Preserving Works of Art Video (DVD)

Preserving Works of Art Video  (DVD)
Find out more about art restoration, authentication and the fight to preserve works over time in this fasinating look at an often-overlooked side of the art world.
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The way that artworks look to us today is often the result of careful preservation work that has been done over time. That's because time ages art materials and can change the fundamental look of many types of works. Even sculptures can look different over time, and sculptures, paintings, photos and more need to be preserved and restored in order to keep them looking like they did when they were first created. Featured in this 23-minute film is an ancient forest close to the North Pole that has been preserved over 40 million years. Preservation science is presented as well as experts who verify important works and restore them. The latest techniques are allowing old papers and photos to be restored as well as the more famous restoration work being done to paintings.
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