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 #35136 Secrets of the Body: An Introduction to the History of Western Medicine
 #29158 Medical Mistakes: Taking a Cue from Aviation(+$20)
 #29753 Radiography(+$30)
 #29754 Sonography(+$30)
 #29755 Nuclear Medicine(+$30)
 #29756 Radiation Therapy(+$30)
 #4547 Hands-On Doctors: A Look at Primary Care(+$40)
 #6384 Physician Heal Thyself: A Profession in Peril(+$40)
 #7400 Careers in Medicine: Physician(+$40)
 #36109 Medical Assistant(+$40)
 #36110 Health Information Management Technician(+$40)
 #36111 Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide(+$40)
 #37247 Physician Assistant(+$40)
 #37248 Occupational Therapy Assistant(+$40)
 #37249 Dental Hygienist(+$40)
 #37251 Respiratory Therapist(+$40)
 #37252 Home Health Aide and Personal Care Assistant(+$40)
 #37253 EMT(+$40)
 #1443 What Are Health Maintenance Organizations?(+$40)
 #1458 Malpractice(+$40)
 #2381 America's Health Care Dilemma: Who Pays?(+$40)
 #5304 The Great Health Care Debate(+$40)
 #7930 Medical Research: The Celebrity Edge(+$40)
 #8897 The Public's Health and the American Public Health Association(+$40)
 #10042 Giving Bad News: Insights for Medical Practitioners(+$40)
 #10422 A Holistic Approach to Stoma Care(+$40)
 #29954 Lessons in Compassion: Teaching Bedside Manner(+$40)
 #36401 Understanding the Use of Growth Hormone(+$40)
 #38772 Patient Safety(+$40)
 #38791 Electronic Health Records(+$40)
 #38793 Preventing Flu and Pneumonia(+$40)
 #39416 Cancer Treatment Side Effects(+$40)
 #6435 Breast Cancer: Living in the Shadow(+$40)
 #6436 Prenatal Testing: A Mixed Blessing(+$40)
 #6437 My Baby or My Life? Women with Cancer(+$40)
 #6438 Whose Kidney Is It Anyway?(+$40)
 #30094 Desperate Business: Human Organs for Sale(+$40)
 #1988 Space-Age Diagnosis(+$40)
 #31077 Rebuilding the Brain: Adult Brain Stem Cells(+$40)
 #4231 Receiving and Donating Organs(+$40)
 #4233 Bone Marrow Transplants(+$40)
 #2368 Pain Control(+$40)
 #3715 Dealing with Pain(+$40)
 #5255 Managing Pain(+$40)
 #5531 Controlling Pain(+$40)
 #10971 The Management of Pain(+$40)
 #10972 The Psychology of Pain(+$40)
 #10973 The Physiology of Pain(+$40)
 #35066 Pain Management: Doctors, Patients, and the DEA(+$40)
 #5523 Pharmacology(+$40)
 #7468 Penicillin: Discovering the Truth(+$40)
 #7478 Rainforest Remedy(+$40)
 #7928 Designer Drugs: Prescriptions for Happiness?(+$40)
 #8159 Prescription for Danger(+$40)
 #35999 Careers in the Life Sciences(+$40)
 #39411 Multiple Meds(+$40)
 #1429 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery(+$40)
 #2367 Artificial Body Parts(+$40)
 #3169 Reconstructive Surgery(+$40)
 #5368 Cosmetic Surgery: Risks and Benefits(+$40)
 #5722 Breast Implants: The Four Billion Dollar Question(+$40)
 #3176 Gallbladder Surgery(+$40)
 #5577 Surgery(+$40)
 #7472 Keyhole Surgery: Laparoscopic and Arthroscopic Techniques(+$40)
 #32655 Separating Conjoined Twins: A Matter of Life and Death(+$40)
 #36350 Hernia Repair(+$40)
 #36480 Mitral Valve Prolapse: Treatment Advances in MVP(+$40)
 #39418 Robotic Surgery(+$40)
 #39421 Knee Replacement(+$40)
 #33567 Cataracts: Surgical Solutions(+$50)
 #11952 Where Have All the Nurses Gone?(+$80)
 #29975 Healing the Wounds: Nursing's Road to Recovery(+$80)
 #9296 Managing Care, Managing Dollars(+$80)
 #10940 The Chronically Ill: Pain, Profit, and Managed Care(+$80)
 #10941 The Idealistic HMO: Can Good Care Survive the Market?(+$80)
 #10942 The Uninsured: Forty-Four Million Forgotten Americans(+$80)
 #10943 The Quality Gap: Medicine's Secret Killer(+$80)
 #36193 On the Attack: Expectations for a Cancer Cure(+$80)
 #37449 Outbreak in America: When the Flu Pandemic Hits Home(+$80)
 #7507 Fetal Surgery and Tissue Implant: Right or Wrong?(+$80)
 #7915 Radioactivity: How Much Can the Body Take?(+$80)
 #33778 The Cutting Edge: Innovative Surgical Methods(+$80)
 #33779 Biomedicine and Biotechnology(+$80)
 #33780 Medicine, Engineering, and the Human/Machine Interface(+$80)
 #35104 Supercomputing: The Power of Visualization(+$80)
 #37556 The History of Medical Imaging(+$80)
 #29012 Transplant(+$80)
 #36481 Organ Transplants: Making a Match(+$80)
 #10424 Pain Management(+$80)
 #36400 NSAID Options(+$80)
 #36479 Chronic Pain(+$80)
 #9034 The Jungle Pharmacy: Nature's Remedy(+$80)
 #32253 Prescription Medications: A Patient's Primer(+$80)
 #32845 Homeopathy: The Test(+$80)
 #33917 Sea Changes: Medicine from the Ocean(+$80)
 #36348 Revolutionizing Chemo(+$80)
 #11123 Otolaryngology and Refractive Surgery: Breakthroughs and Treatments(+$80)
 #30457 Magic to Medicine(+$100)
 #30458 Blood and War(+$100)
 #30459 Tainted Blood(+$100)
 #30460 New Blood(+$100)
 #2363 Genetic Testing(+$100)
 #2366 Nursing(+$100)
 #32726 Infection: A History(+$100)
 #32730 Madness: A History(+$100)
 #38693 The End of Pain: Anesthesia(+$100)
 #38695 Immune from Harm: Discovering Vaccines(+$100)
 #38696 Food Matters: Diet and Disease(+$100)
 #2372 How to Talk to Your Doctor(+$100)
 #11534 Quest for a Cure: Rasmussen's Encephalitis(+$100)
 #11535 Making the Cut: Life in Surgical Residence(+$100)
 #11536 Fighting for Breath: Cystic Fibrosis(+$100)
 #11537 The List for Life: Transplants(+$100)
 #11538 Breaking the Silence: Cochlear Implants(+$100)
 #11539 Thin at Any Cost: Treating Eating Disorders(+$100)
 #11540 Thinking Big: Medical Disorders and Dwarfism(+$100)
 #11541 Small Wonders: Pediatric Intensive Care(+$100)
 #11542 End of Life: Patients Facing Death(+$100)
 #11543 Making the Grade: From Med School to Internship(+$100)
 #31148 Let Each Light Shine: A Portrait of Camphill Village(+$100)
 #32851 The Fight Against Germs: Effective Weapons Against Infection(+$100)
 #32852 Enhanced Vision: New Directions in Ophthalmology(+$100)
 #32853 Freedom of Movement: Rheumatism Therapy of the Future(+$100)
 #32854 The Rhythm of Life: Innovative Heart Research(+$100)
 #32855 Targeting Tumor Cells: New Strategies in Fighting Cancer(+$100)
 #35725 Peter Jennings Reporting: Breakdown-America's Health Insurance Crisis(+$100)
 #39090 Tom Brokaw Reports: Critical Condition(+$100)
 #39166 Final Years(+$100)
 #39463 Sick in America: John Stossel on Healthcare(+$100)
 #1397 Fetal Rights(+$100)
 #34957 Playing Hurt: Ethics and Sports Medicine(+$100)
 #38706 Coma: Four Case Studies(+$100)
 #2655 The Medical Applications of Ultrasound(+$100)
 #29132 Medical Imaging: X-Rays, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and Virtual Reality(+$100)
 #35516 Radiation Roulette(+$100)
 #2483 Second Chance(+$100)
 #11768 Xenotransplants: Filling the Need for Organ Donors(+$100)
 #32728 Transplants: A History(+$100)
 #5338 Green Medicines(+$100)
 #34698 The Cure: Heart Disease and Anti-cholesterol Drugs(+$100)
 #36647 The Drugging of Our Children: Inside the ADHD Controversy(+$100)
 #39100 Death of a Wonder Drug: The Vioxx Recall(+$100)
 #5690 Misha: Recovery from a Serious Accident(+$100)
 #10628 Anesthesia: A Clinical Introduction(+$100)
 #31413 Xenotransplantation: The International Debate(+$100)
 #32570 Living Donor Organ Transplants(+$100)
 #32729 Surgery: A History(+$100)
 #33809 Scream: The History of Anesthetics(+$100)
 #37178 NewsHour Medical Ethics and Issues Anthology(+$200)
 #11950 Nurses: Code Blue(+$209.95)
 #9295 Critical Condition: How Will American Healthcare Manage?(+$209.95)
 #36192 War on Cancer(+$209.95)
 #37447 Pandemic: An Influenza Scenario(+$209.95)
 #29319 Working in Health Care: Opportunities for Life(+$219.9)
 #36108 Meridian Allied Health Series(+$219.9)
 #37246 Meridian Allied Health Series II(+$219.9)
 #37250 Meridian Allied Health Series III(+$219.9)
 #7927 Issues in Health Care(+$219.9)
 #10970 Pain: The Language of the Body and the Mind(+$219.9)
 #29752 Radiologic Technology Careers(+$269.85)
 #6439 The Decision(+$309.85)
 #33777 Looking Ahead: Advancements in Modern Medicine(+$339.9)
 #10939 Critical Condition with Hedrick Smith: How Good Is Your Health Care?(+$469.85)
 #30456 Red Gold: The Epic Story of Blood(+$549.85)
 #38692 Medical Mavericks: The History of Self-Experimentation(+$549.85)
 #32725 Kill or Cure: A History of Medical Treatment(+$699.8)
 #32850 The Adventure of Medicine(+$849.75)
 #11533 Hopkins 24/7: Inside America's Best Hospital System(+$1449.55)

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Product Description:
#35136 History Of Medicine - Secrets of the Body: An Introduction to the History of Western Medicine (Run time 11 min.) DVD $49.95

This concise program-ideal for use as a lecture launcher-summarizes the evolution of medical knowledge in the Western world with numerous drawings, paintings, diagrams, and clips of historical footage. Highlighted moments in the quest for a more thorough understanding of disease and the human body are augmented by capsule case studies and intriguing information on the effects of both the Scientific Revolution and religion on the field of medicine. (11 minutes)

#29158 Medical Care & Treatment - Medical Mistakes: Taking a Cue from Aviation (Run time 26 min.) DVD $69.95

In order to save lives, emergency room procedures require teamwork and split-second timing-not unlike what goes on in an airplane cockpit. In this program, medical professionals watch a performance of Charlie Victor Romeo, a play based on a number of actual air disasters, and then implement the lessons from aviation by adopting a more systemic approach to safety. The video shows hospital staff performing dramatic reenactments of medical crises patterned on similar situations in airline emergencies and demonstrating where potentially deadly errors in patient care can occur. Dr. Donald M. Berwick, president and CEO of the Institute for Health Care Improvement, provides commentary. (26 minutes)

#29753 Health Profession - Radiography (Run time 14 min.) DVD $79.95

Once limited to X-ray photography, radiography has bred a number of dynamic subspecialties such as magnetic resonance imaging, computerized tomography, and mammography. This program goes inside the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics system to discover what MRI scans and CAT scans are, to observe how they are done, and to learn what skills are needed to be a successful technician. An MRI scan on a young woman's brain and a CAT scan on the upper body of another young woman are performed, and the results are interpreted and discussed. A Cambridge Educational Production. (14 minutes)

#29754 Health Profession - Sonography (Run time 13 min.) DVD $79.95

Drawing on sonar technology, sonography uses sound waves to see inside the body. This program visits Thomas Jefferson University Hospital to study how sonographers put this technology into practice. An ultrasound scan is done on a middle-aged man and on an expectant young mother, and the results are reviewed and explained. The subspecialties of sonography-general ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, and echocardiography-are also explored from a career perspective, and the growing demand for sonographers is discussed. A Cambridge Educational Production. (13 minutes)

#29755 Health Profession - Nuclear Medicine (Run time 13 min.) DVD $79.95

When searching for blockages or damaged areas of the body's many organs and systems, radioactive tracer drugs are extremely helpful. This program travels to the Moffitt/Long Hospital to find out how technicians use radiopharmaceuticals to conduct examinations. A thallium study is performed to highlight some of the proficiencies necessary for a career in this field. Avenues for career growth that are open to nuclear medicine technologists are also considered. A Cambridge Educational Production. (13 minutes)

#29756 Health Profession - Radiation Therapy (Run time 14 min.) DVD $79.95

Although diagnostic radiologic fields are good at detecting cancer, radiation therapy can actually help stop it. In this program, filmed at La Grange Memorial Hospital's Treatment Pavilion, five radiation experts demonstrate how a radiation therapy team works as they treat a young man with abdominal cancer. By watching the oncologist, clinical physicist, dosimetrist, and radiation therapists develop a comprehensive treatment plan, students will gain an understanding of the knowledge and skills required to work in this field. A Cambridge Educational Production. (14 minutes)

#4547 Health Profession - Hands-On Doctors: A Look at Primary Care (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program opens with a clip of what looks like an old movie-a doctor making a house call. While house calls may be ancient history, the emphasis is swinging back to family practice. The program details the function of such a one-stop approach to medicine: one doctor treating an entire family; a base for preventive care, including regular checkups; and a source of referrals to specialists when necessary. (19 minutes)

#6384 Health Profession - Physician Heal Thyself: A Profession in Peril (Run time 29 min.) DVD $89.95

The medical profession, once the epitome of occupational achievement and the focus of societal respect, has fallen from grace with a growing number of people. This program explores the issues behind this loss of esteem, including the roles of doctors' incomes and the ethical conduct of the medical profession. Experts featured in this program include Dr. Lane Bristown, President of the American Medical Association; Julie Disa of Johns Hopkins Univ. School of Medicine; and Dr. John Molina, a physician in private practice. (29 minutes)

#7400 Health Profession - Careers in Medicine: Physician (Run time 39 min.) DVD $89.95

Many students choose a career in medicine without knowing what will be expected of them. This comprehensive documentary provides insights into what it takes to become a doctor. Medical students and administrators discuss the rigors of medical education, and offer valuable information on how to prepare for and finance a medical career. The rewards and challenges students can expect to face upon becoming doctors are examined. (39 minutes)

#36109 Health Profession - Medical Assistant (Run time 20 min.) DVD $89.95

Many young people are interested in entry-level healthcare jobs that balance clinical duties with administrative functions. This program illustrates the ins and outs of just such a position-the certified medical assistant. The video examines a CMA's typical responsibilities, such as maintaining patient records, managing a physician's schedule, and preparing examining rooms, as well as the skills a successful medical assistant will need-including data entry, customer service, specimen collection, and first aid. Incorporating interviews with experienced medical assistants and the specialists who train them, the program describes what it takes to become a CMA, from the best high school courses to take to passing the AAMA CMA certification exam. A viewable/printable instructor's guide containing additional material-including student activities, discussion questions, vocabulary terms, and fast facts-is available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. (20 minutes)

#36110 Health Profession - Health Information Management Technician (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Because of a growing need for detailed records, health information management technicians are increasingly in demand. This program looks at the specific duties and peculiarities of the HIM tech's job, focusing on organizational and process-related skills. Responsibilities highlighted in the video include maintaining databases of medical records, complying with legal and ethical privacy guidelines, managing diagnostic and procedural codes, and producing reports for physicians to analyze. Featuring conversations with skilled practitioners in the field, the program explains the steps to becoming a HIM technician, including graduation from a 2-year, CAHIIM-accredited associate degree program and passing the AHIMA written exam. Special attention is given to the position of medical coder. A viewable/printable instructor's guide containing additional material-including student activities, discussion questions, vocabulary terms, and fast facts-is available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. (24 minutes)

#36111 Health Profession - Physical Therapy Assistant and Aide (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Of all the healthcare disciplines, physical therapy may require the widest range of talents and interests. This program profiles the jobs of physical therapy assistant and aide, detailing their responsibilities, essential skills, and differences. The video explores the duties the assistant and aide must perform-such as helping patients under the supervision of a physical therapist, performing treatments according to customized programs, observing and reporting patient behavior, and providing physical and emotional encouragement. The skill set outlined in the video includes an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy as well as the ability to work with ill and disabled people, collaborate with and serve under other health professionals, and maintain one's own physical fitness, motivation, and organization. Educational requirements are also addressed-most importantly, graduating from an APTA-accredited program. A viewable/printable instructor's guide containing additional material-including student activities, discussion questions, vocabulary terms, and fast facts-is available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. (23 minutes)

#37247 Health Profession - Physician Assistant (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

Although it requires far less time and training, the job of Physician Assistant brings with it many of the challenges and rewards of being a doctor. This program explores the responsibilities of the Physician Assistant, the skills and personality traits needed to become one, and the financial and personal advantages that most people in the position enjoy. Including interviews with both young and veteran P.A.'s, the program describes their rigorous training and their typical duties, such as performing preliminary exams for the supervising physician and providing diagnoses or prescriptions with no help from a doctor. The opportunity to work in a variety of clinical settings and help patients of all backgrounds is also emphasized. Students are urged to get started early by taking the right high school courses and volunteering at clinics and hospitals. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. (23 minutes)

#37248 Health Profession - Occupational Therapy Assistant (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

Many people think occupational therapy helps with employment or career guidance. This program clears up any misunderstanding and gives students a solid overview of what an O.T. Assistant does. Illustrating the responsibilities of the O.T.A. and the skills and personal qualities needed to become one, the video also describes the pay level and personal satisfaction that many people in the job have achieved. Including interviews with a number of accomplished O.T.A.'s, the program shows viewers the wide variety of settings in which the work can take place-from homes and offices to clinics around the country, in the case of itinerant assistants. Another important subject is building the right skill set and a basic knowledge of human anatomy through volunteer work and by taking the proper biology classes in high school. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. (22 minutes)

#37249 Health Profession - Dental Hygienist (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

The job of the dental hygienist is just as hands-on as any dentist's-and it offers an outstanding springboard for a career in the healthcare and dental fields. This program shows what a dental hygienist can expect as far as training, duties, and compensation, while outlining the personal qualities and people skills that any successful D.H. should possess. Featuring interviews with experienced hygienists and those who train them, the program highlights the cleaning and examination procedures a D.H. will perform and the special rapport he or she must be able to establish with patients. Students are advised to prepare for a dental hygienist career by excelling in high school biology courses and volunteering at clinics and hospitals. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. (22 minutes)

#37251 Health Profession - Respiratory Therapist (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

For students interested in combining technical duties with personalized patient care, the job of respiratory therapist stands out. This program focuses on the responsibilities and rewards of the position, the skills and qualities it requires, and the financial and personal advantages a registered respiratory therapist can expect. Presenting interviews with both young and veteran RRTs, the video describes the 2-year and 4-year training programs that lead to the position and the duties an RRT performs, such as evaluating a patient's breathing capacity, setting up and initializing a ventilator, guiding patients through ventilator or nebulizer treatments-and perhaps even joining a rapid response medical team. The chance to work in a variety of settings and assist many different types of patients is also explored. Recommendations for appropriate high school courses in biology, chemistry, and math are spotlighted. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. (21 minutes)

#37252 Health Profession - Home Health Aide and Personal Care Assistant (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

The aging of the baby boomer generation will dramatically increase the need for home care, opening up opportunities in a frequently overlooked field. This program explores the challenging and deeply satisfying work of the home health aide and the personal care assistant-revealing the skills and special personality traits these jobs require and the personal rewards that come from helping people "age in place" with a degree of independence. Interviews with experienced practitioners clear up any confusion a student might have, showing that home health aides and personal care assistants deal with a patient's nutrition, hygiene, and safety more than with cooking, cleaning, and other household duties that may be needed. The program also points out the pleasant variety these positions involve, as aides and assistants often commute to several different homes during the course of a day. The training and certification courses for becoming a home health aide or personal care assistant, along with the possibilities for career advancement, are highlighted. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. (22 minutes)

#37253 Health Profession - EMT (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

With the growth of America's urban populations has come an increased demand for medical first responders-most notably, the emergency medical technician. This program guides students through the duties of the EMT-Basic and EMT-Paramedic, the skills and personality traits both require, and the financial and personal advantages that these positions offer. Featuring interviews with veterans of the profession, the program describes the 110-hour class and national or state registry exam an aspiring EMT must complete, along with specific functions-for EMT-Bs, supporting an ambulance team in the field and during patient transport, maintaining vitals and airwave access, controlling bleeding, basic splinting, and applying a cervical collar; and for EMT-Paramedics, traction splinting, patient status assessment, and other functions that prepare patients for emergency room care. Both the Hollywood-style excitement and the routine aspects of EMT life are emphasized, in addition to the best high school courses and volunteer opportunities in which a would-be EMT should get involved. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. (22 minutes)

#1443 Medical Care & Treatment - What Are Health Maintenance Organizations? (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program examines how HMOs differ from traditional forms of health insurance, why employers are offering this alternative, and what their advantages are. The program profiles a major hotel chain that is setting up 65 HMOs across the country; company executives explain how this approach to health-care coverage helps them to recruit and retain employees. (19 minutes)

#1458 Medical Care & Treatment - Malpractice (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program profiles a 63-year-old obstetrician who describes the measures he is taking to safeguard himself against malpractice suits; an Ob/Gyn who is being sued seven years after a normal delivery; and an attorney who sees malpractice suits as a necessary method of policing the medical profession. The program also visits Physician's Alert, a database company that provides information for doctors on patients who have a history of suing for malpractice. (19 minutes)

#2381 Medical Care & Treatment - America's Health Care Dilemma: Who Pays? (Run time 26 min.) DVD $89.95

The cost of health care in America is skyrocketing. Millions of people are either uninsured or underinsured. Employers are cutting back on their benefits because the costs are climbing too fast and too high. Who is going to make sure that all Americans have access to basic, good-quality health care services? Should hospitals have to cover all the costs? Do we need a national insurance plan? Should employers pick up the tab? Should we adopt a plan more similar to the British or Canadian system? (26 minutes)

#5304 Medical Care & Treatment - The Great Health Care Debate (Run time 60 min.) DVD $89.95

This program with Bill Moyers examines the role of the media and special interest groups in the demise of national health care reform. More than $100 million has been spent on public relations, advertising, lobbying, and lawyering in connection with the health care debate, and nearly 100 public relations and lobbying firms have influenced it. These facts raise some tough questions about how our democracy works. Did the news media affect, and ultimately kill, the health care debate? How truthful is the information disseminated about health care reform? How do the special interests of an advocacy group shape its message? (60 minutes)

#7930 Medical Care & Treatment - Medical Research: The Celebrity Edge (Run time 29 min.) DVD $89.95

For years, comedian Jerry Lewis has hosted annual fund-raising marathons for muscular dystrophy, and has raised millions, perhaps billions, for treatment and research. This program examines the degree to which celebrity advocates and savvy marketing techniques affect health research and treatment allocations by both government and private sector funding agencies. (29 minutes)

#8897 Medical Care & Treatment - The Public's Health and the American Public Health Association (Run time 15 min.) DVD $89.95

For more than a century, the American Public Health Association has taken the lead in making the United States and the world a healthier and safer place to live. This program documents the history and contributions of the APHA. In addition, prominent figures in public health including former surgeon general Dr. C. Everett Koop, the executive director of the APHA, and the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discuss pertinent issues such as disease mutation and drug resistance, the need for HIV/AIDS education, and the prevention of occupational diseases. (15 minutes)

#10042 Medical Care & Treatment - Giving Bad News: Insights for Medical Practitioners (Run time 25 min.) DVD $89.95

The way a professional medical staff delivers test or examination results has a huge impact on how a patient or a patient's family copes with them. What happens, then, if news of a serious condition is delivered over the phone? In a letter? Or even via an answering machine? Drawing on input from actual patients and a variety of healthcare and counseling professionals, this program identifies why such information is sometimes given in an impersonal or detached manner; suggests approaches to compassionate news delivery; and acknowledges that even under the best of circumstances, giving bad news is hard for all concerned. (25 minutes)

#10422 Medical Care & Treatment - A Holistic Approach to Stoma Care (Run time 27 min.) DVD $89.95

Because an ostomy fundamentally alters a person's body in both rudimentary function and customary appearance, psychological issues have a tremendous impact on accepting and caring for a stoma. In this program, patients and a wide range of ostomy-care professionals discuss life with a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. Topics under discussion include the psychological stages of acceptance and issues surrounding stoma siting and skin care, diet, and sexual dysfunction. The vital importance of open communication, sensitivity to patient concerns, and pre- and post-operative counseling are stressed. (27 minutes)

#29954 Medical Care & Treatment - Lessons in Compassion: Teaching Bedside Manner (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

In a dehumanizing era of managed care and healthcare delivery systems, the demand for a warm and caring bedside manner has grown sharply. In response, Harvard Medical School developed a course called Living with Life-Threatening Illnesses that is devoted to training future doctors to be more compassionate by pairing each participant with a uniquely qualified teacher: a patient with a potentially fatal condition. This ABC News program focuses on the poignant partnership between a 63-year-old man with lung cancer and a first-year medical student. In coping with the emotional issues surrounding his cancer, they learn volumes about each other-and themselves. (23 minutes)

#36401 Medical Care & Treatment - Understanding the Use of Growth Hormone (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

A must-see for parents and doctors as well as for medical students, this program comes to grips with the controversial topic of human growth hormone therapy. Five case studies shed light on a variety of related topics, including the role of the pituitary gland and genes in growth, diagnostics such as bone age X-rays and growth hormone provocative testing, treatment modalities and side effects, and applications of growth hormone to cases of renal failure and HIV infection. The importance of early detection of growth problems at routine well-baby checkups and periodic follow-up examinations of school-age children is emphasized. (22 minutes)

#38772 Medical Care & Treatment - Patient Safety (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

Research shows that patients who take a proactive attitude toward even the simplest of medical procedures can greatly reduce the risks of a hospital stay. This program explores that idea in detail, illustrating ways for hospitalized individuals-regardless of their background or education level-to monitor what is happening to them and make sure all appropriate safety measures have been taken. Viewers will learn how to maintain basic awareness when facing surgery, anesthesia, IV's, medication, and more. Commentary from Dr. William Hendee of the National Patient Safety Foundation and Dr. Lucian Leape of the Harvard School of Public Health is included. (28 minutes)

#38791 Medical Care & Treatment - Electronic Health Records (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

Whether they are needed to ensure properly dispensed prescriptions, monitor a patient's recovery, or make an urgently needed diagnosis, accurate health records are crucial to a patient's safety. This program highlights the important work of health information technicians and shows how electronic health records can help make medical care both safer and more efficient. In-depth commentary on medical information technology and its challenges comes from Dr. David Bates, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and Dr. Don Detmer, Professor of Medical Education at the University of Virginia. Both are leading experts in medical informatics. (28 minutes)

#38793 Medical Care & Treatment - Preventing Flu and Pneumonia (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

According to the American Lung Association, flu and pneumonia are jointly ranked as the seventh leading cause of death in the United States-hence, the critical importance of flu and pneumococcus vaccines in preparation for winter. This program outlines the science behind influenza and pneumonia and the conditions, both hygienic and environmental, that contribute to the spread of dangerous viruses and bacteria. Engaging animation sequences, compelling case studies, and interviews with prominent physicians create a framework for improving viewer comprehension of flu and pneumonia. Detailed physician recommendations highlight the best ways to prevent these illnesses. (28 minutes)

#39416 Medical Care & Treatment - Cancer Treatment Side Effects (Run time min.) DVD $89.95

Radiation and chemotherapy often make patients wonder which is worse-cancer or the weapons used to fight it? This program examines the many side effects of cancer treatments, revealing essential medical facts behind them and suggesting ways for cancer patients to feel better, despite the likelihood of pain, nausea, and other debilitations. Discussions address many frequently asked questions, such as: When should treatment side effects be considered too severe? Which of them can be life-threatening? What methods exist for reducing the impact of side effects and tangibly increasing quality of life? Expert commentary comes from Dr. Barry Meisenburg of the University of Maryland and Dr. Shakun Malik of Georgetown University. (25 minutes)

#6435 Medical Ethics - Breast Cancer: Living in the Shadow (Run time 64 min.) DVD $89.95

One in twelve women die of breast cancer. Five percent of these cases are caused by a gene that has recently been identified. The first families considered to be at risk are now being offered a test that claims to let women know with near certainty whether or not they will get breast cancer. If the test result is positive, should these women have their currently healthy breasts removed as a preventative measure? (64 minutes)

#6436 Medical Ethics - Prenatal Testing: A Mixed Blessing (Run time 51 min.) DVD $89.95

A simple blood test for pregnant women can lead to some difficult decisions. If the test suggests a high risk of giving birth to a baby with Down's syndrome, the parents-to-be must first decide whether to have amniocentesis, which is performed by inserting a needle into the womb, to confirm the diagnosis. But amniocentesis itself carries a risk of inducing a miscarriage. This program follows four couples through the decision-making process. (51 minutes)

#6437 Medical Ethics - My Baby or My Life? Women with Cancer (Run time 64 min.) DVD $89.95

A pregnant woman discovers that she also has cervical cancer in the 19th week of her pregnancy. She faces a monumental dilemma: Should she terminate her pregnancy so that she can undergo treatment for the fast-growing tumor, or should she continue her pregnancy and allow the cancer to go untreated for a further few weeks-which might give her baby a chance of survival but also might cause her own death? The program also looks at the case of another woman who was diagnosed with cervical cancer and then accidentally became pregnant. (64 minutes)

#6438 Medical Ethics - Whose Kidney Is It Anyway? (Run time 52 min.) DVD $89.95

A father has two sons with inherited kidney disease. He is the only relative who is a match for both sons. The family elected that the younger, and more seriously ill, son should receive one of the father's kidneys, and he did in a successful transplant. But the elder son nearly died after a failed transplant from another source. The father now wishes to donate his other kidney to his elder son and go on a dialysis machine himself. Should the doctors let him go ahead? (52 minutes)

#30094 Medical Ethics - Desperate Business: Human Organs for Sale (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

For someone in desperate need of a kidney transplant, a willing donor holds the key to life. And for someone desperately poor, the opportunity to sell one of their kidneys could mean their family's survival. Though such transactions are illegal, many people, including some doctors and medical professionals, feel that they are justified. In this ABC News program, correspondent Gillian Findlay tracks the ghoulish trade from Israel through Turkey to Moldova. Interviews with patients, doctors, and donors reveal a covert world of desperation and greed. The report also raises the question: do people really want a world in which the sale of human organs is legal? (23 minutes)

#1988 Medical Technology - Space-Age Diagnosis (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program highlights three imaging devices-the Magnetic Resonance Imager, PIXAR, and Positron Emission Tomography-and explains the uses and advantages of each; it also discusses a trend in diagnostic medicine: the cross-training of doctors and technicians in one another's skills, thus enabling technicians to understand what they are looking for, and physicians to understand what they are looking at. (19 minutes)

#31077 Medical Technology - Rebuilding the Brain: Adult Brain Stem Cells (Run time 21 min.) DVD $89.95

The ethical debate over embryonic stem cell use may have been rendered moot by pioneering research being conducted at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Australia, where Dr. Perry Bartlett and his team have isolated stem cells within the human brain. In this program, Dr. Bartlett discusses in detail the different types of stem cells, what research is being done with them, and how their use will have a future benefit in rebuilding neural tissue and restoring brain function in people with impact injuries, strokes, tumors, or brain disease. The program makes a good primer for understanding these promising but controversial cells. (21 minutes)

#4231 Organ Transplants - Receiving and Donating Organs (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

Of the more than 6,000 Americans waiting for a liver, heart, or lung transplant, a quarter will die before they receive one. This program from The Doctor Is In examines how the organ transplant program works, for both donors and recipients; it follows patients through a cornea and a kidney transplant and shows who will get what, and when. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (28 minutes)

#4233 Organ Transplants - Bone Marrow Transplants (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

Bone marrow is a vital body material that can be killed by disease, radiation, or chemotherapy, and bone marrow transplants are used either when the patient's own marrow has been removed to protect it during treatment or when another person's marrow is introduced. Originally used for patients with leukemia, the treatment is now used for many other forms of cancer. This program from The Doctor Is In visits the renowned Cancer Center of the University of Washington Medical Center to see current trends in bone marrow transplants. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (28 minutes)

#2368 Pain - Pain Control (Run time 26 min.) DVD $89.95

This program from The Doctor Is In looks at some of the many treatments for the most serious types of pain: from injections, infusions, topical sprays, and inhalants to pills; from acupressure and acupuncture to electromyography and a host of other ways of relieving muscle spasms. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (26 minutes)

#3715 Pain - Dealing with Pain (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program focuses on the kind of pain that can be truly debilitating. It profiles a young woman who suffered a broken back and whose post-surgical pain was so intense that she landed in a psychiatric ward, depressed and addicted to painkillers. The program explains how such a patient can be rehabilitated through exercise, biofeedback, and massage therapy, and how special work rehabilitation may be necessary before the patient can reenter the work force. (19 minutes)

#5255 Pain - Managing Pain (Run time 18 min.) DVD $89.95

Pain is the constant companion of a growing number of Americans-aches and pains, gnawing pain, agonizing chronic pain, headaches, backaches, pain traceable to an injury or to something gone awry in the central nervous system. Pain can disrupt lifestyles, reduce productivity on the job, and drain the household budget. This program looks at what we are doing about pain, besides taking aspirin. Some doctors continue to brush it off, while others are staffing Pain Centers. The program also shows research on the nature of pain and its treatment, as well as such old (and still effective) standbys as massage. (18 minutes)

#5531 Pain - Controlling Pain (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

Pain accompanies us from birth to death. How and why does it happen? This program describes the complex process of pain, which originates either from specialized receivers located on the skin or from the brain. It also describes ongoing research to find ways to alleviate pain, including pain-killing chemicals and new electrical stimulation techniques. (23 minutes)

#10971 Pain - The Management of Pain (Run time 25 min.) DVD $89.95

Pain can be totally debilitating to those who suffer. But painkillers, although they merely mask physical discomfort, can make life livable again. This program looks at the three primary types of painkillers, their origins, and their actions. Alternative treatments, such as massage, acupuncture, and relaxation, are also presented as viable alternatives to traditional medications. (25 minutes)

#10972 Pain - The Psychology of Pain (Run time 18 min.) DVD $89.95

Wracked by emotions, the mind will often increase pain, while control of feelings such as fear, loneliness, and stress will generally reduce pain. This program presents the psychology of pain, along with ways to manage physical discomfort through therapy, various relaxation techniques, and coming to terms with physical limitations. (18 minutes)

#10973 Pain - The Physiology of Pain (Run time 17 min.) DVD $89.95

What is pain, and what is its purpose? This program explores various aspects of pain, including how the mind perceives the body's warning messages, whether from a stomach-ache or a chronic condition; the body's ability to control or ignore pain; the effects of nerve damage on the body's early-warning system; and pain caused not by the body, but by the mind. (17 minutes)

#35066 Pain - Pain Management: Doctors, Patients, and the DEA (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

High-dose pain management therapy involving narcotics has placed doctors and patients under scrutiny by federal regulators. Is the Drug Enforcement Administration simply cracking down on criminal overprescription and prescription forgery, or is it unfairly targeting doctors for merely doing their jobs, and punishing people with chronic pain? This ABC News program weighs in on the question through interviews with DEA Administrator Karen Tandy, a doctor convicted of overprescribing, and a patient serving a 25-year prison sentence for possessing too much pain medication. (22 minutes)

#5523 Pharmacology - Pharmacology (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

Modern medicine owes much of its success to drugs. How do these chemical molecules treat and cure aches and illnesses? This program explains that these substances are usually "copies" of natural substances produced by our own bodies. We witness the invention of a new drug by two researchers working at a major pharmaceutical laboratory-computer-assisted, of course. Finally, we are introduced to some promising new weapons against cancer, drugs designed to zero in on cancer cells and destroy them. (23 minutes)

#7468 Pharmacology - Penicillin: Discovering the Truth (Run time 51 min.) DVD $89.95

Although Alexander Fleming is usually credited with the discovery of penicillin in 1928, no penicillin-based antibiotic was actually developed for human use until 1938 through the work of Australian pathologist Howard Florey and German biochemist Ernst Chain. This program puts Fleming's contribution in scientific perspective. Live interviews, journal accounts, and archival footage lead the viewer through the discovery of the drug from a by-product of the tiny fungus, Penicillium notatum. The roles played by luck, politics, and society both in scientific research and bestowing credit for the discovery are explored. Original BBC broadcast title: The Mold, the Myth and the Microbe. (51 minutes)

#7478 Pharmacology - Rainforest Remedy (Run time 31 min.) DVD $89.95

Scientists working in one of the oldest rainforests in Africa have determined that one tree's bark yields a powerful antifungal compound, while another's shows potential as an anticancer drug. Thousands of other remedies may also exist. However, logging operations, depredation by poachers, and overuse by indigenous peoples are destroying these medicinal gold mines. This program examines efforts under way to preserve the forests and their pharmaceutical treasures, including compensating loggers and native peoples with profits from the sale of new drugs. A BBC Production. (31 minutes)

#7928 Pharmacology - Designer Drugs: Prescriptions for Happiness? (Run time 29 min.) DVD $89.95

Miracle drugs have been credited with curing ailments, including depression, aberrant behavior, obesity, and any number of disorders now defined as diseases. Millions of Americans are on prescription drugs like Prozac and Ritalin. Millions more take weight-loss pills, hair-loss preventatives, or "natural" vitamins. This program examines the consequences of our medicated society; explores the belief that chemicals can provide the answers to all of our problems; and examines how market forces dictate the development and FDA approval of new medicines. (29 minutes)

#8159 Pharmacology - Prescription for Danger (Run time 27 min.) DVD $89.95

The misuse of prescription medicine is a growing problem. This program outlines six commonsense questions every patient should ask when given a prescription, like what activities should be avoided, and possible side effects. It also explains the importance of communication between patient, physician, and pharmacist to avoid potential problems. Saving medication, borrowing it from friends, and failing to take medication as prescribed are discussed as potential pitfalls. (27 minutes)

#35999 Pharmacology - Careers in the Life Sciences (Run time 26 min.) DVD $89.95

The next leader in the fight against cancer may be sitting in third-period Biology right now-but what will inspire his or her first steps into medicine? This video illustrates the awesome potential of a career in the life sciences, guiding students through fields that offer nearly unlimited possibilities for discovery. From the microscopic world of DNA, to the dazzlingly complex behavior of ants, to the mysteries of human physiology, the program explores the accomplishments of several life science trailblazers. A geneticist, a molecular biologist, a neuroscientist, and an entomologist are featured, as well as a venture capitalist who oversees pioneering pharmaceutical research. A Cambridge Educational Production. Recommended for grades 6-12. (26 minutes)

#39411 Pharmacology - Multiple Meds (Run time min.) DVD $89.95

Confusion over multiple prescriptions and appropriate dosages might sound like a minor nuisance-but it can be dangerous or even fatal. This program explores the challenges that patients often face as they cope with drug interactions. An informative case study features a woman who regularly takes more than 12 medications for various health problems and who, while hospitalized, experienced a drug regimen error that led to cognitive side effects. Guests include Dr. Leslie Brandwin of Erickson Health, who provides essential know-how on properly monitoring drug intake at home and in the hospital, and Anne Burns of the American Pharmacists Association, who discusses the importance of communication between patient, physician, and pharmacist. (30 minutes)

#1429 Rehab & Plastic Surgery - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

Plastic surgery runs the gamut from the trivially cosmetic, like the implantation of permanent eyeliner, through the rebuilding of damaged or deformed body parts. The program explains some of the more common cosmetic surgical procedures, like blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and rhinoplasty (nose surgery), shows reconstructive surgery to correct a serious forehead deformity caused by a tumor and how computer-aided design is alleviating some of the complications of reconstructive surgery, and shows how artificial joints, bones, and sections of the skull are molded and reproduced from three-dimensional computer pictures. (19 minutes)

#2367 Rehab & Plastic Surgery - Artificial Body Parts (Run time 26 min.) DVD $89.95

Joint disease can often be overcome and body parts from missing limbs to worn-out or diseased joints replaced with artificial body parts not as good as the original, but still a lot better than the alternative. This program from The Doctor Is In covers limb prostheses, hip replacements, and biomedical materials used in blood vessel grafts and joint and limb replacements. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (26 minutes)

#3169 Rehab & Plastic Surgery - Reconstructive Surgery (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

Accidents, birth defects, and disfiguring surgery are the most common problems correctible by means of reconstructive surgery. This program shows a technique called tissue expansion used to repair a large indentation in the forehead and half the eyebrow of a patient who had had a skin cancer removed; it also shows a man whose nose had been crushed in an automobile accident, whose surgeon created a new bridge from rib cartilage and a support system and airway, as well as other examples of reconstructive surgery. (19 minutes)

#5368 Rehab & Plastic Surgery - Cosmetic Surgery: Risks and Benefits (Run time 18 min.) DVD $89.95

This program explains the various cosmetic surgeries currently available. A plastic surgeon describes the two types of cosmetic surgery-rejuvenative and redefinitive-and explains the risks and benefits of liposuction, emphasizing that it is not a cure for obesity. The program stresses that although plastic surgery can produce pleasing results and can build self-confidence, a patient's expectations need to be realistic. (18 minutes)

#5722 Rehab & Plastic Surgery - Breast Implants: The Four Billion Dollar Question (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

As many as two million women in the U.S. have received breast implants, some for cosmetic reasons, and some for reconstruction after cancer surgery. But are implants safe? This program visits a pathologist who graphically details the problems associated with malfunctioning implants, talks with a pediatric gastroenterologist about breast-fed children of implant users, and examines the role of Dow Corning and other manufacturers of implants. (22 minutes)

#3176 Surgery - Gallbladder Surgery (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program describes the function of the gallbladder, how gallstones are formed, and treatment methods-medication to dissolve the stones, traditional cholecystectomy, and laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The nature, advantages, and disadvantages of the laparoscopic surgery are also detailed. (19 minutes)

#5577 Surgery - Surgery (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

Surgery is generally considered the most prestigious of the medical specialties. Modern operating procedures enable surgeons to treat and cure disorders previously considered untreatable. This program looks at some of the advances that have made surgery simpler and safer. Fractures, for example, are now being treated by orthopedic surgeons who can use metal plates and screws to consolidate bones in poor condition. Anesthetists are using some tailor-made medications that produce deeper anesthesia with few side effects. But heart surgery is the specialty that has developed the most dramatically; the program describes two heart surgery procedures. (23 minutes)

#7472 Surgery - Keyhole Surgery: Laparoscopic and Arthroscopic Techniques (Run time 30 min.) DVD $89.95

This program takes viewers into the fascinating world of laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgery. Looking over the shoulders of several pioneering doctors, we see how once-major operations are being replaced with simpler, less painful procedures. Several "minimally invasive" surgeries are shown, including knee cartilage repair, gallstone removal, balloon angioplasty, and others. A BBC Production. (30 minutes)

#32655 Surgery - Separating Conjoined Twins: A Matter of Life and Death (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

Joined at the head for nearly three decades, Laleh and Ladan Bijani were determined to live separate lives-regardless of the risks. All they wanted, they said, was to be able to look at each other without a mirror. But who would be willing to perform the elective, highly experimental procedure? Enter neurosurgeon Ben Carson and colleagues. In this ABC News program, Dr. Carson discusses why he was willing to conduct the pioneering operation, how he is coping with the death of both twins during it, and some of the ethical issues raised by it. (23 minutes)

#36350 Surgery - Hernia Repair (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

Hernias do not happen only to heavy lifters; a simple sneeze can put as much pressure on the abdominal walls as bench pressing 350 pounds. This program uses operating room footage, commentary by medical experts, and case histories of hernia patients to illustrate the benefits and basic techniques of laparoscopic hernia surgery. In addition, five types of hernias are identified, the benefits of high-tech mesh for reinforcing ruptures in the abdomen are discussed, and the life-threatening risk of unrepaired hernias becoming strangulated is stressed. (28 minutes)

#36480 Surgery - Mitral Valve Prolapse: Treatment Advances in MVP (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

When it comes to the heart, every condition is serious. Fortunately, MVP is one of the lesser problems. Approximately 60 percent of patients have no symptoms and require no treatment at all. Mild symptoms are often managed with medication or lifestyle change, and even the serious cases can be safely treated through surgery. This program provides a thorough overview of the disorder, with an emphasis on surgical remediation in severe instances. Surgical specialists from the University of Michigan, NYU Medical Center, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Loyola University Medical Center provide commentary. (28 minutes)

#39418 Surgery - Robotic Surgery (Run time min.) DVD $89.95

Less bleeding, less infection, shorter hospital stays-robot-assisted surgery offers these and other benefits, and will probably become the standard in time. This program educates viewers about robotic surgery, focusing on two difficult procedures-prostatectomy and heart bypass surgery-that robotic support has vastly improved. Featuring the da Vinci robot, which gives doctors remote surgical capability and ultra-fine dexterity, the program offers the expert testimony of Dr. Jonathan Hwang of Washington Hospital Center, Dr. Farzad Najam of George Washington University Medical Center, and Dr. Robert Poston of the University of Maryland School of Medicine. A helpful prostatectomy case study is included. (30 minutes)

#39421 Surgery - Knee Replacement (Run time min.) DVD $89.95

Patients living with knee pain now have several ways to find relief. This program analyzes the problem of knee joint pain and the latest treatments for it. Illustrating the importance of regular movement even when pain is present-rather than inactivity, which allows joint muscles to weaken-the program looks at minimally invasive procedures that have proven helpful. Case studies include the story of a cyclist who opted for SYNVISC, or knee-fluid replacement injections, and a woman who underwent gender-specific knee replacement of both knees. Expert interviewees include Dr. Anthony Unger from the George Washington University Hospital and Dr. Craig Bennett, chief of sports medicine at the University of Maryland Medical Center. (30 minutes)

#33567 Surgery - Cataracts: Surgical Solutions (Run time 28 min.) DVD $99.95

Over time the synergy of technology and skillful surgeons has made cataracts all but disappear-so much so that Dr. Richard Mackool, director of the Mackool Eye Institute and Laser Center at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary in New York City, says cataract surgery is "the most successful operation in the history of mankind." Along with Mackool, Dr. Kerry Solomon, director of the Magill Laser Center at the Medical University of South Carolina's Storm Eye Institute, assesses the risks associated with the procedure, examines the lens replacement options, and gives his thoughts on the future of lens and eye development. (28 minutes)

#11952 Health Profession - Where Have All the Nurses Gone? (Run time 30 min.) DVD $129.95

Nurses are exiting the healthcare profession in record numbers, and are showing no signs of returning to the work they once loved. Is it the low pay? Is it the strain of attending to more and more acutely ill patients? Is it the overwhelming paperwork required by most insurance companies? This program examines the numerous contributing causes of the staffing crisis in the nursing profession-a problem that has left many hospitals shorthanded and has raised concerns about the quality of patient care. (29 minutes)

#29975 Health Profession - Healing the Wounds: Nursing's Road to Recovery (Run time 30 min.) DVD $129.95

With the majority of nurses getting uncomfortably close to retirement, it is urgent that a new generation enter the ranks of the profession. This program looks at how nurses and other members of the healthcare industry are trying to attract more young women and men to the field, as well as at initiatives to restore respect for nursing as a career choice. Turning the nursing profession around will take educational and financial incentives, a willingness to incorporate new ideas, and time-but time is the one thing that is in very short supply. (29 minutes)

#9296 Medical Care & Treatment - Managing Care, Managing Dollars (Run time 29 min.) DVD $129.95

America's healthcare system frequently leaves patients feeling shortchanged, while physicians are forced to overdose on paperwork and managed care companies are helpless to cap their soaring costs. What is the future of this system, as the tidal wave of Baby Boomers surges toward retirement? This program analyzes the symptoms of America's healthcare ills and suggests a prescription for potential cure. Experts include Professor Uwe Reinhardt, of Princeton University; Dr. Joseph Carver, of Aetna U.S. Healthcare; Dr. David Shulkin, of the University of Pennsylvania Health System; and the Editor-in-Chief of The New England Journal of Medicine. (29 minutes)

#10940 Medical Care & Treatment - The Chronically Ill: Pain, Profit, and Managed Care (Run time 48 min.) DVD $129.95

Currently, three-quarters of all U.S. healthcare dollars are spent on 100 million people with chronic illnesses and conditions. Will a cost-conscious healthcare system, increasingly driven by the market and oriented toward acute care, give them the proper care? This program examines how the chronically ill are faring today in seeking the high-quality, long-term care they need. Special reports focus on cases of patients with cancer, victims of stroke and heart disease, and children with congenital illnesses, comparing their treatment by commercial HMOs with the diagnoses and recommendations of independent experts. The program also documents the burdens on families providing home care. (48 minutes)

#10941 Medical Care & Treatment - The Idealistic HMO: Can Good Care Survive the Market? (Run time 47 min.) DVD $129.95

America's managed care system was designed to provide coordinated preventive and long-term healthcare better than individual doctors could in yesterday's fragmented fee-for-service system. Have HMOs lived up to that promise? In this program, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith investigates Kaiser Permanente-the largest nonprofit HMO in the U.S.-and its social mission of lifetime care. Although it has pioneered improvements such as mass screening for colon cancer and special team care for patients with diabetes and HIV, Kaiser Permanente has also drawn fire for unpopular cost-cutting measures and for allegedly neglecting needy communities. (47 minutes)

#10942 Medical Care & Treatment - The Uninsured: Forty-Four Million Forgotten Americans (Run time 48 min.) DVD $129.95

Corporate cost-cutting, downsizing, temporary employment, and other business imperatives are making today's pricey health insurance either unavailable or unaffordable for 44 million Americans-of which 85 percent are in working families. With employers cutting back on offering insurance and with shrinking access to charity care as hospitals face their own funding shortfalls, where can America's uninsured turn for healthcare? In this program, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith reports on how states such as California, Texas, and Tennessee are dealing with the desperate needs of the uninsured and their children. (47 minutes)

#10943 Medical Care & Treatment - The Quality Gap: Medicine's Secret Killer (Run time 49 min.) DVD $129.95

What is the most costly element of America's trillion-dollar healthcare system? Surprisingly, experts believe it is the medical quality gap and medical errors, which they estimate take more than 90,000 lives each year. In this program, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith examines New York's tough performance reports on doctors and hospitals doing open-heart surgery; profiles a pioneering effort by a VA hospital in Kentucky to confront medical errors; and shows breakthrough quality improvement drives in northern New England and Utah. Each case study is an eye-opener for an American public that rates high-quality care as its number one health priority. (49 minutes)

#36193 Medical Care & Treatment - On the Attack: Expectations for a Cancer Cure (Run time 54 min.) DVD $129.95

In 1971, President Nixon declared war on cancer, envisioning a cure within five years. What mechanisms-financial, political, and medical-did his announcement set in motion? Are we any closer to winning the war? This program takes on those questions, examining milestones in cancer research and studying forces outside the scientific world that have driven or hindered anti-cancer efforts. Interviews with renowned medical pioneers-including Dr. Steven Rosenberg of the National Cancer Institute, Prof. Samuel Epstein of the University of Illinois School of Health, and Dominique Stehelin, the scientist who paved the way for gene therapy-provide in-depth analysis. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (53 minutes)

#37449 Medical Care & Treatment - Outbreak in America: When the Flu Pandemic Hits Home (Run time 50 min.) DVD $129.95

Flying home from Hawaii, where he has met with a group of Chinese business contacts, salesman Michael Peterson begins to feel ill. This program presents the frightening consequences of his journey, which has transformed him into America's Patient Zero-an unwitting carrier of the deadly, Asian-born H5N1 virus. Peterson soon infects his own son, other inhabitants of his California suburb, and, indirectly, millions across the continent. Although his story is fictional, it represents a disturbingly probable scenario for which even the world's most powerful nation has no satisfactory contingency plan. Dr. Jim Robertson, principal scientist for Britain's NIBSC, conveys the realities of vaccine shortages; Dr. Gregory Poland of the Mayo Vaccine Research Group describes the physiological ravages of a cytokine storm. Original BBCW broadcast title: Pandemic Part two. (49 minutes)

#7507 Medical Ethics - Fetal Surgery and Tissue Implant: Right or Wrong? (Run time 58 min.) DVD $129.95

This is an unbiased presentation of one of the most explosive topics in medical science: fetal surgery and fetal tissue transplant. It presents a thorough survey of the procedures currently being done, and allows those who support and oppose the practice to make their arguments. The program also examines such questions as: Should there be a moratorium on fetal surgery? Should fetal organs be harvested? Parents and professionals on all sides of the issue offer personal insights. Original BBC broadcast title: Twice Born. (58 minutes)

#7915 Medical Technology - Radioactivity: How Much Can the Body Take? (Run time 28 min.) DVD $129.95

In a millisecond, on July 16, 1945, the evolution of the human species took a remarkable turn. Until the explosion of the world's first nuclear weapon, the human body coexisted, if uneasily, with natural sources of radioactivity from the sky, rocks, and other unavoidable sources. Now, with x-rays and nuclear medicine a part of our daily lives, the issue has become just how much radioactivity our bodies can safely absorb. This program explores the question, and whether there is really such a thing as a healthy dose. (28 minutes)

#33778 Medical Technology - The Cutting Edge: Innovative Surgical Methods (Run time 47 min.) DVD $129.95

This program explores emerging technologies that are revolutionizing how surgeons perform operations and deliver critical care. Featured modalities include the gamma knife, a viable alternative to invasive brain surgery for a growing list of conditions, as well as telementoring and robotic surgery, high-tech approaches to delivering specialized healthcare to remote regions. Clinical footage from the operating room vividly conveys the ultimate benefits these advances in surgical tools and techniques promise patients around the world. (47 minutes)

#33779 Medical Technology - Biomedicine and Biotechnology (Run time 47 min.) DVD $129.95

In the era of Big Pharma, why are researchers looking more and more to nature-and the human body itself-to provide tomorrow's medical cures? This program illustrates how scientists are growing and harvesting pharmaceuticals from common plants and farm animals, attempting to replicate organs, and transferring much-needed islet cells to patients with diabetes. The next big breakthrough in medical care is as likely to come from a rainforest or a goat as it is from a petri dish or a test tube. (47 minutes)

#33780 Medical Technology - Medicine, Engineering, and the Human/Machine Interface (Run time 47 min.) DVD $129.95

This program investigates how mechanical technology is being adapted for use with the human body to treat disease and injury. Cyborg technology offers the possibility of melding injured bodies and machines, enhancing mobility for paraplegics and quadraplegics through thought-activated devices. Nanotechnology holds out the hope of using microscopic machines to combat internal illnesses such as cancer. And 3-D imaging technology, an essential tool for doctors at the vanguard of surgical treatment, is opening a new window on-and into-the human body. (47 minutes)

#35104 Medical Technology - Supercomputing: The Power of Visualization (Run time 27 min.) DVD $129.95

Astonishing ways to share scientific data are emerging in the digital age. This program explores the phenomenal growth of supercomputing and its impact on medicine, oceanography, air traffic control, law enforcement, and other fields. Showcasing practical examples of dynamic visualization technology, the video looks at three-dimensional renderings of cities accurate to the square foot, medical imaging capabilities on the cellular level, and instantaneous collaboration between laboratories a hemisphere apart. Commentary by virtual reality pioneer Jaron Lanier and other innovators underscores the need to recognize the human factor in the age of supercomputers. (27 minutes)

#37556 Medical Technology - The History of Medical Imaging (Run time 53 min.) DVD $129.95

Over the past century, Nobel Prize-winning scientists and doctors have worked untiringly to develop and fine-tune highly effective medical imaging equipment-tools that play a vital role in diagnosis and treatment. Combining rarely seen archival footage, interviews with imaging specialists, and incredible medical images, this program highlights milestones in X-ray scanning, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, and nuclear imaging. Filmed on location throughout Europe and the United States. (53 minutes)

#29012 Organ Transplants - Transplant (Run time 51 min.) DVD $129.95

This program gives both a succinct overview of transplant surgery's history and dramatic coverage of two actual procedures: a living-donor, minimally invasive kidney transplant and a heart transplant. Pioneering surgeon Dr. Thomas E. Starzl discusses the immune system's key role, the development of immunosuppressive drugs, and the recent discovery of chimerism, a phenomenon that minimizes the need for harsh immunosuppressants. The first successful larynx recipient and the first hand transplant recipient are interviewed. Research into related techniques, such as xenotransplants and stem cells, is also presented. A Discovery Channel Production. (51 minutes)

#36481 Organ Transplants - Organ Transplants: Making a Match (Run time 28 min.) DVD $129.95

Sixty years ago, organ transplants for humans began to show signs of success. Since then, organ donation has saved millions of lives worldwide. This program gives viewers a detailed look at how transplant recipients and donors are matched, as well as what happens before, during, and after a transplant operation. Case studies profile an elderly man waiting for a heart transplant and a golf pro whose donated kidney gave her a new lease on life. The program also features commentary from transplant experts-including doctors at Stanford University's world-renowned transplant center-who describe state-of-the-art methods for predicting and treating organ rejection. (28 minutes)

#10424 Pain - Pain Management (Run time 30 min.) DVD $129.95

Pain, a frequent part of recovery from illness and injury, is actually controllable in the vast majority of cases. This program from The Doctor Is In illustrates approaches to pain control for patients healing after surgery, dealing with cancer, and coping with chronic back and nerve conditions. Experts profiled include Dr. Margaret Caudill, developer of an innovative mind-body therapy; Johns Hopkins University's Dr. Richard North, who specializes in electrical stimulation; Dr. Ronald Melzack, creator of the Gate Control theory of pain; and Dr. Carol Warfield, of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's Division of Pain Medicine. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (30 minutes)

#36400 Pain - NSAID Options (Run time 28 min.) DVD $129.95

People who live with chronic pain often face a no-win situation. They usually rely on medications known as NSAIDs-or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs-which, unfortunately, can damage their stomachs and may even threaten their lives. This program details new strategies for helping patients with chronic pain, enabling them to fight it without giving up NSAIDs. Interviews with University of Michigan gastroenterologist James Scheiman and rheumatologist Daniel Clauw shed light on the importance of COX isozymes and the effects of aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, and other pain relievers. The use of PPIs, or proton pump inhibitors, is also studied. (28 minutes)

#36479 Pain - Chronic Pain (Run time 28 min.) DVD $129.95

Medicine is gaining ground against chronic pain, thanks to determined doctors-and patients. This program explores what causes pain and looks at treatments involving medication, physical therapy, and alternative methods. Presenting interviews with physicians who have dedicated their careers to fighting chronic pain-including UC San Diego doctors Mark Wallace and Armelia Sani-the program also features commentary from patients who cope with it every day: a man battling stomach cancer who uses relaxation techniques to ease abdominal pain...a woman with damaged vertebrae who has regained mobility through exercise...and an arthritis sufferer who can write without pain because of new drugs. (28 minutes)

#9034 Pharmacology - The Jungle Pharmacy: Nature's Remedy (Run time 27 min.) DVD $129.95

Do the world's rainforests contain a cure for cancer and AIDS? This intriguing program travels to Jakarta, Surabaya, and the jungles of Kalimantan to investigate the preparation and use of natural remedies to combat illnesses such as skin fungus, malaria, and even AIDS. But logging continues unabated, even as ethnobiologists from the National Cancer Institute and the Harvard Medical School scramble to quantify the curative properties of indigenous plants. Will the jungle pharmacy disappear before it can be understood? A Deutsche Welle Production. (27 minutes)

#32253 Pharmacology - Prescription Medications: A Patient's Primer (Run time 23 min.) DVD $129.95

With thousands of prescription drugs on the market, patients, physicians, and pharmacists must work together as never before to ensure that medicines yield their intended effects without exposing those taking them to unnecessary health risks. This overview of prescription medications emphasizes the dangers of interactions between prescription drugs and other prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, herbal and dietary supplements, and foods and beverages. Patient involvement through sharing information with the healthcare team, accepting accountability for compliance with the dosage regimen, and becoming informed of drug side effects is stressed. (24 minutes)

#32845 Pharmacology - Homeopathy: The Test (Run time 50 min.) DVD $129.95

In an age of medical marvels and high-tech treatments, why does homeopathy continue to have a large and loyal following? Could it be because homeopathic remedies-dilutions containing no discernible ingredients-are believed by patients and even some mainstream medical practitioners to exert a positive influence over certain illnesses in people and even animals? This program charts the course of recent homeopathy research, ending in a test by a panel of experts and a dedicated debunker who would love to be proved wrong: paranormal investigator James Randi, who will pay $1 million for documented proof that homeopathic medicine really works. Will he keep his money? A BBCW Production. (50 minutes)

#33917 Pharmacology - Sea Changes: Medicine from the Ocean (Run time 50 min.) DVD $129.95

Once conducted almost entirely on dry land, the hunt for biochemical and pharmaceutical resources is shifting to the world's oceans. This program examines various phases of that research-algae and sponge extraction around the globe, the growing utilization of toxic substances produced by some marine organisms, and the practical application of treatments and cures that are often a dozen years in the making. With its ethical discussions about animal testing and the prerogatives of developing countries, Sea Changes provides a balanced and comprehensive look at a fascinating vanguard in undersea exploration. (50 minutes)

#36348 Pharmacology - Revolutionizing Chemo (Run time 28 min.) DVD $129.95

The word conjures fears of debilitation and hair loss, but today's "chemo" treatments are far more endurable than in past decades. This program explores advances in chemotherapy that have transformed dread into relief for many cancer patients. The video shows how chemo medications are administered and how-unlike past regimens, which forced a high number of patients to quit or delay therapy-new drugs have reduced nausea, fatigue, and other side effects. Dr. Lee Schwartzberg of the West Clinic and oncology dietician Debi Kreiman of the Memorial Cancer Institute explain how chemo patients can remain active, eat properly, and maintain an attractive appearance. (28 minutes)

#11123 Surgery - Otolaryngology and Refractive Surgery: Breakthroughs and Treatments (Run time 22 min.) DVD $129.95

In segment one of this program, Dr. Charles Myer, of the Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, addresses alternatives to traditional antibiotic therapy for otitis media and airway reconstruction surgery for children with serious voice and breathing difficulties. In segment two, photorefractive keratectomy and laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis are discussed by pioneering surgeon Marguerite McDonald and experts from the Casey Eye Institute and the International Society of Refractive Surgery. Cochlear implants and customized laser ablation are also considered. (22 minutes)

#30457 Blood & Blood Supply - Magic to Medicine (Run time 58 min.) DVD $149.95

This program traverses a broad span in which blood went from being viewed as a key element in religious rituals and the crafting of myths to the end of the 19th century, when transfusions had become safe and routine. Among those who highlight the milestones along the way to a better understanding of this precious liquid are Douglas Starr, author of the critically acclaimed Blood: An Epic History of Medicine and Commerce; Harold Ellis, Emeritus Professor of Surgery at the University of London; and Dr. Anne Marie Moulin, Head of Research at the Paris Institute for Development Research. (58 minutes)

#30458 Blood & Blood Supply - Blood and War (Run time 58 min.) DVD $149.95

Ironically, the course of blood science was accelerated by the needs of the battlefield. This program looks at those innovations born of combat's grim necessities in the first half of the 20th century, from the Spanish Civil War, where blood was first collected, refrigerated, and carried into battle, to the massive blood drives and stockpiling during World War II. Guests include Col. John Hess, M.D., former director of the U.S. Army's blood bank, and Spencie Love, author of One Blood, a biography of Dr. Charles Drew, who ran the Plasma for Britain program during World War II. (58 minutes)

#30459 Blood & Blood Supply - Tainted Blood (Run time 57 min.) DVD $149.95

Even after World War II, a continued need for large supplies of blood was made clear by peacetime disasters and the advent of open-heart surgery and transfusions for hemophiliacs. By the 1960s, a new industry boomed as the indigent rushed to sell the one valuable thing they owned: blood. This program traces how commercialization of blood collection in the U.S. led, at one time, to the spread of hepatitis and of a new epidemic called AIDS. Among those commenting are Dr. Donald Francis, a former epidemiologist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who foresaw the AIDS crisis; Dr. Ed Shandbrom, a key figure in developing the first hemophilia medication; and Dr. John Ashworth, a chemist who assisted in devising, with Harvard's Edwin Cohn, a technique to manufacture albumin from blood plasma which saved thousands of lives in World War II. (58 minutes)

#30460 Blood & Blood Supply - New Blood (Run time 58 min.) DVD $149.95

With transfusion-related cases of AIDS and hepatitis and the growing threat of mad cow disease, the blood supply faces new threats. This program chronicles the last fifteen years in the history of blood science, assessing current safety levels and examining future options, such as synthetic plasma. As the program makes clear, compared to Europe or Asia, American blood is very safe but expensive and in short supply. Among those interviewed are Dr. Karl Krieger, a heart surgeon at New York's Presbyterian Hospital who is well-known for his efforts in reducing the need for blood during open-heart surgery, and broadcaster Cory Dubin, founding member of the Committee of 10,000, a coalition of hemophiliacs infected with HIV from their medications. (58 minutes)

#2363 Genetic Testing - Genetic Testing (Run time 26 min.) DVD $149.95

This program from The Doctor Is In demonstrates amniocentesis and ultrasound; outlines the advantages of knowing in advance that certain medical procedures are required to save a newborn, and the burden on parents of having to decide whether to terminate a pregnancy; and shows the advantages of avoiding cigarettes and alcohol during pregnancy. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (26 minutes)

#2366 Health Profession - Nursing (Run time 26 min.) DVD $149.95

This program from The Doctor Is In looks at the problems and challenges of one of the most important professions in the medical field: nursing. The program examines the attitudes and economic disadvantages that drive trained nursing professionals out of hospitals, and the new inducements nursing schools and hospital administrators are using to draw them back-tuition inducements in nursing schools and, at work, more responsibility in patient care, better pay, and more flexible and less stressful working hours. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (26 minutes)

#32726 History Of Medicine - Infection: A History (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

As a history of infection and contagion, this program tells a story of clever science and dumb luck, horror and hope. Filmed at locations worldwide, the video traces the battles fought against humanity's oldest foes: diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, syphilis, cholera, smallpox, tuberculosis, polio, and perhaps the deadliest pandemic of all, AIDS. Health workers and epidemiologists on the front lines discuss the dynamics of combating disease, particularly in Africa, where AIDS ravages the continent. The growing problem of antibiotic resistance is also examined. Experts include Dr. David Ho, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris who has developed some of the most effective HIV drugs. (51 minutes)

#32730 History Of Medicine - Madness: A History (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

In the past, there was no such thing as mental illness, only madness. Its treatment was often indistinguishable from torture or murder. This program follows the long, often grim road towards understanding and treating mental illness. Through testimonials, original manuscripts, photos, and extensive footage from medical archives, leading doctors and medical historians trace the history of asylums, the development of psychoanalysis, electroconvulsive therapy, and the rise of psychopharmacology. The program also details the once widespread use of phrenology, lobotomy, and lobotomy's ancient precursor, trepanning. (51 minutes)

#38693 History Of Medicine - The End of Pain: Anesthesia (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

Before anesthetics, surgeons relied on speed, brandy, and brutality. This program reveals how a fairground dentist named Horace Wells made an essential breakthrough in pain mitigation by ingesting nitrous oxide and pulling out one of his own teeth. Recounting Wells' foray into other surgical procedures with the help of a colleague, William Morton, the program explores the subsequent split between the two researchers, with Morton favoring ether while Wells gravitated toward chloroform. The program offers a concise history of anesthetics by featuring other self-experimenters like Humphry Davy and Sigmund Freud, as well as a present-day version of Dr. Fred Prescott's curare self-test. A BBCW Production. (51 minutes)

#38695 History Of Medicine - Immune from Harm: Discovering Vaccines (Run time 52 min.) DVD $149.95

Killer bugs like the plague, cholera, and typhoid were all brought under control by adventuring self-experimenters. This program looks at medical trailblazers who took the ultimate risk and injected or ingested some of the most terrifying diseases known to humankind. Describing Louis Pasteur's flirtation with mortality-during which he asked his assistants to inject him with the rabies virus-the program also explores the gambles taken by two early-20th-century American doctors who injected themselves and their families with polio in a bitter race for a vaccine. Modern researchers who have infected themselves with hookworm in a novel bid to control allergies are also featured. A BBCW Production. (51 minutes)

#38696 History Of Medicine - Food Matters: Diet and Disease (Run time 52 min.) DVD $149.95

The maxim "You are what you eat" could have originated with a few hungry self-experimenters who proved that nutrition is critical to good health. As this program illustrates, one of the most prominent of these scientists was Dr. Joseph Goldberger, an early-20th-century researcher who ate the feces and scabs from patients with pellagra in his quest to prove it was not infectious. Viewers will learn how, when the medical establishment ignored his findings, Goldberger went on to inject himself and his devoted wife with the blood of a woman dying with pellagra, in order to make his point and establish diet as a critical factor in health and medical care. A BBCW Production. (51 minutes)

#2372 Medical Care & Treatment - How to Talk to Your Doctor (Run time 26 min.) DVD $149.95

Many people become overwhelmed when they see their doctor or when they need to choose a doctor. They forget to ask the right questions; they don't know what kind of doctor to call. This program from The Doctor Is In follows several people through the medical system, from the emergency room, to a regular clinic visit, to the Intensive Care Unit, providing tips for finding the right physician and communicating the patient's needs. It also offers advice on helping children through the medical world. Doctors Robert Foote of the New London, NH, Hospital and Paul LeMarbre of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center discuss the issues; Dr. John Wennberg explains the program he developed to give patients more information about their course of treatment. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (26 minutes)

#11534 Medical Care & Treatment - Quest for a Cure: Rasmussen's Encephalitis (Run time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

Rasmussen's encephalitis is an extremely rare degenerative central nervous system disorder characterized by seizures, hemiparesis, inflammation of the brain, and mental deterioration. This ABC News program focuses on the case of Jeremy, whose mother must decide if she will allow her 4-year-old to undergo a hemispherectomy-the excision of half his brain-or opt instead for a regimen of Cytoxan, a promising but unproven medicine. Could the experimental drug make the complicated and risky operation unnecessary? (50 minutes)

#11535 Medical Care & Treatment - Making the Cut: Life in Surgical Residence (Run time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

For an aspiring surgeon, residency-a nonstop world of 60-hour shifts characterized by exhaustion and the fear of making a career-ending mistake-is a venerable rite of passage. Filmed at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, this ABC News program tracks the activities of two surgical residents as well as veteran gynecological oncologist Dr. Rick Montz; Dr. Edward Cornwell, the chief of trauma surgery; and Dr. John Cameron, the hospital's surgeon-in-chief and president of the American Surgical Association. Unprecedented footage of a Hopkins morbidity and mortality meeting is included. (50 minutes)

#11536 Medical Care & Treatment - Fighting for Breath: Cystic Fibrosis (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

An inherited disorder primarily affecting the lungs and digestive system, cystic fibrosis currently has no cure and generally proves fatal. Even patients fortunate enough to receive a lung transplant have only a 50/50 five-year survival rate. This ABC News program follows four patients at different stages of the disease, including a 39-year-old in urgent need of a transplant. The efforts of doctors and scientists of Johns Hopkins Medicine to fight CF with promising applications of gene therapy are also presented. (51 minutes)

#11537 Medical Care & Treatment - The List for Life: Transplants (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

For patients Zach and Mike, there is only one thing that will extend their lives: a transplant. And even after surgery, nothing is certain-as in the case of Amna, a girl who has been fighting rejection of a bowel transplant for more than eight years. Through these case studies of organ transplants, this ABC News program delves into the ethical considerations and moral dilemmas faced by doctors of Johns Hopkins Medicine while examining the procedures and lengthy periods of recovery endured by their patients. (51 minutes)

#11538 Medical Care & Treatment - Breaking the Silence: Cochlear Implants (Run time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

In his 20s, Kevin lost his hearing suddenly, with no explanation. By 69, Joe's partial deafness had become complete. Cody, only 5, had been losing his hearing progressively since the age of 2. And Faith had never heard a sound in her entire life. This ABC News program investigates cochlear implant technology at The Johns Hopkins Hospital through these four case studies, while addressing the challenges of returning to-or, as in the case of Faith, entering into-the world of sound. (50 minutes)

#11539 Medical Care & Treatment - Thin at Any Cost: Treating Eating Disorders (Run time 48 min.) DVD $149.95

This ABC News program spotlights the work of Dr. Angela Guarda, of The Johns Hopkins University, and other therapists of Johns Hopkins Medicine in treating women with anorexia and bulimia. Footage of candid group therapy sessions, which include a 21-year-old with a family history of eating disorders as well as other residents at Hopkins' in-patient psychiatric clinic, provides insights into the root causes of these devastating illnesses. (48 minutes)

#11540 Medical Care & Treatment - Thinking Big: Medical Disorders and Dwarfism (Run time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

This ABC News program profiles Johns Hopkins orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Ain, a specialist in the medical disorders associated with dwarfism. A dwarf himself, his hard-won successes have helped to pave the way for other people of short stature to enter the medical profession. The case of 4-year-old Ashlyn, who required surgery to relieve compression of her brain stem-a complication sometimes faced by achondroplastic infants and toddlers-is also presented. (50 minutes)

#11541 Medical Care & Treatment - Small Wonders: Pediatric Intensive Care (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

Dr. Ben Carson, chief of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Children's Center, and Dr. Paul Colombani, children's surgeon-in-charge at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, are two members of Johns Hopkins Medicine's elite Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. In this ABC News program, that dedicated team fights to save the lives of baby Mikey, who needs a heart transplant; 3-year-old Alexandria, who must undergo a hemispherectomy to stop her chronic seizures; 14-year-old Tiffanie, who requires surgery to halt her advancing uterine cancer; and Greg, a 16-year-old with leukemia. (51 minutes)

#11542 Medical Care & Treatment - End of Life: Patients Facing Death (Run time 48 min.) DVD $149.95

All through medical school, internship, and residency, doctors are trained to be healers. What can they contribute to the care of patients whose illnesses are beyond their help? This ABC News program examines the crusading efforts of oncologist Dr. Michael Carducci, of Johns Hopkins Medicine, to create an exemplary program of palliative care for people with terminal conditions. The importance of supporting patients and their families in the making of sound end-of-life decisions is stressed. (48 minutes)

#11543 Medical Care & Treatment - Making the Grade: From Med School to Internship (Run time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

What is it like to study at one of the nation's most demanding medical institutions? This ABC News program captures the rigors of medical school by tracking the progress of students enrolled at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. From first-year dissections to fourth-year anxieties over internship assignments, these students articulately describe the med school experience. They also discuss the dubious future of medicine in an era of managed care. (50 minutes)

#31148 Medical Care & Treatment - Let Each Light Shine: A Portrait of Camphill Village (Run time 58 min.) DVD $149.95

At Camphill Village U.S.A., there are no patients and no caregivers. Only villagers live and work there-people with and without mental disabilities whose joint mission is to help each other enjoy meaningful lives. This program uses scenes of community activities and interviews with villagers to explore the Camphill movement's remarkably effective group living model. Camphill Village U.S.A., where inclusion means everything, is living, loving proof that the principles of Rudolf Steiner, as put into action by Dr. Karl Konig, can make a wonderful difference. (58 minutes)

#32851 Medical Care & Treatment - The Fight Against Germs: Effective Weapons Against Infection (Run time 26 min.) DVD $149.95

Because of constant use of disinfectants, a hospital is a place where only the fittest microbes survive, a dilemma that raises the stakes of even routine surgical procedures. This program looks at how germs develop partial or total antibiotic resistance and how researchers are pursuing new lines of attack to keep pace with these highly adaptive organisms. Computer imaging and electron microscopy help illustrate how Legionella bacteria adapt to harsh environments. The program concludes by looking at promising research into symbiotic mechanisms in sea sponges that can repel antibiotic-resistant staphylococcus. A Deutsche Welle Production. (26 minutes)

#32852 Medical Care & Treatment - Enhanced Vision: New Directions in Ophthalmology (Run time 26 min.) DVD $149.95

As this program illustrates, direct access to the eye coupled with technological wizardry has meant that ophthalmology is one of the most rapidly advancing areas of medicine. Both up-to-the-minute techniques and experimental procedures are profiled, such as photodynamic therapy, which inhibits macular degeneration by eroding deposits called drusen. The program shows how microsurgery, particularly the LASIK method, has revolutionized the field. Also detailed are pioneering treatments for cataracts, retinitis pigmentosa, and new methods to detect and treat glaucoma. A Deutsche Welle Production. (26 minutes)

#32853 Medical Care & Treatment - Freedom of Movement: Rheumatism Therapy of the Future (Run time 26 min.) DVD $149.95

Insights into immune system disorders are unlocking new treatments for rheumatoid arthritis. Many of these innovative approaches are explored in this program, such as experimental drugs that suppress messenger proteins, treatments to regenerate cartilage through the use of stem cells, and the cultivation of chondrocyte cells in the lab. The program looks at detection and treatment of reactive arthritis, minimally invasive surgical techniques, and the development of synthetic cartilage. A Deutsche Welle Production. (26 minutes)

#32854 Medical Care & Treatment - The Rhythm of Life: Innovative Heart Research (Run time 26 min.) DVD $149.95

Heart valves fabricated from the body's own cells are durable and are not rejected. Stimulating the natural growth of blood vessels to skirt clogged ones could make elaborate bypass surgery obsolete. As this program shows, these are some of the tools, either in use or under development, that place vascular science at the forefront of medicine. The program also highlights innovations in clot-dissolving drugs, artificial hearts, on-the-spot repairs through catheters and tiny video cameras, and growing three-dimensional heart tissue in the lab. A Deutsche Welle Production. (26 minutes)

#32855 Medical Care & Treatment - Targeting Tumor Cells: New Strategies in Fighting Cancer (Run time 26 min.) DVD $149.95

The Pap smear was a diagnostic milestone in detecting precancerous cells. Researchers are developing similar tests, particularly ones based on genetic predisposition, as they learn to home in on other cancers. As this program illustrates, sophisticated screening is just one of the ways medicine has advanced the fight against a dreaded disease. The program also looks at the targeted destruction of tumors through drugs that either react to substances unique to tumor cells or suppress angiogenesis. The latest surgical techniques using lasers, robots, and endoscopes are examined as well. A Deutsche Welle Production. (26 minutes)

#35725 Medical Care & Treatment - Peter Jennings Reporting: Breakdown-America's Health Insurance Crisis (Run time 42 min.) DVD $149.95

One of the last documentaries from ABC News journalist Peter Jennings, this program untangles a particularly complex problem: the rapidly growing number of Americans who lack health care coverage. With characteristic thoroughness, Jennings searches out specific reasons for the weakening and potential collapse of employer-subsidized health insurance. America's rising median age, medical advances that have increased the use of health services, and a broad spectrum of economic factors are all explored. Interviews with doctors, hospital administrators, corporate leaders, scholars, and everyday working people highlight what's at stake for American businesses and employees. (42 minutes)

#39090 Medical Care & Treatment - Tom Brokaw Reports: Critical Condition (Run time 43 min.) DVD $149.95

Why have America's health care costs skyrocketed? In this NBC News program, Tom Brokaw follows several cases at Staten Island University Hospital as he explores reasons behind financial turmoil in the U.S. health-care system. Among the patients: a 24-year-old man with no insurance who lost both legs in the Staten Island Ferry accident of October 2003. Another victim: a 62-year-old woman with a fractured hip and shoulder who has private insurance-but it didn't cover the rehabilitation equipment she needs. Brokaw also interviews doctors, administrators, and leading scholars, receiving conflicting opinions on the issue from Heritage Foundation economist Stuart Butler and Princeton health economist Uwe Reinhardt. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (43 minutes)

#39166 Medical Care & Treatment - Final Years (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

Despite its slowed responses in old age, the human body, with help from modern medicine, can still fight injury and illness. This program demonstrates that sustained ability by following medical cases involving patients as advanced as age 80 and older. Entering the hospital with intense chest pain, Geoffrey finds he is facing a tiny enemy-a blood clot in one of the vessels feeding his heart. Viewers will follow his battle to recover. Vera has fallen at home, and doctors race to determine whether or not she has sustained a head injury. And although Len's mental capacity is excellent, his arthritis, slow heartbeat, and vascular disease are making it difficult for him to combat the life-threatening necrosis in his bowel. A BBCW Production. (50 minutes)

#39463 Medical Care & Treatment - Sick in America: John Stossel on Healthcare (Run time min.) DVD $149.95

Who is to blame for America's healthcare mess, and how can we fix it? In this ABC News program, John Stossel examines the insurance industry, the need for competition among care providers, and the possibility of combining lower costs with better medicine. Arguing against Michael Moore's documentary Sicko, which advocates government-funded healthcare, Stossel interviews Harvard Business School professor Regina Herzlinger, who takes aim at the legislative process as well as insurers and hospitals. Featuring doctors who have forged direct relationships with their patients by eliminating insurance middlemen, the program also spotlights Whole Foods CEO John Mackey and his company's innovative health savings account plans. (40 minutes)

#1397 Medical Ethics - Fetal Rights (Run time 28 min.) DVD $149.95

What are the obligations of the mother to her unborn child and her rights to privacy and control over her own body? This specially adapted Phil Donahue program examines the case of a woman on trial for the death of her baby-blamed on her use of amphetamines and her failure to obtain medical help when she began to hemorrhage. (28 minutes)

#34957 Medical Ethics - Playing Hurt: Ethics and Sports Medicine (Run time 58 min.) DVD $149.95

Imagine that it's the week of the football championship game, and a star player may have an undisclosed head injury. Everyone wants him to play. If you were the coach, would you let him? Or picture a talented WNBA hopeful who has torn her ACL-for the third time. Add in bouts of bulimia and her lifelong dream of going pro. As her adviser, what would you do? These are only two of the agonizing questions that Harvard Law School's Charles Ogletree puts to a panel of dedicated and deeply concerned sports experts. In this Fred Friendly Seminar, filmed at an annual meeting of The American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, they explore the ethical and medical issues-and moral obligations-that come into play whenever an athlete becomes a patient. Topics include conflicts of interest, the complexities of informed consent, the limits of confidentiality, and the vital trust triangle between the athlete, team doctor, and coach. Panelists include Trace Armstrong, former president of the NFL Players Association; orthopedics specialist John Bergfeld, M.D., team physician for the Cleveland Browns and Cavaliers; Andrew Bishop, M.D., team physician for the Atlanta Falcons; malpractice lawyer Patrick Dekle; Gordon Matheson, M.D., Ph.D., head of sports medicine at Stanford University; Elliot Pellman, M.D., the NFL's medical liaison; football Hall of Famer Jack Youngblood; and others. (58 minutes)

#38706 Medical Ethics - Coma: Four Case Studies (Run time 103 min.) DVD $149.95

The vast majority of coma patients face a critical and very limited window of recovery time-after one year, the chance for improvement is slim to none. This documentary follows the progress of four individuals in comas or vegetative states over the course of a year, exploring the mysteries of the injured brain as each patient emerges, to varying degrees, from darkness. Interweaving commentary from renowned physicians and neurologists, the program goes inside a top U.S. medical facility for coma treatment-the Center for Head Injuries at the JFK Medical Center in Edison, New Jersey. With unprecedented access to the center, the program also chronicles the emotional stories of the four patients' families, who must deal with overwhelming medical complexities and frightening uncertainties about the fate of their loved ones. An HBO Production. (103 minutes)

#2655 Medical Technology - The Medical Applications of Ultrasound (Run time 19 min.) DVD $149.95

Ultrasound has a multitude of applications, from cleaning jewely to tracking the weather. This program explores its growing medical uses: in lithotripsy-shattering kidney stones and gallstones rather than removing them surgically; as a diagnostic tool in obstetrics, cardiology, and othopedics; and in cleaning burns and other delicate wounds. The program examines the benefits and the risks of ultrasound and compares them with other diagnostic tools such as X-rays. (19 minutes)

#29132 Medical Technology - Medical Imaging: X-Rays, CT, MRI, Ultrasound, and Virtual Reality (Run time 38 min.) DVD $149.95

This comprehensive overview assesses a number of noninvasive ways to look inside the human body. Segment one addresses the limitations of X-ray and fluoroscopic technologies and introduces computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and ultrasound. Segment two describes how images are digitized and discusses the practical difficulties in achieving a clear image. Segment three demonstrates how computers can be used to enhance image definition. And segment four features two virtual reality programs that allow medical students to practice performing a craniotomy to remove a tumor and percutaneous rhizotomy to treat trigeminal neuralgia. (38 minutes)

#35516 Medical Technology - Radiation Roulette (Run time 48 min.) DVD $149.95

A single CT scan is the equivalent of hundreds of chest X-rays-leading some experts to view the widely used procedure as a dangerous medical gamble. This program offers detailed information on radiation screening tests, their benefits, and hazards they may pose to individuals with certain medical profiles. The complexity of the issue emerges in the stories of three women: Kyla, whose thyroid cancer may be the result of frequent X-ray imaging; Paula, who suffers from life-threatening heart disease caused by childhood radiation treatments; and Jo-Ann, a CT scan recipient who must now consider skipping regular mammograms-because of physician advice to avoid excess radiation. (48 minutes)

#2483 Organ Transplants - Second Chance (Run time 52 min.) DVD $149.95

This Peabody Award-winning program is about the medical miracle and the human drama of organ transplants, about the dying patients dependent on the kindness of strangers, the death of whose loved ones is necessary so that they may live themselves. Host William Devane introduces the courageous families who have reached beyond their grief to help others in need, as well as patients shuttling between hope and despair as they wait and pray that a suitable donor organ will be available for them in time. And the program shows a heart transplant operation that allows a dying patient to live again. The program also explains how viewers can themselves give others a second chance. (52 minutes)

#11768 Organ Transplants - Xenotransplants: Filling the Need for Organ Donors (Run time 46 min.) DVD $149.95

A little over thirty years ago, organ transplants were considered impossible; today they are routine. With a scarcity of human hearts and livers, scientists are trying to pioneer cross-species transplants. This program looks at differing xenotransplant strategies, such as engineering animals with human DNA and increasing a patient's tolerance with animal DNA, as well as the risk of a possible epidemic by unleashing dormant viruses. This new field's progress is traced from its infancy, with the work of Nobel Laureate Sir Peter Medawar; through the first xenotransplant recipient, Baby Fay in 1984; to the present. Interviews with Sir Roy Calne, Dr. David H. Sachs, Dr. R. A. Weiss, and others, as well as patients, highlight the difficult ethical issues. (46 minutes)

#32728 Organ Transplants - Transplants: A History (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

The waiting list of organ recipients-80,000 people in America alone-is testimony to the spectacular success of transplant surgery. This program presents a history of this emerging field of medicine, highlighting breakthroughs in surgical procedures and related drugs, as well as looking at how cutting-edge technologies will change its future. Cameras go inside the operating room to show several different procedures, with detailed coverage of a father-daughter kidney transplant. Many organ recipients discuss their experiences. Interviews also include several transplant pioneers, including Dr. Thomas Starzl, who helped develop immunosuppressive medicines. (51 minutes)

#5338 Pharmacology - Green Medicines (Run time 52 min.) DVD $149.95

The rainforests of the world are our most prominent pharmacy and drugstore. More than a third of all prescription medicines in the western world are derived from rainforest plants. Yet, at the present rate of destruction of these forests worldwide, we are likely to lose important medicines before we have even found them. This documentary follows various scientists in various disciplines in their work: the ethnobotanist working with herbal healers to learn about the traditional use of green medicines, the pharmacologist bringing plants into the laboratory to find the chemical structure of active molecules, doctors trying to incorporate traditional medicines into western medical practice. Shot in Western Samoa, Thailand, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, and Brazil, the program is also a strong plea for rainforest conservation in cooperation with the indigenous peoples inhabiting these areas. (52 minutes)

#34698 Pharmacology - The Cure: Heart Disease and Anti-cholesterol Drugs (Run time 55 min.) DVD $149.95

Drugs that can cure cardiovascular disease, rather than simply slowing cholesterol buildup, are currently in development. This program examines the history of anti-cholesterol drug production, as well as current biochemical research that might lead to the eradication of heart attacks and strokes. Describing scientific studies of isolated populations-most notably the inhabitants of Limone, Italy, where a genetic mutation has produced a natural cure for arterial plaque accumulation-the video also investigates the extraordinary level of competition that exists among pharmaceutical companies racing to create lifesaving chemical compounds. (55 minutes)

#36647 Pharmacology - The Drugging of Our Children: Inside the ADHD Controversy (Run time 104 min.) DVD $149.95

Some doctors are wary of prescribing medication for ADD or ADHD, especially when treating young patients-but the majority rely on psychotropic drugs. This program challenges the status quo, supported by a staggering amount of testimony and documentation. Incorporating detailed interviews with psychiatrists, neurologists, and education experts-as well as parents and kids who have suffered because of rigid prescription practices-the program analyzes links between school procedures, the medical establishment, and Big Pharma. Footage from the 1998 Consensus Development Conference on ADD/ADHD raises disturbing questions about how the disorders are diagnosed. (104 minutes)

#39100 Pharmacology - Death of a Wonder Drug: The Vioxx Recall (Run time 45 min.) DVD $149.95

On September 30, 2004, pharmaceutical giant Merck voluntarily withdrew its popular painkiller Vioxx after it was linked to increased risks of heart attack and stroke. Was Merck's move driven by genuine concern for patients? Or, given findings from earlier studies, was the recall a self-protective move that came too late? This CNBC investigation takes viewers through the process by which one of Big Pharma's most widely prescribed products was tested, approved, and marketed-at the expense, many say, of thousands of consumers. Several medical experts provide commentary, in addition to FDA whistle-blower David Graham, who has cited numerous faults in the government's handling of Vioxx testing. Not available in French-speaking Canada. Original CNBC broadcast title: Death of a Wonder Drug. (44 minutes)

#5690 Rehab & Plastic Surgery - Misha: Recovery from a Serious Accident (Run time 40 min.) DVD $149.95

This is the powerful story of 16-year-old Misha Heselwood, and her successful fight to regain her life after being seriously injured. The program begins with Misha's hospitalization with severe brain injuries suffered in a car accident and follows Misha, her family, and the medical staff over a nine-month period, charting her recovery from coma as she re-learns how to walk, talk, eat, and eventually regain self-reliance and independence. The program also examines how the family of a recovering patient must cope with the emotional and financial pressures associated with the patient's recovery. (40 minutes)

#10628 Surgery - Anesthesia: A Clinical Introduction (Run time 61 min.) DVD $149.95

This program explains how anesthetics modulate and inhibit the conduction of neural stimuli. After contrasting sleep with unconsciousness, the structure of the nervous system and the transfer and suppression of electrochemical signals are addressed. The particulars of how anesthesia functions are then discussed, with a focus on the properties of volatile anesthetics, sedative hypnotics, analgesics, muscle relaxants, and opioids; their effects on the brain and other organs; and methods of administering. Specific agents include ketamine, midazolam, propofol, etomidate, halothane, desflurane, fentanyl, lidocaine, and nitrous oxide. (61 minutes)

#31413 Surgery - Xenotransplantation: The International Debate (Run time 39 min.) DVD $149.95

A gripping plea for public debate, this program offers a dynamic cross-section of views on xenotransplantation and the ethical questions it is raising. Bioethicists, researchers, academics, medical professionals, and others from institutions and companies such as Harvard Medical School, the University of Oxford, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, PPL Therapeutics, and Immerge BioTherapeutics shed light on a number of pivotal issues. Among them are the safety of animal-to-human transplants, transgenic manipulation to prevent hyperacute rejection, the societal need for biosecurity versus the personal right to privacy, and the ramifications of cross-species modification. A concise history of allotransplantation is also included. (39 minutes)

#32570 Surgery - Living Donor Organ Transplants (Run time 23 min.) DVD $149.95

For patients in need of an organ, the wait, not the surgery, is often the more life-threatening factor. After a concise overview of cadaveric organ transplants, this program shifts its focus to living donor organ transplants. Three liver transplant case studies-young mother to baby daughter, adult daughter to elderly mother, and adult son to elderly father-spotlight pioneering surgeon Nancy Ascher and other transplant specialists in action. Close-ups of actual surgery provide a fascinating look at the procedure that is revolutionizing the science of organ transplantation. The use of immunosuppressants to curb organ rejection is also addressed. (23 minutes)

#32729 Surgery - Surgery: A History (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

Today, most surgical procedures are safe, even routine. It wasn't always that way. By looking at the obstacles of pain, infection, and shock, this program chronicles the milestones and pioneers of modern surgery, tracing the development of anesthesia, antiseptics, antibiotics, and transfusions. To illustrate just how far the field has come, the intricacies of heart bypass surgery are presented in close detail. Numerous case studies are also used to show the progress of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, as well as the emergence of laparoscopy and other noninvasive techniques. (51 minutes)

#33809 Surgery - Scream: The History of Anesthetics (Run time 49 min.) DVD $149.95

Instructive and gruesome in equal parts, this program enters the operating theater with eyes wide open to observe how "fast and dirty" surgery-inexpressibly brutal in the time before anesthesia-led to 19th-century breakthroughs in the area of pain management. Traveling from the Victorian era to the present day, the program charts the evolution of anesthesiology and reviews the trial-and-error research behind anesthetic substances ranging from chloroform and nitrous oxide to cocaine and ketamine. Dr. David Wilkinson, president of the Confederation of European National Societies of Anaesthesiology, is featured. Viewer discretion is advised. A BBCW Production. (49 minutes)

#37178 Medical Ethics - NewsHour Medical Ethics and Issues Anthology (Run time 185 min.) DVD $249.95

A respected source of balanced, first-rate journalism, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer raises urgent and challenging questions whenever it covers the healthcare field. This anthology of NewsHour segments confronts ethical dilemmas and complex issues in medicine today. Through in-depth reporting and interviews with doctors, nurses, patients, and other experts, the anthology examines case studies, scientific breakthroughs, and connections between corporate and public policy. The episodes are... * Rising Healthcare Costs: Susan Dentzer explains a 2007 U.S. healthcare spending report projecting a dramatic rise over the next decade, from $2 trillion to over $4 trillion by 2016. * Uninsured Americans: Susan Dentzer analyzes a 2006 U.S. Census Bureau report on the number of uninsured Americans, which has increased by 1.3 million-including 400,000 more children-since 1999. * Longevity and Income: Highlighting medical research that links certain health risks with low social status, Paul Solman reports on the connection between what we earn and how long we live. * A Plan to Insure Everyone: Susan Dentzer clarifies groundbreaking Massachusetts legislation which would allow 99 percent of individuals in the state to obtain health insurance. * Foreign Country Doctors: Fred de Sam Lazaro studies the increase in doctors from overseas working in the U.S. healthcare system-and how American hospitals often can't manage without them. * Medical Mistakes: Up to 98,000 deaths annually can be attributed to errors in U.S. hospitals. Susan Dentzer reports on the 100,000 Lives campaign which aims to prevent those tragedies. * Nurses Denied Training: Why are thousands of would-be nurses denied affordable training at community colleges while America's healthcare providers, facing a shortage, import nurses from abroad? John Merrow investigates. * Caregivers Struggle with Alzheimer's: Susan Dentzer looks at the growing number of patients stricken with Alzheimer's disease and the emotional, physical, and financial burdens placed on their loved ones. * Restructuring the ER: Studies show that more than half the nation's emergency rooms are so overcrowded that they frequently turn patients away. Susan Dentzer sheds light on this critical situation. * Risk of Hospital Infections: Ray Suarez interviews Dr. Richard Shannon of the University of Pennsylvania about an alarming statistic: approximately 100,000 Americans die each year from infections acquired in hospitals. * Changing Face of AIDS: Joined by activists and health professionals from the U.S. and Africa, Ray Suarez moderates a roundtable on AIDS policy. * Conducting Drug Research in India: Fred de Sam Lazaro visits India, exploring the controversial decision by many pharmaceutical companies to conduct clinical trials there. * Debating Drug Company Gifts: Gwen Ifill and two experts discuss a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association on Big Pharma marketing tactics-and their effects on patients. * Drug Safety: Margaret Warner interviews FDA Commissioner Dr. Andrew Von Eschenbach about administrative changes designed to improve oversight of prescription drugs. * Mandatory Cervical Cancer Vaccine Debate: After a background report from Susan Dentzer on the human papillomavirus, two guests debate mandatory HPV vaccinations for school-age girls. * Pricing Drugs: Ray Suarez focuses on efforts by states to make prescription drugs more affordable. His guests are Marjorie Powell of PHARMA and Kevin Concannon, director of the Iowa Department of Human Services. * Assisted Suicide: A Case Study: Lee Hochberg guides viewers through the U.S. Supreme Court case concerning Oregon's assisted suicide law; Margaret Warner interviews doctors and activists regarding the controversy. * Embryonic Stem Cell Tests: Susan Dentzer studies two new techniques for creating stem cells and the ethical and religious concerns surrounding them. 3 parts, 56 minutes, 57 minutes, and 72 minutes.

#11950 Health Profession - Nurses: Code Blue (Run time min.) DVD $259.9

By the year 2020, the U.S. is expected to need 1.7 million nurses. Experts predict that only 600,000 will be available. This two-part series seeks to understand why nurses, so crucial to the nation's well-being, are typically undervalued in America and what is being done to revitalize the nursing profession. Guests include Mary Foley, president of the American Nurses Association; Kay McVay, president of the California Nursing Association; and Charles Pierce, Jr., president of the Florida Hospital Association, as well as academics, nursing students, and others. 2-part series, 29 minutes each.

#9295 Medical Care & Treatment - Critical Condition: How Will American Healthcare Manage? (Run time min.) DVD $259.9

Is America's healthcare system at death's door? And are patients with incurable diseases inadvertently being hastened to their graves? This compelling two-part series examines the dual prognosis for the management of the nation's overburdened healthcare system and the management of the pain of terminally ill patients. 2-part series, 29 minutes each.

#36192 Medical Care & Treatment - War on Cancer (Run time min.) DVD $259.9

Surgery, radiation, and drugs have become increasingly sophisticated weapons in the war against humanity's deadliest enemy-but not everyone is convinced of their effectiveness, and some argue that the war itself is misguided. This two-part series examines the scientific and social dimensions of fighting cancer, providing a detailed history of cancer research over much of the 20th century. Assembling a vast amount of expertise through incisive, uncompromising interviews, the series studies the volatile combination of political power, corporate influence, and media hype that surrounds the war on cancer. Not available in French-speaking Canada. 2-part series, 53 minutes each.

#37447 Medical Care & Treatment - Pandemic: An Influenza Scenario (Run time min.) DVD $259.9

Perhaps even more dangerous than terrorism or natural disasters, the virus known as H5N1 could bring the Western world to its knees at any time. This two-part series-both a riveting dramatization and a rigorously researched documentary-clearly depicts how a bird flu outbreak would explode into a global pandemic, dealing out death and societal chaos on an unprecedented level. Commentary from leading doctors and researchers illuminates the science at the heart of this compelling story. Original BBCW broadcast title: Pandemic. 2-part series, 49 minutes each.

#29319 Health Profession - Working in Health Care: Opportunities for Life (Run time min.) DVD $269.85

Ideal for high school and community college students, this three-part series spotlights nursing, a time-honored healthcare vocation, as well as two newer specialties for which few videos exist. The series features interviews with trainees in educational and real-world settings, and with professionals working in challenging clinical and commercial venues. The requirements and core procedures of each job are outlined, providing viewers with a basis for in-depth discussion and career prospect assessment. Viewable/printable instructor's guides are available online. A Meridian Production. 3-part series, 15 minutes each.

#36108 Health Profession - Meridian Allied Health Series (Run time min.) DVD $269.85

Healthcare is among the fastest-growing areas of employment in America-and while the opportunities are great, there is also plenty of job competition. This three-part series provides much-needed information for high school and vocational college students who are interested in assistant-level medical careers. It features an overview of the healthcare field as well as detailed guidance concerning three specific jobs-Medical Assistant, Health Information Management Technician, and Physical Therapy Assistant. Each episode covers what a particular job requires, who it would likely appeal to, and what it offers in terms of salary, long-term career prospects, and personal rewards. Viewable/printable instructor's guides containing additional material-including student activities, discussion questions, vocabulary terms, and fast facts-are available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. 3-part series, 20-24 minutes each.

#37246 Health Profession - Meridian Allied Health Series II (Run time min.) DVD $269.85

While it is growing by leaps and bounds, the healthcare labor market is also extremely competitive, even for entry-level and support positions. This series equips students with vital knowledge about three jobs that are not only lucrative and satisfying occupations but also solid first rungs on the professional ladder. Each episode covers what a particular job requires, who it would likely appeal to, and what it offers in terms of salary, long-term career prospects, and personal rewards. Viewable/printable instructor's guides containing additional material-including student activities, discussion questions, vocabulary terms, and fast facts-are available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. 3-part series, 22-23 minutes each.

#37250 Health Profession - Meridian Allied Health Series III (Run time min.) DVD $269.85

As opportunities in the healthcare industry continue to grow and evolve, job-seekers who stay aware of the field's wide-ranging positions have a decided advantage. This series invites students into the world of three exciting medical occupations that require important skills while building chances for career advancement. Each episode explores a specific job and its requirements, the type of individual who might be attracted to it, and the typical salary range it offers. Viewable/printable instructor's guides containing additional material-including student activities, discussion questions, vocabulary terms, and fast facts-are available online. Correlates to national and state board certification standards. A Meridian Production. 3-part series, 22 minutes each.

#7927 Medical Care & Treatment - Issues in Health Care (Run time min.) DVD $269.85

This series addresses three major controversial issues in the area of health and medicine-the use and abuse of designer drugs; genetic engineering; and the politicization of health research. 3-part series, 30 minutes each.

#10970 Pain - Pain: The Language of the Body and the Mind (Run time min.) DVD $269.85

Pain is often the body's sole method of communicating with the mind; it alerts the brain to malfunctions and protects the body from further harm. This concise three-part series explores the management, psychology, and physiology of pain to provide an in-depth overview of its role in our physical, and mental, lives. 3-part series, 17-25 minutes each.

#29752 Health Profession - Radiologic Technology Careers (Run time min.) DVD $319.8

This four-part series-endorsed by the Radiologic Society of America and the Associated Sciences Consortium-introduces viewers to a diverse group of doctors and technicians who are pursuing rewarding careers in the radiological sciences. After watching these programs, students will see that the field of radiology includes much more than X-rays. A Cambridge Educational Production. 4-part series, 13-14 minutes each.

#6439 Medical Ethics - The Decision (Run time min.) DVD $359.8

Innovative technology and scientific breakthroughs have transformed modern medicine. But these advancements have not come without a cost, as new treatment options present complex dilemmas for doctors and even more so for their patients. This series examines four real-life stories of extreme medical and ethical complexity. 4-part series.

#33777 Medical Technology - Looking Ahead: Advancements in Modern Medicine (Run time min.) DVD $389.85

This three-part series analyzes the phenomenal research of medical visionaries, scientists, and futurists. Covering developments from robotics to telesurgery, computer chip brain implants to homes that monitor their residents for illness, the series provides exceptional insights into where medicine is going and what remarkable feats it may accomplish during the 21st century-and beyond. 3-part series, 47 minutes each.

#10939 Medical Care & Treatment - Critical Condition with Hedrick Smith: How Good Is Your Health Care? (Run time min.) DVD $519.8

In this powerful four-part series, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hedrick Smith travels the length and breadth of the United States to critically examine the quality, affordability, and availability of healthcare. Case studies of ordinary Americans, supported by thorough medical and academic research, provide a timely checkup for a medical system that more and more say is in need of intensive care. 4-part series, 47-49 minutes each.

#30456 Blood & Blood Supply - Red Gold: The Epic Story of Blood (Run time min.) DVD $599.8

From superstition to science, from bloodletting to synthetic plasma, this four-part series presents a history of humankind's understanding of the liquid that pulses through its veins. These programs gather an impressive array of guests and experts to examine the milestones in the study of blood, as well as look at the successes and tragedies of efforts to stockpile this vital substance. Symbol of life and death, health and disease, race and religion, blood becomes the vehicle for a fascinating journey of discovery. 4-part series, 58 minutes each.

#38692 History Of Medicine - Medical Mavericks: The History of Self-Experimentation (Run time min.) DVD $599.8

Much of the previous century's medical progress is owed to the bravery of a few pioneering researchers-unlikely heroes who needed human test subjects and decided that the only ethical option was self-experimentation. Featuring engaging reenactments as well as present-day expert interviews, this four-part series explains how a handful of scientists contributed to some of medicine's greatest breakthroughs by turning themselves into human guinea pigs. Viewers will gain detailed historical knowledge about anesthetics, vaccines, infectious diseases, and the links between food and health-in addition to learning about the work of today's self-experimenters. A BBCW Production. 4-part series, 51 minutes each.

#32725 History Of Medicine - Kill or Cure: A History of Medical Treatment (Run time min.) DVD $749.75

For much of the course of medicine, it was often the case that a treatment could either kill or cure. This five-part series presents a history of medical science from ancient times to the present, dramatically contrasting today's most advanced techniques with the methods of the past. Archival footage, photos, and excerpts from manuscripts and other primary sources are blended with interviews with patients and commentary from leading physicians, experts, and medical historians. 5-part series, 51 minutes each.

#32850 Medical Care & Treatment - The Adventure of Medicine (Run time min.) DVD $899.7

What is the state of medical research today? In what areas are breakthroughs imminent? What areas lag behind? This series takes a broad look at the field of medicine, journeying to the frontiers of research in key areas of medical science, as well as touring the most advanced treatment centers. A Deutsche Welle Production. 6-part series, 26 minutes each.

#11533 Medical Care & Treatment - Hopkins 24/7: Inside America's Best Hospital System (Run time min.) DVD $1499.5

Rated the best hospital system in America for a decade by U.S. News & World Report, Johns Hopkins Medicine is renowned for its outstanding quality of care, world-class medical research, groundbreaking techniques, and academic leadership. This riveting ten-part ABC News series captures the hospital's dedicated medical professionals in action, as they share their thoughts on their work, their patients, and their lives. 10-part series, 48-51 minutes each.

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