Liquitex hv acrylic (2 oz.) #114 ACRA MAGENTA

Liquitex hv acrylic (2 oz.) #114 ACRA MAGENTA is a quality acrylic paint that is used for paintings, mixed media,  and collages.
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Liquitex hv acrylic (2 oz.) #114 ACRA MAGENTA is high quality acrylic paint used by artists for paintings, mixed media, and crafts. It is thick and dries with a satin finish. The color is always vibrant and never fades. Acra Magenta is a great a colorful accent for crafts projects and paintings. The small tube is perfect for those that only need a small amount of color. It dries quickly never cracking or chipping when dry. This paint can be used for collages, print making, and experimental work. It blends well with other paints and works well in landscapes, paintings, and crafts. It  is known to retain brush strokes and knife marks due to its thickness. A top quality acrylic paint for artists and craftsmen.

Magenta is called by many names, but it isn't produced any more majestically than this acrylic paint. Recommended for the most daring artist, this color is for those who want extraordinary pictures or portraits. This is the color that will be seen from across the room. 

This magenta has a deep undertone that gives the painted object an almost 3D look.  If you want plums, grapes, lips or hot-rod cars to jump out of your painting, you want to use this thick and creamy paint in the most regal color imaginable.

A tube of this color should be in every artist's bag for the times when you just have to be bolder than anyone thinks possible. This could become your signature color hidden in every painting just waiting for someone to spot it.

However, real art never get away with using a color outright, rather blends 2 or more, which is the real talent needed for art... This can be blended in when producing that plum...

Use this when painting fruit for the most delicious looking plums in the basket.
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Eaton Rapids, MI
December 17, 2013

Thank you for the great service in filling my order.

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