LQ HV 4.65 oz. / Dioxazine Purple

The dark blue purple of African Violets.
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Product Description:

Considered the color of royalty, purple was worn for ceremonial events. Purple is rarely seen in nature; however, this purple is seen often in African Violets and Pansies.   On the color chart, purple is any hue between red and blue. This shade is closer to blue than red. It is that deep, velvety purple that makes you want to touch it.

Purple is sometimes considered a color for children. This is the grown up dark purple with enough blue to be called violet. This pigment mixes well with most colors. It has enough red to mix well with yellow, orange or red. The blue characteristic mixes with blue, turquoise, and green. 

This paint would be the best base to begin with for any purple. It can be lightened, darkened, or moved more to the reddish purple. Start with this color and go as far as you want on the purple road.

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