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 #8155 Your Newborn Baby
 #8186 Newborn Basics
 #24711 Are You Ready for Parenthood?(+$13)
 #25090 Considerations of Discipline(+$13)
 #8245 From Here to Self-Esteem: A Road Map for Parents of Young Children(+$20)
 #34911 Kids and the Media(+$20)
 #34912 Discipline(+$20)
 #34918 Kids and Divorce(+$20)
 #34919 Kids in the Spotlight(+$20)
 #34921 The New Family(+$20)
 #34923 Teen Parents(+$20)
 #34924 All about Girls(+$20)
 #34926 Siblings(+$20)
 #34930 Birth(+$20)
 #34931 Preemies(+$20)
 #34932 Kids and Food(+$20)
 #34933 Kids and Sleep(+$20)
 #34935 The New Pediatrics(+$20)
 #34936 Childcare(+$20)
 #34938 Learning(+$20)
 #32338 Sibling Preparation(+$30)
 #32560 Bath Time-in Spanish(+$30)
 #32561 Calming the Baby-in Spanish(+$30)
 #32562 Feeding Your Baby-in Spanish(+$30)
 #32563 Handling, Diapering, and Dressing-in Spanish(+$30)
 #32564 Playtime-in Spanish(+$30)
 #32565 Postpartum Care-in Spanish(+$30)
 #32566 Safe and Sound-in Spanish(+$30)
 #32567 Sibling Preparation-in Spanish(+$30)
 #32568 When Your Baby is Sick-in Spanish(+$30)
 #11105 Positive Discipline: A Creative Alternative for Parents and Teachers(+$33)
 #26337 Smart Parent, Smart Child(+$35)
 #8199 Solutions to Ten Common Parenting Problems(+$40)
 #8203 Ten Ways to Be a Better Parent(+$40)
 #8225 Becoming a Family(+$40)
 #8226 Growing as a Family(+$40)
 #8227 School Days(+$40)
 #11428 The Middle Years (Ages 5 to 12)(+$40)
 #11429 The Teen Years (Ages 13 to 18)(+$40)
 #14431 Turning Points: Steps to Success for Single Parents(+$40)
 #14460 Negative Behavior, Positive Discipline(+$40)
 #1399 After the Baby Comes Home(+$50)
 #1409 Psychology of Parenting(+$50)
 #1467 Being a Single Parent(+$50)
 #1528 Teen Dads(+$50)
 #4629 Parents' Views and Teenagers' Rights(+$50)
 #6390 Who's Raising Our Children?(+$50)
 #7940 And Baby Makes Two: Single Motherhood(+$50)
 #8151 Basic Parenting Skills(+$50)
 #8957 Corporal Punishment: Loving Smacks(+$50)
 #11006 Understanding Parenting Styles: Authoritarian, Democratic, Permissive(+$50)
 #11007 Raising Non-Violent Children in Violent Times(+$50)
 #11095 Dedicated, Not Deadbeat(+$50)
 #11096 Juggling Family and Work(+$50)
 #24758 Baby Steps: Adjusting to Parenthood(+$50)
 #30525 Parents for Safe Children(+$50)
 #30535 Feeding Your Baby with Love(+$50)
 #30639 Parenting Tips from the Pros(+$50)
 #35358 The Mommy Mystique: The Anxiety of Modern Motherhood(+$50)
 #34640 Living with ADHD(+$110)
 #8185 Cambridge Parenting Series(+$119.95)
 #11094 Fatherhood USA(+$139.95)
 #8224 The ABCs of Parenting(+$199.9)
 #11426 The Essentials of Discipline(+$199.9)
 #34920 The Bonds of Family(+$439.65)
 #34910 Parenting Challenges(+$499.6)
 #34929 Practical Parenting(+$499.6)
 #32559 The Baby Care Workshop-in Spanish(+$589.6)
 #34909 Brazelton on Parenting(+$1518.75)

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Product Description:
#8155 Parenting - Your Newborn Baby (Run time 59 min.) DVD $39.95

This fast-paced program, approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics, is THE definitive baby care video starring Good Morning America's Joan Lunden, a mother of three herself. This informative program covers the critical topics most new parents need to know during baby's first months. The main sections of the program are choosing your baby's doctor, decisions before your baby is born, preparing the nest, the magic moment, your baby-head to toe, feeding your baby, your baby's bottom, when to call your baby's doctor, bathing your baby, your baby's crying, and your baby's sleep.A Cambridge Educational Production. One 59-minute video.

#8186 Parenting - Newborn Basics (Run time 71 min.) DVD $39.95

This informative video answers a multitude of questions asked by new parents and makes it possible for these topics to be addressed before crucial moments arise. Learn about proper care for infants including feeding methods (breast and bottle), baby hygiene, taking temperatures, and providing proper health care. Viewers see how to create a safe home environment and find out about the importance of caring for themselves as new parents. Written and hosted by qualified physicians, this invaluable lesson presents new parents and features babies from a few days old to a few months old to give viewers a first-hand look at the needs, common physical traits, and proper care of infants. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 72-minute video.

#24711 Parenting - Are You Ready for Parenthood? (Run time 12 min.) DVD $52.95

Becoming a parent is one of the most serious and important decisions a person ever makes-the only decision in life that is absolutely irreversible. This video focuses on the issues which surround the decision to become a parent, including valid and invalid reasons as well as the responsibilities of parenthood. A Meridian Production. (12 min.)

#25090 Parenting - Considerations of Discipline (Run time min.) DVD $52.95

Interviews with experts and with parents provide a framework in discussing the need to discipline. Various disciplinary approaches are explored and the strengths and weaknesses of each are discussed. A Meridian Production. (13 min.)

#8245 Parenting - From Here to Self-Esteem: A Road Map for Parents of Young Children (Run time 29 min.) DVD $59.95

Kids who have high self-esteem feel confident, adjust to change more easily, learn how to interact with others, and are less likely to abuse drugs. This program presents ten specific ways in which parents can build self-esteem in their children through everyday interactions such as responding to a baby's emotional needs, helping a child solve his or her own problems, encouraging independence, and promoting creativity. A Cambridge Educational Production. (30 minutes)

#34911 Parenting - Kids and the Media (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

How are children affected by television? Do they tend to mimic televised violence? This video studies the connection between kids and the media in today's society, and the need to make TV a positive force in child development. (22 minutes)

#34912 Parenting - Discipline (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

The most effective discipline is not punishment, but a form of teaching-and that requires an understanding of how a child learns. This video examines learning capacity at critical stages of development, presenting the best strategies for setting limits. (22 minutes)

#34918 Parenting - Kids and Divorce (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

Unfortunately, the concerns of divorcing parents often overshadow the needs of their children. This video shows how that discrepancy is being reexamined by parents and experts. (22 minutes)

#34919 Parenting - Kids in the Spotlight (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

Auditions, photo shoots, talent agencies... should they be a part of childhood? This video provides an inside look at the show business game-studying its effects on the families of aspiring child stars. (22 minutes)

#34921 Parenting - The New Family (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

Can the American family be defined? Today's isolated nuclear families, some with unmarried or same-sex parents, challenge traditional notions. This video explores the evolution of new family types and what they mean for the future. (22 minutes)

#34923 Parenting - Teen Parents (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

Over 1,400 teenage girls become pregnant every day in America. This video identifies three sources of support-family, school, and community-that are essential in helping teen parents raise children successfully. (22 minutes)

#34924 Parenting - All about Girls (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

This video explores conflicting definitions of femininity and what it means to be a girl, and discusses how parents can help their daughters grow into healthy and well-adjusted adults. (22 minutes)

#34926 Parenting - Siblings (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

Sibling relationships present complex issues. This video untangles the inner dynamics of those relationships, with a focus on birth order and its role in personality development. (22 minutes)

#34930 Parenting - Birth (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

Many women now give birth at home. Modern hospitals increasingly employ doulas and midwives. This video examines the latest trends in birthing, including late-in-life motherhood and the treatment of postpartum depression. (22 minutes

#34931 Parenting - Preemies (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

Babies born more than three months prematurely have low chances of survival, and a preemie that beats the odds may face serious-even lifelong-medical issues. This video describes the battle for life in a high-tech neonatal care unit and how parents of preemies can find support. (22 minutes)

#34932 Parenting - Kids and Food (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

A shocking number of American children suffer from obesity and eating disorders. This video offers parents practical tips on managing a child's weight and eating habits. (22 minutes)

#34933 Parenting - Kids and Sleep (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

Scientists are using cutting-edge brain imagery to increase their understanding of how children sleep. This video explores new discoveries in sleep dynamics, discusses the treatment of sleep disorders, and explains the safe and proper way to put a baby to bed. (22 minutes)

#34935 Parenting - The New Pediatrics (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

Corporate medicine is rapidly replacing the traditional family practice. This video provides today's parents with information and support in navigating the confusing new world of health care. (22 minutes)

#34936 Parenting - Childcare (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

America lags behind other industrialized nations in childcare options, but solutions are emerging. This video focuses on issues of daycare choices and how children, providers, and parents relate to each other. (22 minutes)

#34938 Parenting - Learning (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

Cognitive science has provided exciting breakthroughs in child development. This video demonstrates how children are learning much more, at much earlier ages than many experts thought possible-and that learning is rooted in emotion as well as logic. (22 minutes)

#32338 Parenting - Sibling Preparation (Run time 17 min.) DVD $69.95

A new baby in the house can produce mixed reactions from older siblings. This program explores the emotions children of various ages may experience with an addition to the family and how parents can help them adjust. (17 minutes)

#32560 Parenting - Bath Time-in Spanish (Run time 14 min.) DVD $69.95

This program will take you step-by-step through the proper way to bathe your baby in a safe, comfortable, and convenient manner. (14 minutes)

#32561 Parenting - Calming the Baby-in Spanish (Run time 13 min.) DVD $69.95

In this video, you will see helpful techniques for calming yourself and a fussy baby, as well as avoiding shaken baby syndrome. (13 minutes)

#32562 Parenting - Feeding Your Baby-in Spanish (Run time 18 min.) DVD $69.95

This program demonstrates breastfeeding positions and techniques, as well as breast milk storage. It also covers bottle feeding, choosing a formula, bottle and nipple care, and feeding techniques. (18 minutes)

#32563 Parenting - Handling, Diapering, and Dressing-in Spanish (Run time 20 min.) DVD $69.95

In this program, parents demonstrate safe and comfortable ways to hold and carry newborns, as well as techniques for diapering and dressing babies. (19 minutes)

#32564 Parenting - Playtime-in Spanish (Run time 16 min.) DVD $69.95

This video demonstrates safe, simple, and enjoyable activities for parents to share with their infants. (16 minutes)

#32565 Parenting - Postpartum Care-in Spanish (Run time 12 min.) DVD $69.95

This program will help new mothers understand what to expect during the postpartum period and how to avoid complications. (12 minutes)

#32566 Parenting - Safe and Sound-in Spanish (Run time 16 min.) DVD $69.95

This program provides tips and suggestions to help parents create a safe environment for their infant. Recommended sleeping positions for baby are also shown. (16 minutes)

#32567 Parenting - Sibling Preparation-in Spanish (Run time 18 min.) DVD $69.95

A new baby in the house can produce mixed reactions from older siblings. This program explores the emotions children of various ages may experience with an addition to the family and how parents can help them adjust. (17 minutes)

#32568 Parenting - When Your Baby is Sick-in Spanish (Run time 12 min.) DVD $69.95

Nothing can be more distressing to a new parent than not knowing how to help when baby is sick. This program gives clear demonstrations of how to take an infant's temperature using a digital thermometer and how to measure and give prescription medication. (12 minutes)

#11105 Parenting - Positive Discipline: A Creative Alternative for Parents and Teachers (Run time 21 min.) DVD $72.95

"If you don't get in that car right now, young lady, you're going to get a spanking!" How many parents or caregivers have lost their tempers and blurted out a threat when a child refused to cooperate? This program shows parents, teachers, and childcare workers another way to reach and teach youngsters. A child development specialist joined by parents demonstrates how positive discipline allows children to achieve self-discipline and responsibility for their actions. A Meridian Production. (22 minutes)

#26337 Parenting - Smart Parent, Smart Child (Run time min.) DVD $74.95

Proper nutrition begins in the womb-a woman's dietary choices affect her unborn child. Drug, alcohol, or tobacco use can influence fetal development and may cause brain damage or other physical abnormalities. The video also covers proper nutrition for children through age six, explaining how important it is for physical, mental, and emotional development. (17 min.) A Meridian Production.

#8199 Parenting - Solutions to Ten Common Parenting Problems (Run time 50 min.) DVD $79.95

This video provides simple and realistic solutions to many problems commonly experienced by parents of young children. Learn how to deal with temper tantrums, bed-wetting, misbehavior at mealtime and bedtime, and sibling rivalry. Answers commonly asked questions: how to toilet train; when does an illness require a doctor; is thumb-sucking bad; is television harmful; and what's the difference between active and hyperactive? Parenting becomes more enjoyable and rewarding when you know how to interpret and handle a child's behavior. Alleviates the need to search for advice and ideas by addressing the ten most common parenting problems and solutions in one easy-to-understand lesson. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 50-minute video and manual.

#8203 Parenting - Ten Ways to Be a Better Parent (Run time 38 min.) DVD $79.95

The most important job that most of us will ever have is one that requires no formal training, no degree, no certificate of achievement, and no interviews to determine if we have the qualifications or qualities to undertake the long-term project...parenting. This live-action video removes the guesswork from child rearing by teaching methods to improve parenting skills. Learn ways to develop trust, the importance of spending time together, the benefits of communication, and how to provide experiences fostering growth and learning. Viewers also see methods for building positive self-esteem and positive attitudes about health and nutrition; encouraging the expression of emotions and feelings; and providing consistent guidelines for behavior and safety. Stresses the importance of keeping a sense of humor to help cope with the challenges and failures frequently facing parents. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 38-minute video and manual.

#8225 Parenting - Becoming a Family (Run time 39 min.) DVD $79.95

This program discusses issues such as when is a good time to have a child, the impact of the baby's arrival, managing careers and children, and more. A Cambridge Educational Production. (39 minutes)

#8226 Parenting - Growing as a Family (Run time 35 min.) DVD $79.95

This program addresses issues relevant to children from toddler to preschool. Subjects include building confidence, discipline, fears and imagination, and the second child. A Cambridge Educational Production. (35 minutes)

#8227 Parenting - School Days (Run time 39 min.) DVD $79.95

This program focuses on topics such as autonomy, peer pressure, and encouraging achievement in school. A Cambridge Educational Production. (39 minutes)

#11428 Parenting - The Middle Years (Ages 5 to 12) (Run time 35 min.) DVD $79.95

Stubbornness and back talk are common (albeit unwelcome) signs of independence in normally developing children. This program, filmed in real family settings, demonstrates how positive discipline techniques, including home rules, problem-solving, and honest communication, can be used to deal with the behavior problems associated with growing up. Points to consider in a pre-discipline review are also offered: Is the child angry? Did something happen at school? Or could it be the start of puberty? A Cambridge Educational Production. (35 minutes)

#11429 Parenting - The Teen Years (Ages 13 to 18) (Run time 41 min.) DVD $79.95

"You don't understand me!" From generation to generation, that age-old outburst has characterized the parent/teen relationship. This program illustrates how to encourage teenage independence while using positive discipline techniques that promote taking responsibility for actions and behavior. Footage of real families is combined with expert explanations of how to use democratic discipline, honest communication, and other techniques to make this challenging time of life a time of growth for all. A pre-discipline review of the stresses in the teen's life is also recommended. A Cambridge Educational Production. (42 minutes)

#14431 Parenting - Turning Points: Steps to Success for Single Parents (Run time 31 min.) DVD $79.95

Single parenting can be overwhelming. Single mothers and fathers face very real challenges and realities, such as financial instability, stress, finding child care, and quality time for themselves and their children. With guidance, tools, and a clear plan of action, single parents can have enriching, secure, and healthy lives with their children, while creating new opportunities for themselves, in ways never imagined possible. Interviews with single parents, along with experts, discuss the joy and challenges of single parenting. Whether divorced, unmarried, widowed, raising a child with an absent parent, or by choice, single parents will find a roadmap for success in this video. A Cambridge Educational Production. (31 minutes)

#14460 Parenting - Negative Behavior, Positive Discipline (Run time min.) DVD $79.95

Parents often discipline their children the only way they know how-the way they were raised. Although many of the methods result in positive behavior, others produce less desirable outcomes. This program shows parents and educators how to positively discipline children in a manner that makes the child more self-confident instead of less self-reliant-it puts the responsibility of positive behavior on the child as well as the parent. Interviews with child psychologists, parents, teachers, and children are interspersed with short vignettes that show how to implement the various steps and principles covered in the video. Specific topics include: What is positive discipline?; Positive discipline vs. the way our parents did it; Behavior goals; Natural and logical sequences; Encouragement vs. overindulgent praise; Birth order and discipline. This program helps parents create a structured and consistent behavioral environment that children will accept and appreciate. A Cambridge Educational Production. (25 minutes)

#1399 Parenting - After the Baby Comes Home (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

In less than a day, a new baby can forever change an entire household. New and seasoned parents face the challenges of postpartum depression, marital stress, sleeping difficulties, sibling reactions, physical exhaustion, and other problems. This program shows some of the steps parents can take to prepare themselves for a new arrival. (19 minutes)

#1409 Parenting - Psychology of Parenting (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

How can parents communicate more effectively with their children? This program explores some of the problems of being a parent; it visits a workshop where parents share the joys and pains of child-rearing and offer solutions for better communication with teenagers. (19 minutes)

#1467 Parenting - Being a Single Parent (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program focuses on three very different kinds of single parents: a divorced woman, an unmarried woman who chose to be a single parent, and a man who raised his two sons. The program shows how parents cope with their roles as parents and wage earners, and discusses the psychological effects of divorce on the child. (19 minutes)

#1528 Parenting - Teen Dads (Run time 25 min.) DVD $89.95

A study of a group of teenage fathers-some have married and some have not, but all are accepting psychological and financial responsibility for their children and are helping in their physical and emotional care. (25 minutes)

#4629 Parenting - Parents' Views and Teenagers' Rights (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

Parents who love their children want what is best for them, but does that include imposing their own views on them? In this program, teens tell of their battles with their parents. Young women tell how they feel they must lie to their parents to stand up for their own rights; Muslim girls in particular are unhappy when their parents try to prevent their becoming part of Western culture. One young Muslim girl's dilemma is whether to go against her parents' wishes and continue her education; advice is offered by a panel consisting of a Jewish headmaster, a Church of England canon, and a Zoroastrian writer. (28 minutes)

#6390 Parenting - Who's Raising Our Children? (Run time 29 min.) DVD $89.95

Economic, social, and technological changes have created ongoing change in parental roles. Two-income families, "miracle babies," and family disintegration provide a few examples of change in the parental landscape. What are a mother and father and what are their roles? Are the roles gender-dependent? This program examines these and other questions with Dr. Steven Wolin and Dr. Sybil Wolin, co-founders of Project Resilience; Dr. Kenneth Hardy, family therapist and Chairman of the Child and Family Studies Dept. at Syracuse University; and David Blankenhorn, President of the Institute for American Values. (29 minutes)

#7940 Parenting - And Baby Makes Two: Single Motherhood (Run time 29 min.) DVD $89.95

Despite statistics that indicate children need two parents, many women are choosing to have and rear their children as single parents. But is this growing number of unwed mothers sending a message that fathers aren't important? Are men shedding their parenting responsibilities because they feel they're not needed? This program looks at the high price that our culture may pay for becoming a fatherless society. It also examines the responsibility we all share to help children grow into confident, productive, responsible adults. (29 minutes)

#8151 Parenting - Basic Parenting Skills (Run time 53 min.) DVD $89.95

This program presents an overview of basic parenting skills in a dramatic format. The story involves several young people experiencing the frustrations of parenting. Discipline is presented as a system for reinforcing positive behavior. Practical techniques for dealing with tantrums and other undesirable behavior are included. The importance of a relationship of love and respect between parent and child is discussed as the basis for effective discipline, communication, and the creation of self-esteem. Specific ideas for building a healthy parent-child relationship are examined. A Cambridge Educational Production. (53 minutes)

#8957 Parenting - Corporal Punishment: Loving Smacks (Run time 52 min.) DVD $89.95

Lives of violent crime, stunted sexuality, and attempted suicides are only some of the long-term results of physical punishment of children by their parents. In this gripping program, noted psychologists discuss the myths, justifications, and effects of corporal punishment and present alternatives to the use of violence to maintain discipline. Interviews with children and adults who were punished physically, family case studies, and dramatized scenes build a compelling case for ending the cycle of "loving smacks." (52 minutes)

#11006 Parenting - Understanding Parenting Styles: Authoritarian, Democratic, Permissive (Run time 27 min.) DVD $89.95

Parenting styles are often a combination of a parent's own personality with the parenting role models she or he grew up with. The authoritarian style imposes will through rigid rules and allows little flexibility or freedom. A permissive style has few rules and abdicates power. And the democratic style is a blend of the two, sharing power and encouraging children to make good decisions and think for themselves. Using three vignettes, this program shows teens interacting with their parents in stressful situations that demonstrate the traits of each parenting style. A Meridian Production. (25 minutes)

#11007 Parenting - Raising Non-Violent Children in Violent Times (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

Why is violent behavior among adolescents on the rise, and what can be done to turn them away from violence? This frank and timely program examines the reasons why violence takes hold and offers concrete parenting skills that can be used to counteract such behavior early in a child's life. Experts in the field of child psychology identify risk factors, while teenagers candidly discuss the role that violence plays in their lives. A Meridian Production. (18 minutes)

#11095 Parenting - Dedicated, Not Deadbeat (Run time 57 min.) DVD $89.95

More often than not, the media portrays young men in tough circumstances as "deadbeat dads." Presenting powerful evidence to the contrary, this program introduces dedicated young fathers in Baltimore and Boston who are seeking to break the chain of negligence, abuse, and abandonment. Issues such as welfare reform and the need for counseling are addressed, along with the benefits of community support. (57 minutes)

#11096 Parenting - Juggling Family and Work (Run time 57 min.) DVD $89.95

Traditional role models of men portray them as providers, while women have historically been expected to attend to all domestic matters, regardless of who works outside the home or who is the primary caregiver for the children. This program features three men who, when forced to choose between family and career, chose their families. They discuss the implications of that choice, the impact it has had on their careers and conceptions of themselves as fathers, and the new opportunities that their nontraditional paths have afforded them. (57 minutes)

#24758 Parenting - Baby Steps: Adjusting to Parenthood (Run time 27 min.) DVD $89.95

This unique parenting program gives viewers a close look at four diverse families who have successfully adjusted to parenthood. We hear from all types of parents: traditional moms and dads, single parents, adoptive parents, and parents faced with unexpected complications. They each share their own personal experience with adjustment, including lack of sleep, added expenses, emotional upheaval, frustration, and doing it alone. Experts in the field of parenting complement these stories with tips on juggling all these new responsibilities effectively. The experts also share insights about unusual circumstances like health problems and postpartum depression. By watching this program, viewers learn that becoming a parent takes time, dedication, and lots of love. And it doesn't happen happens in Baby Steps. A Meridian Production. (27 minutes)

#30525 Parenting - Parents for Safe Children (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

The saying goes, "It takes a village to raise a child." That idea is a major theme in this timeless program as parents, teens, and children in one community share their thoughts and ideas on how to take responsibility and create a safe environment. Special emphasis is placed on vigilance and communication-knowing where your children are at all times, knowing who their friends are, and creating a rapport with your children that will make them feel comfortable talking about their experiences. Interviews with kids and teens reveal how important it is for parents to stay involved in their children's activities in school, at home, and at play. (23 minutes)

#30535 Parenting - Feeding Your Baby with Love (Run time 16 min.) DVD $89.95

When done with love, feeding an infant or a toddler is a precious act of bonding for both parent and child. In this timeless program, teen moms share their tips on feeding children while talking about the challenges of single-parenting. Key points covered include using feeding time as an opportunity to teach kids new words; studying eating behavior to discover their preferred foods; being watchful for appetite loss, a warning sign of possible illness; preventing distractions at mealtime; and the importance of remaining patient as young eaters try to master the coordination needed for feeding themselves. (16 minutes)

#30639 Parenting - Parenting Tips from the Pros (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

Unfortunately, kids don't come with an instruction manual. But parents and caregivers can benefit from the helpful advice offered by the experts in this program. Leading child psychologists outline effective strategies to help manage your child's temper tantrums and teach your kids how to cope with their own emotions. When it comes to disciplining your child, you'll learn about the four C's of parental conduct-being clear, concise, consistent, and calm. Parent educators demonstrate the best ways to deal with whining and explain how to know when-and when not-to give your children rewards. Created with the best expertise available, this program will make the parent-child relationship a more rewarding and loving one. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (22 minutes)

#35358 Parenting - The Mommy Mystique: The Anxiety of Modern Motherhood (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

Featuring an interview with acclaimed author and cultural observer Judith Warner, this ABC News program conveys the perspective of an American mother who has done much of her parenting outside the United States. Warner discusses her book Perfect Madness and its observations about the hectic, competitive lifestyle embraced by many American moms-a lifestyle increasingly fraught with anger and depression. While the author and three other mothers provide insight on a personal, emotional level, Warner's analysis of women on the edge raises political and cultural questions that are worthy of every American's consideration. (23 minutes)

#34640 Parenting - Living with ADHD (Run time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder need not miss out on crucial educational opportunities. This program describes new medical strategies designed specifically for parents struggling to keep ADHD from controlling their households and limiting the prospects and happiness of their children. It also focuses on the challenges of parents who, in addition to their children, are diagnosed with the disorder. While presenting concerns that Ritalin and other drugs have led to overmedication, the video demonstrates that clinical advances are enabling children to learn constructive behavior, build relationships, and lay the foundations of a rewarding life. A BBCW Production. (50 minutes)

#8185 Parenting - Cambridge Parenting Series (Run time min.) DVD $159.9

This series outlines the basic behavior issues faced by parents of young children and offers effective ways to address them, while building confidence, self-esteem, and a trusting relationship.A Cambridge Educational Production.

#11094 Parenting - Fatherhood USA (Run time min.) DVD $179.9

This two-part series, hosted by former Senator Bill Bradley, offers an intimate look at fatherhood in America by examining the daily dilemmas, pressures, joys, and successes faced by fathers today. Going beyond the stereotypes of "deadbeat dads" and "Mr. Moms," both programs explore the lives of fathers who are trying to become more involved in the lives of their children. 2-part series, 57 minutes each.

#8224 Parenting - The ABCs of Parenting (Run time min.) DVD $239.85

Parents often turn to other parents for advice on child-rearing. This comprehensive, 3-part series offers plenty of practical, and sometimes humorous, advice for raising children from the tried and true experts: other parents. Common questions and concerns are addressed. Mothers and fathers share insights regarding why they chose to have children, when the time felt right, and how being pregnant affected their lives and relationships. In personal interviews, parents discuss what it's like to be a single parent, and the difficulties involved in combining families and raising children in a biracial family environment. Comments are supplemented by advice from a child psychologist, pediatrician, day-care provider, teacher, guidance counselor, and others. A Cambridge Educational Production. 3-part series, 35-39 minutes each.

#11426 Parenting - The Essentials of Discipline (Run time min.) DVD $239.85

As children speed along the bumpy path of growing up, parents and caregivers need positive discipline techniques that keep pace. Covering the toddler, preschool, middle, and teen years, this lively three-part series presents candid footage of real-life disciplinary situations as experts explain how to implement a methodology designed to strengthen the parent/child relationship, develop communication, encourage trust, and teach responsibility-all while fostering independence in children of all ages. A Cambridge Educational Production. 3-part series, 28-42 minutes each.

#34920 Parenting - The Bonds of Family (Run time min.) DVD $479.6

Although the traditional family is alive and well, new ways of looking at the family unit and its makeup are emerging. Section two (episodes 10-17) of the Brazelton on Parenting series examines these changing concepts of a family's "ingredients." 8-part series, 22 minutes each.

#34910 Parenting - Parenting Challenges (Run time min.) DVD $539.55

What do kids and concerned parents face in the 21st century? Violent schools, intense academic pressures, and high-tech digital media that invade every corner of life. Section one (episodes 1-9) of the Brazelton on Parenting series presents solutions to particular problems in education, child safety, and the healthy development of a child's attitudes and behavior. 9-part series, 22 minutes each.

#34929 Parenting - Practical Parenting (Run time min.) DVD $539.55

Big or small, the choices parents make can have far-reaching effects. Section three (episodes 18-26) of the Brazelton on Parenting series illustrates a wide variety of practical approaches-from giving children the proper diet to creating the optimum conditions for their mental and emotional development. 9-part series, 22 minutes each.

#32559 Parenting - The Baby Care Workshop-in Spanish (Run time min.) DVD $629.55

This 9-part series has been designed to teach step-by-step infant care-perfect for teen parenting and parenting classes, teacher and school daycare training, and other childcare management instruction. Using a reassuring approach designed to build confidence, demonstrations are provided by real parents and their babies. The focused, single-subject videos can be easily incorporated into any instructional program, providing a clear introduction to skills in convenient lengths that supplement personal instruction. 9-part series, 12-19 minutes each.

#34909 Parenting - Brazelton on Parenting (Run time min.) DVD $1558.7

Keeping up with the latest advances in the field of child development is one of the many challenges young parents face. Created by renowned pediatrician and author Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, this 26-part series compiles parenting wisdom from a variety of experienced sources. Case studies and parent-generated questions covering a wide range of subject areas are explored, accompanied by extensive and authoritative commentary from a long list of distinguished pediatricians, educators, and child psychologists. The result is more than a scholarly compendium-it's a practical guide to parenting success. 26-part series, 22 minutes each.

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