ALEX TOYS' Puppet Theatre with Clock

ALEX TOYS' Puppet Theatre with Clock
Change the way you and your child tell stories.  ALEX TOYS' Puppet Theatre w/Clock offers a new and exciting way to tell stories. Your child can spend hours of fun performing their own or classic plays with finger or hand puppets.  
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Places, everyone! Itís time for the show! Kids love to perform for their parents and each other.

The ALEX TOYS' Theatre w/Clock invites a new level of creativity for children of all ages. It will be a popular toy in your home. Details of the puppet stage include: 

  • A chalkboard--giving your child an opportunity to create a new stage for each performance, supporting your child's creativity
  • A clock with moveable hands--a fun way to show the setting or tell time
  • bright colors
  • Dimensions: 25"W x 59.5"H x 15"D

This puppet theatre is easy to assemble with sturdy laminated wood parts. Each piece is bright in color, giving the stage a visual appeal. The puppet theatre is portable and can be easily stored when not in use. Advised for children ages 3 and older. Some small parts not advisable for use by small children. 

Provides kids with a place to put on puppet shows and store their puppets.
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Put your creativity on stage with the ALEX TOYS' Puppet Theatre w/Clock! This puppet theater features a colorful setting to stage original works or interpret classic plays in hand or finger puppet shows. 

The ALEX TOYS' Puppet Theatre w/Clock will put your creativity on stage all day! Brightly colored, this stage will light up your hand or finger puppet shows. The puppet theater's unique design includes:

  • a chalkboard base for added creativity 
  • a clock with movable hands adorning the top of the stage
  • brightly colored wood panels 
  • Dimensions: 25"W x 59.5"H x 15"D

Easily assembled interlocking painted and laminated wood parts make the ALEX TOYS' Puppet Theatre a puppet stage which will withstand hours and hours of play. It also includes a working display Clock!The mobile floor standing puppet theater can be easily moved from room to room or stored away when not in use. The puppet theater is appropriate and safe for children ages three and older, but due to some small parts is not recommended for younger children. 

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