Liquitex hv acrylic (2 oz.) #224 HOOKER'S GREEN HUE PERMANENT

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Liquitex hv acrylic (2 oz.) #224 HOOKER'S GREEN HUE PERMANENT Liquitex (HV) High Viscosity Hooker's green acrylic paint produces a dark green color that appears natural and earthy. A botanist named William Hooker actually created this color in the first place as the perfect blend of pigments for deep green leaves and foliage, and that is how the color got its name.

You might also see high viscosity paints referred to as heavy body paints, and they are known for producing vibrant and permanent colors on all types of materials. Because they have a thick consistency and are dense with pigment, they also respond well to all sorts of painting techniques like brushes, knives, experimental applications, and multi-media projects. The density and quality of these paints also makes them a good choice for artists from beginners to experts.

Thickness, texture and color plays an important role in whether or not a paint is idea for certain materials. Most paints goes on thin, and every paint stroke is evident. This is not the case with Hooker's green hue paint. The paint goes on thick, rich and creamy, and it stays that way the entire time. 

The pigment concentration levels in paint intensify the color, and produces an excellent film that covers an entire surface. Other paints leave behind see through streaks, trails of paint strokes and a non smooth texture. Hooker's green hue permanent paint is just the opposite. 

This paint works well on canvas, and is idea for under painting, or adding fine details. Great for decorative painting, and better to use on fabrics than most paints. Hooker's green hue permanent paint is the preferred choice of paint for professionals and beginner painters. 

Hooker's green Hue Permanent paint is perfect for professional and educational use. The deep hue color gives any surface a rich, acrylic shine that lasts forever.

This is for a 2 oz. tube of paint.

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