Notation: The Thin Red Line Video (DVD)

Notation: The Thin Red Line Video (DVD)
Have you ever wondered what paved the way for modern music notation? Learn the answer with this video.
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Early notation when it came to music was sort of like a road map without the places or names on it. While the basic notion of rhythm and primitive shape for the tune was defined by the neumes, this did not let the performer know which note he needed to begin on. In this video, you will see how that all changed circa 1030. It was during this period that a choir master by the name of Guido of Arezzo invented a simple device that he called the thin red line. With this device, if there was a dot right on the thin red line, this would be indicative of an F note. If the dot was placed above this line then it would represent a G. If the dot was below the red line then an E would be indicated. This became a system known as Western musical notation and this is what lit the path for music composers and harmony alike. This comprehensive video is 51 minutes in length and is available in DVD format.
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