Chartpak® AD™ Marker 25-Color Warm/Cool Gray Set

Chartpak® AD™ Marker 25-Color Warm/Cool Gray Set - Click to enlarge
Chartpak's 25pc Marker set makes it easy to keep a class, creative group or training session readily equipped with quality writing instruments that draw in three different ink formats all-in-one.
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For offices or classes that do a lot of work with markers in terms of quick writing, labeling, or creative classes, one of the biggest problems involves having enough working markers at any given time. Most classes or office tasks involve dark colors which either are bought as individual pens or are cobbled together from multi-colored sets.

Fortunately, the Chartpak Market 25pc set provides an instructor or guide a ready package of markers will three different writing options. The nib on these markers allows for broad and fat strokes as well as medium and fine point writing. This feature is exceptionally beneficial for work that has to quickly switched from thick drawing to fine detail. Shipped with 25 markers packed in an easy-to-store cube holder, markers won’t be lost and will be easy to account for. This makes the class or training efficient and equipped, avoiding delays trying to find viable markers at the last second.

Chartpak Alvin Marker, Set, 25Pc, Warm/Cool, Grys 

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