Liquitex hv acrylic (2 oz.) #740 VIVID LIME GREEN

Add to your masterpiece with a dash or splatter of Vivid Lime Green. 
Item Code: LQ1047-740

List $7.47
Sale-Price: $4.48
You Save: $2.99 (40%)

Product Description:

Hey you. 

Yes, you...the one looking for that perfect shade of green to accentuate your painting. 

I know what you are thinking: "I'll never find the perfect shade of green, and i'll just spend day in and day out mixing paints tirelessly until my hand falls off." 

Well, put down that palette for the time being and behold! 

Vivid Lime Green is a beautiful yet loud green that pops in any painting or work of art. So, do not stress yourself with mixing the perfect color you are looking for because it is right here at Madison Art Shop just waiting for you to pick it out and show it off. 

Let your designs come together with Vivid Lime Green, which is not only the perfect color but also the perfect price for any struggling artist (not that you're struggling). Liven up with Lime and you'll be amazed at what creations begin to unfold before your very eyes. 

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