Oil on Canvas Video (6-part series - DVD)

This six-part video series focuses on how oil is used to create paintings.
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Product Description:
"Oil on Canvas" demonstrates to the viewer how oil is used to create art. This DVD video explains how oil is used to create lightness, darkness, distance and perspective and why brushstrokes, color and composition are essential when using oils as an art tool. The program is split into six parts that run for 30 minutes each, and a different piece of art is created utilizing oils in each segment. In addition to a piece of art being created in each segment, there are numerous samples of the masters of world art shown as examples for various methods of using oil paint. This program about oil paint as an art medium is an excellent addition to any art or design classroom. It makes for a great reference tool, as well, for painters, artists, art students and art instructors.

6-part series, 30 minutes each
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