Liquitex hv acrylic (2 oz.) #660 BRIGHT AQUA GREEN

Use this aqua to paint beautiful, cool, tropical water.
Item Code: LQ1047-660

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Product Description:

This is the color you need when you want it blue, but not exactly blue.  Maybe it should be green, but not exactly green. It's green with just a touch of blue. It's the color of ocean water. 

This color is said to have magical powers. Early seaman both loved and feared the ocean and its color. They believed in the power of the color aqua so much they wore it to protect them and prevent seasickness. 

This aqua paint won't keep you safe, but using it might make you feel happy. The only thing to fear is running out of this beautiful color before you finish that painting.  When used on canvas, this color will brighten water, eye color, eye shadow, jewelry, and many other things in your picture. Pair it with purple for an instant tropical feel. 

Every artist who likes vivid colors should have a tube of this paint in their possession.

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