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The MacKinnon STUDDS MacKinnon Pen Accessories are a great way to dress up any pen and turn an ordinary workday in an extraordinary one.
Item Code: MP-S1

Sale-Price: $700.00
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 Red - a rich ruby colour
 Yellow - a deep golden shade
 Light Blue - very pretty
 White - translucent and has colours in it like mother of pearl

Product Description:

Having somthing visully stimulating to look at while at work or school can help spark a user's creativity and that is the purpose behind the MacKinnon STUDDS MacKinnon Pen Accessories. These colorful pen accessories can be purchased in red, yellow, light blue or even white. This means that everyone can choose a color that will be appealing to them and add some brightness to their day.

The red STUDDS are a rich shade of red that are very eye catching to most people while the yellow is a very deep shade that can be mesmerizing to some. The light blue STUDDS can provide a very calming and relaxing experiende for users. For those who can't decide on a color, the white STUDDS may be the best choice because they reflect multiple colors just as a mother of pearl does. This can also be very relaxing.

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