People Video (DVD)

People Video (DVD)
People Video is part of a series that brings light and understanding to abstract art. This video is an exceptional introduction to the world of abstract art. A perfect addition for educators or students of art, art history, and photography or lovers of art who want to expand their knowledge of abstract art.
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People Video (DVD) part of the “Inside the Tate Modern: A Century of Modern Art” series is divided into three sections opening the often misunderstood area of abstract art. Examples of modern artists Lucian Freud, Arman, John Coplan, Nan Goldin, Sonia Boyce, Sarah Lucas, Louise Bourgeois, and Annette Messager. All artist major contributors to the three segments of this video. The first segment comprised of "Nudes, Mixed Media, and Photographic Self-Portrait" as represented by three artists. Freud's "Standing by the Rags" is a nude, Arman’s "Condition of Women,1" in sculpture form using not the usual one medium but by the use of mixed medias, and Coplan 's "Frieze No. 2, 4 Panels" demonstrated the use of a complete painting created by use of panels. The second segment Nan Goldin's "Non One Month after Being Battered" confronts the social issues of physical abuse as well as racial and sexual stereotyping, while Sonia Boyce's "From Tarzan to Rambo Etc." also took on the issue of stereotyping and finally in Sarah Lucas' "Self-Portrait with Knickers and "Self-Portrait with Fried Eggs" shows the difference from reality and stereotyping. The final segment represented by Louise Bourgeois' "Cell (Eyes and Mirrors)" attempting to delve into and understand issues that surround identity and to find the bases of cruelty. Annette Massager’s "The Pike" delved into this subject of identity and the bases of cruelty. The viewer presented with a systematic view the beginning of the meanings behind modern and abstract art. Modern Art of all the arts tends to be most personal to viewers who often see what they chose to see and many times can have visceral reaction to the art. These artists all experimented with media as well as subject matter.

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  • ISBN: 978-0-7365-6696-4
  • Run Time: 15 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: ©2003
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