LQ HV 4.65 oz. / Cerulean Blue

Every artist needs Cerulean Blue when it is time for your "blue" phase.
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This wonderful color of  LQ HV 4.65 oz. / Cerulean Blue had a tremendous impact on art.  One of the greatest masters of all time is Picasso.  His extraordinary fame, unlike Van Gogh, occurred during his lifetime.  Poor Van Gogh never sold a painting, except one to his brother Theo, while he was alive.  What Van Gogh and Picasso have in common is a love for Cerulean Blue.  Van Gogh used it in his famous "Starry Night", but Picasso took it steps further, creating numerous works of art based with this color, a series by Picasso's now referred to as "Picasso's Blue Period".

Picasso had something else in common with Van Gogh. Both artists were prolific. Van Gogh is famous for creating one painting per day for a month.  Whereas Picasso made thousands of paintings in his lifetime. The need to paint for Picasso was so strong, that he painted over canvasses which already had his paintings on them.

Find your similar inspiration in the marvelous color of Cerulean Blue.

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