The Language of the Universe: Mathematics in Ancient Times

The Language of the Universe: Mathematics in Ancient Times - Click to enlarge
Have you ever wondered where math came from? This program explores that question and helps us find the answer as it goes through history to explain the mathematical systems of various ancient civilizations.
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Professor Marcus du Sautoy dives into the history of math, looking to the ancients of Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece for their contributions and handling of numbers. The Professor covers Egypt's unique form of multiplication and division along with their command of binary numbers, fractions and structures such as their pyramids. Through the program you'll discover Babylon's base-60 number system - which became the foundation of our modern concept of time -- and the Babylonians' implementation of quadratic equations for measuring land. Greece is home to four major mathematical fathers: Archimedes, Euclid, Plato and Pythagoras - all of whom are part of Professor Marcus du Sautoy's study into Grecian mathematics. Original Open University title: The Language of the Universe. A part of the series The Story of Math. (58 minutes) FREE SHIPPING in the 48 states.
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