Liquitex hv acrylic (2 oz.) #161 CADMIUM YELLOW MEDIUM

A reliable acrylic paint, that handles well and is formulated for repeated use with a consistency that  yields a durable, even result without the effects of drying out, cracking, or other imperfections in texture; this makes it a great choice for use in a number of media applications.
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Product Description:

Liquitex hv acrylic (2 oz.) #161 CADMIUM YELLOW MEDIUM Liquitex #161 Cadmium Yellow Medium exhibits outstanding features:

  • Lightfast, opaque finish 
  • Deep pigment with even texture
  • Non-acrid odor, excellent viscosity
  • Satin finish with premium clarity
  • Non-yellowing formula,
  • UV and water resistant
  • ASTM D4236 compliant

A rich, brilliant yellow with great permanence and deep tint, Cadmium Yellow Medium features a combination of yellow with a hint of orange undertones that is smooth, spreadable, and provides excellent coverage. Cadmium Yellow Medium has a consistency that produces a bright, sunny yellow hue with a finish that is both durable yet versatile. Perfect for the student, professional artist, or for a variety of applications.

Working with LQ HV 4.65 oz. / Cadmium Yellow Medium might be taken for granted by present-day painters.  It is now a standard color in almost all artists' palettes. This was not always so. Cadmium yellow was the color used extensively by Vincent Van Gogh to paint his now world-famous series of dynamic sunflowers, one of which sold for the world-record price of $138 million!  In Van Gogh's time, this color was extremely rare, because the raw materials needed to make it were only to be found in Russia.  In our times, cadmium yellow is now readily available and comes in wonderfully different shades of yellow.  This one is medium yellow.  It has a high viscosity which makes it perfect for those sculptured brush strokes similar to Van Gogh. Order this paint and then all you need to do is find the perfect vase and a beautiful bunch of sunflowers for your subject.

Create your own Vincent Van Gogh inspired work with the color of cadmium yellow!
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