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 #25479 Introduction to Gas Metal Arc Welding and Flux Core Welding
 #26784 Introduction to Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
 #26785 Introduction to Oxyfuel Welding
 #26786 Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc Welding
 #29852 Cinema History(+$20)
 #29853 Production(+$20)
 #29854 Shooting(+$20)
 #29856 Computer-Generated Images(+$20)
 #29857 Makeup, Wig Dressing, and Costumes(+$20)
 #29858 Animals and Stunts(+$20)
 #29859 Visual Special Effects(+$20)
 #29860 Motion Control and Virtual Studio(+$20)
 #29861 Film Equipment(+$20)
 #29862 Film Processing(+$20)
 #29863 Archive Film(+$20)
 #10796 Video, Audio, and Multimedia Systems(+$30)
 #10789 How to Produce a Video(+$30)
 #5527 Recording and Reproduction Techniques(+$40)
 #10882 Digital Magic: The Revolution in Film and TV(+$40)
 #33362 The Arts, Audio Visual Technology & Communications(+$40)
 #7169 Successful Camera Work for Video(+$40)
 #7170 Successful Lighting for Video(+$40)
 #7171 Successful Sound for Video(+$40)
 #7172 Successful Editing for Video(+$40)
 #29865 Movie Magic: Using Special Effects(+$40)
 #30627 Successful Nonlinear Editing for Video(+$40)
 #35314 The Vocabulary of Film and TV(+$40)
 #25690 Introduction to Fluid Power(+$46)
 #25436 Fluid Power Technology-Actuators(+$50)
 #25437 Fluid Power Technology-Control Mechanisms(+$50)
 #25438 Fluid Power Technology-Pumps, Lines, Filters(+$50)
 #25439 Fluid Power Technology-At Work(+$50)
 #35877 Digital Movie Maker: Guidance from an Expert(+$80)
 #25686 Introduction to Welding(+$149.85)
 #25440 Fluid Power Technology(+$349.85)
 #30674 Video Tech(+$399.8)
 #29851 Behind the Camera(+$789.45)

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Product Description:
#25479 Metals Technology - Introduction to Gas Metal Arc Welding and Flux Core Welding (Run time 11 min.) DVD $49.95

There are a lot of similarities between Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) and Flux Core Arc Welding, including the use of direct current to provide constant voltage. Viewers will also learn about the different types of electrodes wires used in each outfit. Wire feeders are demonstrated along with the spools that feed them-containing several hundred feet of electrode wire...allowing welders to make long continuous welds. Students see how to position the electrode and how to establish a good weld pool. As in all of the welding videos, safety practices are clearly demonstrated and explained. (11 min.) A Meridian Production.

#26784 Metals Technology - Introduction to Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Run time 11 min.) DVD $49.95

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding or TIG welding presents special safety concerns. Viewers are warned of the suffocation hazards present when working with inert gases and why good ventilation is required. The video also provides an explanation of how TIG welding differs from other types of particular the use of non-consumable electrodes. Electrode leads, hoses, regulators, and collets are demonstrated and explained as well as the use of the post flow timer to protect the weld from contamination. Also discussed are using the correct collet set and electrode size and type needed for the job. (11 min.) A Meridian Production.

#26785 Metals Technology - Introduction to Oxyfuel Welding (Run time 14 min.) DVD $49.95

This video very clearly explains and demonstrates the careful and safe method of using the combination of acetylene and oxygen gas cylinders. Pressure regulators, check valves, and hoses and fittings are demonstrated as well as torch tubes and tips. Clear instructions on ignition, use of the outfit, and shutting down are provided along with tips on flame adjustment and methods to direct it to the work area. Also demonstrated are various welding techniques and types of welds. (14 min.) A Meridian Production.

#26786 Metals Technology - Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Run time 13 min.) DVD $49.95

This video explains the differences between alternating current and direct current arc welding machines and shows how an electrical current melts electrodes to supply filler metal. Also demonstrated are electrode leads, workpiece leads, and electrode holders. Electrode sizing and its importance are explained. Set-up and shut-off instructions are shown step-by-step as well as how to use equipment safely. Uses of Shielded Metal Arc Welding are discussed and demonstrated. (12 min.) A Meridian Production.

#29852 A/V Production Training - Cinema History (Run time 27 min.) DVD $69.95

This program captures more than a century of moviemaking, from the pioneering work of the Lumiere brothers and the early silent classics to recent box office hits and modern masterpieces of world cinema. (27 minutes)

#29853 A/V Production Training - Production (Run time 27 min.) DVD $69.95

Before a single scene is shot, a lot must be done to get a movie off the ground. In this program, veteran producers talk about how they choose a screenplay, get financial backing, and conceptualize the finished product. (27 minutes)

#29854 A/V Production Training - Shooting (Run time 27 min.) DVD $69.95

"Quiet on the set...roll 'em!" In this program, different shooting techniques are presented, along with some of the critical decisions the director of photography and camera operators must make in order to translate the director's creative vision into images on film. (27 minutes)

#29856 A/V Production Training - Computer-Generated Images (Run time 27 min.) DVD $69.95

Morphing creatures, mind-bending action scenes, destruction on a galactic scale... how do they do that? This program spotlights computer-generated animation and compositing, the technological wizardry behind sensational special effects that early filmmakers could only dream of. (27 minutes)

#29857 A/V Production Training - Makeup, Wig Dressing, and Costumes (Run time 27 min.) DVD $69.95

By transforming actors into memorable characters, makeup specialists, wig dressers, and wardrobe designers help bring the movies to life. This program takes a look at these highly skilled professionals who are in demand whenever the cameras roll. (27 minutes)

#29858 A/V Production Training - Animals and Stunts (Run time 27 min.) DVD $69.95

Animal stories and action movies are perennial box office attractions. Who are the men and women who work with the animals and take the hard knocks? This program gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the exciting (and dangerous) worlds of animal training and stunt performing. (27 minutes)

#29859 A/V Production Training - Visual Special Effects (Run time 27 min.) DVD $69.95

Cel animation, scale modeling, Claymation, and animatronics are four time-tested techniques that are widely used for creating incredible special effects. This program shows how masters of these arts perform their visual magic, from conceptualization to application. (27 minutes)

#29860 A/V Production Training - Motion Control and Virtual Studio (Run time 27 min.) DVD $69.95

High-tech motion control cinematography coupled with virtual studio software makes combining live action with computer graphics, miniatures, stock imagery, or other live-action sequences much easier. This program demonstrates how it's done. (27 minutes)

#29861 A/V Production Training - Film Equipment (Run time 27 min.) DVD $69.95

For those who want to see what it's like to film from a dolly, a Steadicam, and even a helicopter, this program is ideal. Filmmakers give a detailed description of an assortment of cutting-edge cameras and related equipment and demonstrate how these tools are used. (27 minutes)

#29862 A/V Production Training - Film Processing (Run time 27 min.) DVD $69.95

Until the film is processed, even the world's best shooting is only celluloid in a can. This program makes a fascinating visit to a laboratory to illustrate how mechanical and chemical processes turn those miles and miles of film into a finished product. (27 minutes)

#29863 A/V Production Training - Archive Film (Run time 27 min.) DVD $69.95

Archival footage, photos, and recordings are indispensable staples of the film industry. This program introduces the researchers who sift the riches of stock footage houses, photo archives, and sound effect libraries to find the perfect images and sounds. (27 minutes)

#10796 A/V Production Technology - Video, Audio, and Multimedia Systems (Run time 16 min.) DVD $79.95

This program describes how video, audio, and multimedia systems work. After recapping the history of TV, the video segment focuses on the basics of electronic communications, such as transmitters, receivers, channel frequencies, and satellite transmission. Next, the audio segment examines the work of sound engineers, both in recording studios and at radio stations, and the equipment they use, including microphones, mixing consoles, and recorders. Finally, the multimedia segment wraps things up with a look at virtual reality, the Internet, CD-ROMs, and other elements of high-tech communications. A Meridian Production. (16 minutes)

#10789 A/V Production Training - How to Produce a Video (Run time 16 min.) DVD $79.95

What is it like to work for a television station or a video production company? This program provides a concise overview of the video production process-from conceptualization, through the planning and production phases, to the finished product. Microphones, lights, editing equipment, and cameras are all touched upon, along with everything else that it takes to create an informational or documentary video.! A Meridian Production. (16 minutes)

#5527 A/V Production Technology - Recording and Reproduction Techniques (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

In this era of communications, the technologies used to record and reproduce sounds and images are highly diversified and constantly being improved. This program introduces three of these techniques: computer graphics, or computer-assisted animation; laser discs, capable of storing vast quantities of sound data without altering their quality; and holography, also based on the laser beam, which captures images of objects in three dimensions. (23 minutes)

#10882 A/V Production Technology - Digital Magic: The Revolution in Film and TV (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

In section one of this program, NewsHour correspondent Spencer Michels reports on the budding digital film industry. Inexpensive and easy to use, digital video cameras and editing software enable independent filmmakers and students alike to create features and documentaries-and they use the Internet as a ready distribution channel. In section two, correspondent Terence Smith examines the successor to the VCR: the Personal Video Recorder, which feeds broadcasts through a hard drive, allowing viewers to pause a program, do an instant replay, or record programs for later viewing. WebTV, which allows viewer interaction with the Internet and live broadcasts, is also presented. (24 minutes)

#33362 A/V Production Technology - The Arts, Audio Visual Technology & Communications (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Here's a place where your students can turn their creativity into a career. This program looks at opportunities to design, produce, exhibit, perform, write, or publish in a variety of media, including theater, film, textiles, newspapers, radio, and television. Real-world insights into this cluster are provided through interviews with a cable TV broadcast engineer, newspaper reporter, professional actor, commercial artist, and a TV director/producer. Correlates to the National Standards for Life Work. A Cambridge Educational Production. (24 minutes)

#7169 A/V Production Training - Successful Camera Work for Video (Run time 30 min.) DVD $89.95

This program looks at the main functions of the camcorder-focus, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, and zoom-as well as aspects of framing and image composition, including techniques such as pull focus and the trombone shot. The relationship between subject and camera movement is examined in a section that also introduces the notion of simple tracking and jib movements. (30 minutes)

#7170 A/V Production Training - Successful Lighting for Video (Run time 32 min.) DVD $89.95

Creative use of light can turn an ordinary scene into something special. There are ways of controlling sunlight, artificial light, and professional lighting instruments for maximum video effect, and this program covers them all. Control principles are considered in five sections: contrast, quality, direction, intensity, and color. The method of three-point lighting is described in detail, along with problems encountered when mixing natural and artificial light. The production of a complete short film involving nighttime, daytime, and day-for-night lighting concludes the program. (32 minutes)

#7171 A/V Production Training - Successful Sound for Video (Run time 33 min.) DVD $89.95

Sound recording for video can be divided into two distinct phases-recording during production, and recording during postproduction. This program discusses a variety of subjects, including the different types of microphones and when to use each, when certain types of sound are appropriate, the use of audio mixers on location and in postproduction, recording levels, distortion, multitracking, mixing, music recording, and sound effects. Key points are summarized after each discussion. (33 minutes)

#7172 A/V Production Training - Successful Editing for Video (Run time 32 min.) DVD $89.95

This program looks at the creative skills needed by a video editor, and also considers some of the practical aspects of postproduction, using both linear videotape and nonlinear digital techniques. A range of examples illustrate the concepts-jumps in time and space, cutting interview material, crossing the line of action, jump cuts, controlling pace, association of ideas, and splitting audio and video edits. Sound techniques are illustrated for sound effects, dialogue, and music. More technical issues such as time-code, approaches to off-line and on-line editing, digital video effects, and digital nonlinear editing are also discussed. (32 minutes)

#29865 A/V Production Training - Movie Magic: Using Special Effects (Run time 52 min.) DVD $89.95

Aside from taking an audience's breath away, special effects are often used simply for logistical reasons, such as when an actor or actress is unavailable for a shoot and must be woven into the scene later. In this program, experts in the field of special effects discuss how they create images that range from the spectacular to the invisible. Postproduction specialists discuss and demonstrate techniques of overlaying computer animation and digitizing 35mm and 65mm film. The cinematic applications of prosthetics, animatronics, and pyrotechnics are also closely examined. Contains nudity. (52 minutes)

#30627 A/V Production Training - Successful Nonlinear Editing for Video (Run time 35 min.) DVD $89.95

Up until the mid 1990s, editing had to be done sequentially on tape; now video editing can be done on computer using cut-and-paste techniques similar to those in word processing. This program provides a step-by-step approach to nonlinear editing by demonstrating a variety of essential techniques using the latest video-editing software. Viewers will become familiar with the edit window and how images and sound can be manipulated within it. Topics include choosing shots, editing for a reason, line of action, editing dialogue, transitions, digital effects, and music. A convenient summary of key points follows each segment. (36 minutes)

#35314 A/V Production Training - The Vocabulary of Film and TV (Run time 27 min.) DVD $89.95

Motion pictures have a language all their own, and media students need to become fluent in it. This video is the ideal primer, using an entertaining story line to teach basic film vocabulary. Set in an actual movie studio, the program explores the stylistic conventions of action, horror, and other genres, and demonstrates principles of camera placement, mise-en-scene, lighting, sound, shot size, and editing. The spine-tingling (but not too scary) horror plot keeps viewers focused on film language and how it is manipulated to tell a story with a logical flow that builds to an emotional conclusion. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (27 minutes)

#25690 Fluid Power - Introduction to Fluid Power (Run time min.) DVD $95.95

This video provides a balanced and concise overview of fluid power. Offering definitions, principles, and current uses, Introduction to Fluid Power also covers fluids; hydraulic and pneumatic systems; fluid power formulas; static pressure; pressure gauge and regulator operations; as well as pumps, valves, and actuators. Questions are inserted at intermediate stopping points so that students can interact...setting this program apart from the rest. Information is also given for career opportunities, including educational requirements and certification. An excellent addition for those who only have time to cover the basics. (19 min.) A Meridian Production.

#25436 Fluid Power - Fluid Power Technology-Actuators (Run time min.) DVD $99.95

Explains the construction and operation of the many types of actuators used in industry. Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, motors, rotators, grippers, pushers, lifters, rubbers, and bellows are all detailed. Actual cutaways, examples in industry, and computer animation make this an excellent addition to your curriculum. (23 min.) A Meridian Production.

#25437 Fluid Power - Fluid Power Technology-Control Mechanisms (Run time min.) DVD $99.95

Summarizes the many ways to control a fluid power system. Everything from a simple hand valve to programmable controllers are included in this useful educational program. The construction and operation of pilot valves, solenoid valves, sensors, PCs, and other devices are clearly explained. Live footage from industry and computer animation make this an entertaining yet highly condensed and informative presentation. Ideal for classes in fluid power, mechanical and electrical engineering, general technology, physics, and science. (27 min.) A Meridian Production.

#25438 Fluid Power - Fluid Power Technology-Pumps, Lines, Filters (Run time min.) DVD $99.95

Demonstrates the operation of various pumps found in the fluid power industry through computer animation and live-action video. Colorful cutaways show how both hydrostatic and hydrodynamic pumps function. Piston pumps, gear pumps, vane pumps, centrifugal pumps, bellow pumps, bladder pumps, as well as filters, hoses, and lines are all explained. Specifications and symbols are also included. (29 min.) A Meridian Production.

#25439 Fluid Power - Fluid Power Technology-At Work (Run time min.) DVD $99.95

Brings the fluid power industry into your classroom. A broad overview of the many applications of hydraulics and pneumatics is summarized. Everything from the steam engine to the space shuttle to a huge robotic dinosaur eating an airplane is shown in this highly entertaining program. A few of the subjects covered include: advantages of hydraulic versus pneumatic systems, small power equipment, mobile equipment, as well as fluid power in the transportation, aviation, machining, manufacturing, mining, energy, and chemical processing industries. Hydrostatic drive, machine automation, hydro-milling, destructive testing, and many other topics are included. (24 min.) A Meridian Production.

#35877 A/V Production Training - Digital Movie Maker: Guidance from an Expert (Run time min.) DVD $129.95

Help students build their shooting, lighting, and recording skills with this detailed guide to professional-quality video production. This program focuses on the real-world techniques of producer Bill Cote, a 25-year veteran of the television industry, who uses footage from a recently wrapped film to demonstrate proper equipment operation. Divided into four main chapters covering pre-production, camera work, lighting, and audio recording, the program explains shooting schedules, shot lists, storyboards, camera exposure, shutter speed, lenses, filters, three-point lighting, time code and logs, shotgun mics, lapel mics, mic levels, audio ambience, and much more. (58 minutes)

#25686 Metals Technology - Introduction to Welding (Run time min.) DVD $199.8

This series introduces viewers to four major welding areas: Oxyfuel, Shielded Metal Arc, Gas Tungsten Arc, and Gas Metal Arc/Flux Core Arc. Each video shows: welding definitions • welding components • safety equipment • assembly and use of the system • the types and kinds of welds. Safety procedures are emphasized throughout, including the proper clothing, equipment, and filter lens required for the job. An excellent overview of the field while clearly demonstrating proper technology in each area. A Meridian Production.

#25440 Fluid Power - Fluid Power Technology (Run time min.) DVD $399.8

Using computer animation and industrial examples, this informative four-part series outlines the principles of hydraulics, pneumatics, pumps, and fluid power systems. A Meridian Production.

#30674 A/V Production Training - Video Tech (Run time min.) DVD $449.75

This award-winning five-part series provides the ultimate guide to professional video production, with an emphasis on specific creative techniques in sound, lighting, camera work, and editing. Each program is divided into topic sections that end with a summary of key points covered. 5-part series, 30-35 minutes each.

#29851 A/V Production Training - Behind the Camera (Run time min.) DVD $839.4

From animal trainers and makeup artists to computer-generated special effects technicians and film laboratory specialists, this captivating series provides an overview of exciting careers in movie and TV show production. Offering something for everyone, these programs can help students see for themselves what it's like to work in two of today's fastest-growing industries. 12-part series, 27 minutes each.

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