W&N Artistís Water Color14ml NEW GAMBOGE #267

A versatile, warm and friendly yellow duochrome
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Originally, Gamboge, a resinous gum used in paint, was made from the Garcinia plant from Thailand. Its use was discontinued in 2005 because of toxic characteristics.  New Gamboge is the safe, synthetic replacement for that pigment.  Winsor and Newton provides arguably the finest watercolors in the world; New Gamboge is a highly versatile semi-transparent watercolor that continues this tradition. It is a wonderful warm yellowish brownish color that brightens to a slightly orange yellow when used in a tint. Some people describe the mass color as a deep saffron or mustard yellow.  Because of this characteristic, it's often called a "duochrome."  Even in a very limited color palette, New Gamboge is regularly used as an essential color.  Although in its masstone, New Gamboge is somewhat muted, in it's tinted version, it's considered a warm and friendly yellow.  New Gamboge also  mixes and glazes well with blues to make a variety of natural looking and interesting greens.

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