Palettes: Great Artists and Their Paintings Video (DVD)

This video provides a glimpse of great paintings in context, through the eyes of a famous art historian.
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This video about famous artists and their creations is part of a series that reveals the infinite meanings that can be secreted in a work of art. Alain Jaubert of the Louvre performs an intimate examination of the artwork and leads an exploration comparable to that of history's greatest sleuths. This video will help you understand the underlying meanings of the artist's work as well as the historical and political environment in which it was created.

Couched in the context of time, this series of 14 programs is an exciting investigation of history's greatest artists and their paintings. The series discusses artists and their works, from Cezanne to Vermeer. It provides a way of looking at paintings that allows the viewer a chance to examine one painting at a time, and obtain a glimpse of the artwork through the eyes of its creator.

Palettes: Great Artists and Their Paintings Video (DVD)
  • Run Time: 32 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: 1999

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