Now that you have decided to paint it is important that you have the right painting supplies.  As a beginner you want a set that has all your basic paint colors.  Your set should feature all six primary colors used for mixing paints to create more colors.  That is what you get with the LQ Starter Set.  It comes complete with six top quality acrylic colors perfect for blending.  Your starter set comes in a sturdy storage box to keep your colors safe.

Each starter kit includes instructions on paint mixing.  Colors include Titanium white, blue and green.  Must have colors to paint with and spark the imagination to show expression on canvas.  A painting hobby provides relaxation, creativity, and confidence.  Seeing your ideas come alive is rewarding.  Invest in your starter kit today and awaken the artist inside you.

A must have for the new artist is the LQ stater set.  This set comes complete with primary base colors; something every beginning artist needs to paint their masterpiece.

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