MARTIN YALE Replacement Punch Heads Available (2 pcs)

Making precise, duplicate punches through the  material that is being manipulated is absolutely necessary to the final product. Using Martin Yale's replacement punch heads will alleviate any concern that the job will get done!
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 #MY-3025(x2) FOR PUNCH - 3020B, HOLE DIAMETER - 9/32in
 #MY-2525B(x2) FOR PUNCH - 325B, HOLE DIAMETER - 9/32in
 #MY-5040B(x2) FOR PUNCH - 5340B, HOLE DIAMETER - 13/32in(+$20)
 #MY-5025B(x2) FOR PUNCH - 5325B, HOLE DIAMETER - 9/32in(+$20)
 #MY-5035B(x2) FOR PUNCH - 5335B, HOLE DIAMETER - 11/32in(+$20)
 #MY-1025B(x2) FOR PUNCH - 1325B, 1325PB, HOLE DIAMETER - 9/32in(+$20)
 #MY-1035B(x2) FOR PUNCH - 1335PB, HOLE DIAMETER - 11/32in(+$40)
 #MY-1040B(x2) FOR PUNCH - 1340B,1340PB, HOLE DIAMETER - 13/32in(+$40)
 #MY-MP100SET(Setof3heads)(x2) FOR PUNCH - MP100, HOLE DIAMETER - 1/4in(+$60)

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Product Description:

Martin Yale's Replacement Punch Heads are the finest punch heads on the market.  As a leading brand in workspace tools for artistic ventures, business endeavors, and basic home necessities, Martin Yale guantees a satisfaction that remedies any and every malfunction that plagues the office and hone.  Commom frustrations with punches, trimmers, sharpeners, and staplers are now a thing of the past and Martin Yale has dedicated their effort to the become an innovator in the field of artist expression.  Martin Yale's replacement punch heads are a convienient and sturdy remedy.  

(2 replacement head parts only.)

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