The Mystery of Jan van Eyck (Enhanced DVD)

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Jan van Eyck was a famous Flemish painter and is considered to be one of the best and most significant Northern Renaissance painters of 15th century, known for his works all over. This program is about the works of the talented artist and includes whatever little is known about him, his early life and career. It also includes insights into the many painting techniques, his visionaries and his worldview. He painted religious as well as secular subject matter which included donor and commission portraits. He loved working on single panels, triptychs, diptych or polyptychs.

The program, the Mystery of Jan van Eyck is about some of the most significant paintings of the artist which includes Portrait of Baudouin de Lannoy, The Ghent Altarpiece, The Dresden Triptych, Niccolò Albergati, and The Dresden Triptych to name just a few. The most popular among these masterpieces is the popular Ghent Altarpiece which was done for the famous politician, financer and merchant Jodocus Vijdts and his beautiful wife Elisabeth Borlutt. The painting was done between 1426 and 1432. This painting is said to representative of the final conquest of reality in the North” and differs largely from some of the best works of Early Renaissance for its willingness to completely forgo the classical idealization, that is in favor of the authentic study of nature.

This program has some of the best stills with extremely detailed close-ups, well supported by informative analysis and period music. The program can be described as a museum piece – truly an indispensible part of art videos and library’s collection, which pertain to Northern Renaissance. The program takes us to experience, how it feels to be among with paintings, to let the magnificent symbolism speak to us, offering an experience of life time to all art lovers.

The Mystery of Jan van Eyck (Enhanced DVD)
  • 86 minutes
  • ISBN: 978-1-60825-831-4
  • Copy Right Date: 2008
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