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Product Description:
MEGATECH H2O PRO. {FREE Shipping in the 48 states!} Megatech's H2O Pro Racer is a totally unique product coming fully assembled and race ready in its own carrying case. When we say "race" we mean it. This is not a "toy" boat. The H2O is fast! Up to 15 MPH which is extremely fast for a model that is only 9 inches long. With features like planning-strake hull design, semi surface-drive racing prop, electronic speed controller and HydraTwist direct-drive 280 motor, the H2O is designed for speed. With its watertight super structure the H2O can be fully rolled and keep on racing without skipping a beat. H2O comes complete and race ready with 2-channel transmitter, rechargeable NiMH battery and charger.

  • All in one carry case for easy transportation
  • planing strake hull bottom for maximum speed
  • Water-tight, self-righting roll over design
  • High performance electronic speed control
  • Competition surface drive propeller
  • High torque HydraTwist 280 motor
    {FREE Shipping in the 48 states!}

  • Customer Reviews
    5 Now we're talking micro! This little race vee-hull is only 9 inches long, although when you add in the length of the rudder, it ends up being slightly more than 10 inches. The H2O's deck styling is more advanced than you?ll find on some of the other micro boats, and underneath that deck is a truly innovative way to seal it from leaks. The deck pops off to reveal a fully enclosed main hull; access to the internals is through a hatch that clips on much as the lid on a plastic butter tub does. This is a very simple, effective and reliable way to keep water away from the electronics. If water does find its way into the hull, the radio and the speed control (both included and installed) are also individually encased in waterproof jackets. The H2O relies on a 280 motor and a 5-cell battery for power. This is smaller than the power systems in the other micros, but since the H2O weighs less, it really doesn't suffer in the performance category. In terms of handling, the H2O has a leg up; its rudder is substantially larger than those used in the others, and it is the only micro boat that features adjustable trim tabs. WATER LOG Looking at the size of the H2O, I was afraid it would be at a serious disadvantage in performance. Boy, was I wrong; this little bad boy hauls! It lags behind the others slightly at the top end, but its compact size and crisp handling allow it to make up ground in the corners. It bounds over waves; watching it climb and then plummet off 18-inch wakes is hilarious, and not once did it seem in danger of capsizing. It looks cool, too, and the little battery will run all day. If you have a small pool, or if you just like the idea of a runt that can run with the big dogs, this is the pick of the litter! MATT BOYD empty empty

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