Bob Rohm : The Pastel Landscape DVD

Bob Rohm : The Pastel Landscape Dvd - Autumn Flow
Pastel Video Demonstration - 16" X 20" This DVD is permanently discontinue, the new Bob Rohm Painterly Approach in Pastel DVD replaced this!

Watch and listen as Bob develops the pastel painting from the first strokes to the final accents. This is an excellent video for all levels of pastel artists.
He explains and demonstrates the complete process that he follows to create a pastel landscape. Bob begins with hard pastels to establish the design and color harmony. Next he scrubs the hard pastel with mineral spirits to create the undertone and begins layering with soft pastel. He explains how to see masses rather than line - and form instead of detail. See how to accurately simplify colors and values of the major shapes. Aerial perspective, color harmony, lost and found edges, the principles of painting water and accent strokes are just a few of the many topics Bob talks about as he works.
“Bob Rohm’s video is the next best thing to being there. His straight-forward, unaffected delivery of information creates a sense of intimacy, as if the viewer were in the studio, listening while he talks and watching him paint.”—Editor,The Pastel Journal (#25)


Bob Rohm communicates the externals of his subjects with great vibrancy and power. His inner vision speaks subtly of simple yet complex beauty.

Born and raised in the northeast, Rohm's return to painting was triggered in early 80's when he moved to Texas; the broad vistas and bright, hard sky of the southwest opened up before him. Here was a landscape of stark simplicity and solitary beauty. Bob began to cut back on his production business in order to paint part time, and, in a few short years he became a full time artist.

Rohm's style reflects his discovery of the southwest: "Although my work is representational, I simplify textures and surfaces to dramatize planes of light and color. My use of color is impressionistic and expressive. I contrast both hard and soft edges, as well as transparent and opaque paint," he explains. Each painting seems to capture an element beyond reality. Each moves the viewer beyond the subject itself. As Rohm says, "A painting fails if it does not induce the viewer to experience some form of emotion, not only about what the subject is but why it is." And while not all of his paintings have a typical southwestern theme, they demonstrate the focus of style which evolved through his realization of the southwestern image: razor-sharp contrasts and vivid colors.

Rohm lectures, demonstrates and teaches painting workshops. A signature member of the Oil Painters of America, and the Pastel Society of America, he has exhibited in national and international shows and has won many awards. His art and teachings have been featured in many publications and can be found in numerous corporate and private collections internationally.

This DVD is permanently discontinue, the new Bob Rohm Painterly Approach in Pastel DVD replaced this!

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