Alvin® Alva-Line 100% Rag Vellum Tracing Paper Roll 36 x 50yd

Alvin® Alva-Line 100% Rag Vellum Tracing Paper Roll 36 x 50yd - Click to enlarge
With this excellent-quality tracing paper, you won't have to worry anymore about folding marks, discoloration or smudges left from erasing.
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Alvin® Alva-Line 100% Rag Vellum Tracing Paper Roll 36 x 50yd When you work with tracing paper, you need a paper that you know is going to hold up to drawing, redrawing, erasing and handling. With this Alva-Line tracing paper, you will get a high-quality paper that is made from synthetic resins. Those resins have given it a number of rugged qualities such as a resistance to folding lines and smears. Erasing on this paper will not lead to smudging or ghosts left from what you erased. You won't have to worry about white spots left behind or discoloration from use.

Each of the 250 pages in this pack are of the highest quality and are highly uniform. Each 36" x 50" sheet is highly transparent, and that transparency will withstand being put through machines repeatedly. If you're used to average tracing papers, you will be amazed by how well this paper resists bursting, folding and tearing. It exceeds the testing standards for this features as well as for transparency and discoloration. Using this paper gives you a trouble-free working surface and allows you to use crayons, water colors, ink, pencil or to type on this paper without a problem. The fine tooth of the surface gives it a smoothness that only takes on as much graphite from your pencil as is needed without bleeding or feathering. It's the perfect tracing paper to hold up to use, storage, drawing and redrawing.

Alvin Tracing Paper 36X50
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