoring the cautious optimism that the clinic has inspired in thousands of couples, the program details pregnancy planning and care for Rachel and two other women who are painfully familiar with miscarriage-Naomi, whose blood tests indicate the presence of a harmful antibody and therefore a possible treatment, and Joanne, whose tests reveal no problem and hence, no solution. Drug-based and surgical procedures pioneered at St. Mary's are explored. A BBCW Production. (50 minutes)

#11488 Neonatal Care - Last Chance, Best Hope: The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Run time min.) DVD $299.9

For preemies and critically ill infants, life is a minute-to-minute battle. This gripping two-part series goes inside the neonatal intensive care unit to observe how dedicated medical professionals combine high tech and "high touch" in the race to save young lives. 2-part series, 51-53 minutes each.

#7463 Pregnancy & Childbirth - Reproduction (Run time min.) DVD $299.9

This two-part series uses advanced microscopy and sophisticated computer graphics to illustrate the highly complex biological functions of reproduction and birth. 2-part series, 35 minutes each.

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