AllerAir Pre-Filter-6000-4-pk Air Purifier to Clear Dust

Check out the Pre-Filter-6000-4-pk Air Purifier to keep your air purifier functioning at its best, if you are looking for a way to keep your art studio clean and free of wafting dust and debris.  

Item Code: AA-pre-filter-6000-4-pk

Sale-Price: $59.98

Product Description:

Many times in your work as an artist, you create dust, such as when you are working with pastel materials. With the lingering pastel dust in the air, you run the risk of contaminating future projects. On top of all that, and even worse, you end up coughing half the time you are working in your studio since such materials have no natural way to escape an enclosed space. 

Keep your air purifier near your easel, preferably directly under it. Make sure to keep your air purifier even more effective when you replace the filter every two to three months. The Pre-Filter-6000-4-pk Air Purifier is the ideal way to get you through the better part of a year in your art projects. 

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