Magic of the Image: Photography Revealed Video (DVD)

Magic of the Image: Photography Revealed Video  (DVD)
Learn more about the history and processes that have led to the modern field of photography.
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The history of photography has spanned more than 100 years and takes photographers from difficult, painstaking practices through today's ease of generating an image. In this 27-minute film, the viewer is taken through this history and shown the earliest stages of photography and the work of some of the field's innovators. From the earliest days of Joseph Niepce through the innovation of Louis Daguerre and the refinements introduced by Fox Talbot and others, this 1999 video traces the many changes that have led to the modern concept of photography. Learn about the processes and chemical reactions that go into capturing a photograph and developing it on paper. Computer graphics are used to show the viewer how cameras work to capture images and how chemistry is used to develop the resulting photograph. View a Preview Clip
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