K-8 Career Ed & Exploration DVDs

K-8 Career Ed & Exploration DVDs
K-8 Career Ed & Exploration DVDs allow students to take field trips without ever leaving the classroom.
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 #25654 Industrial Construction Site: 69.95
 #26556 Airport: 69.95
 #26576 Dairy: 69.95
 #26584 Fire Station: 69.95
 #26595 Hospital: 69.95
 #26603 Library: 69.95
 #26610 Newspaper: 69.95
 #26620 Railroad Co.: 69.95
 #26636 TV Station: 69.95
 #26649 Zoo: 69.95
 #30678 An Introduction to Home Building: The Case of the New Clubhouse: 69.95
 #25499 The Getting Inside Video Series - 10-part series: 699.50

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Product Description:
K-8 Career Ed & Exploration DVDs are short, but pack a ton of detail. They will leave a great impact on students while capturing their attention. These videos will take you behind-the-scenes of different workplaces. Enjoy the inside look at jobs that they have heard of, but have never seen close-up.

#25654 K-8 Career Ed & Exploration - Industrial Construction Site (Run time 9 min.) DVD $69.95

Take a look inside of an industrial construction site. Understand the jobs that each worker does on a day-to-day basis.

#26556 K-8 Career Ed & Exploration - Airport (Run time 10 min.) DVD $69.95

This video will answer all of your questions about airport careers, such as ticket agents, baggage handlers, and flight attendants.

#26576 K-8 Career Ed & Exploration - Dairy (Run time 10 min.) DVD $69.95

Introduces students to the many different types of jobs in the dairy industry. This video focuses on all of the work that goes into getting their milk products every day.

#26584 K-8 Career Ed & Exploration - Fire Station (Run time 10 min.) DVD $69.95

Students can all of the actions and jobs that go on at their local fire station.

#26595 K-8 Career Ed & Exploration - Hospital (Run time 9 min.) DVD $69.95

This short video explains the role of the hospital, its staff, and the equipment that is used.

#26603 K-8 Career Ed & Exploration - Library (Run time 8 min.) DVD $69.95

The library has jobs that the students may be interested in after viewing this short video. People like the Managers, Assistants, and Librarians help to make the library a friendly place to visit.

#26610 K-8 Career Ed & Exploration - Newspaper (Run time 10 min.) DVD $69.95

The newspaper has many interesting career opportunities that students could be interested in after watching this video.

#26620 K-8 Career Ed & Exploration - Railroad Co. (Run time 11 min.) DVD $69.95

Get a sneak peek inside the actions of the railroad company and its operators.

#26636 K-8 Career Ed & Exploration - TV Station (Run time 11 min.) DVD $69.95

How does a television station operate? Students can understand the jobs that allow their favorite shows to air on television.

#26649 K-8 Career Ed & Exploration - Zoo (Run time 12 min.) DVD $69.95

Students love to go to the zoo. They will be thrilled to learn all of the special jobs and activities that it takes to run and operate this exciting place.

#30678 K-8 Career Ed & Exploration - An Introduction to Home Building: The Case of the New Clubhouse (Run time 10 min.) DVD $69.95

With the help of a general contractor, preteens Anna, Michael, and Erin get a real understanding of the building process. They use these talents to help rebuild their clubhouse, which was destroyed by rain.

#25499 K-8 Career Ed & Exploration - The Getting Inside Video Series (Run time min.) DVD $699.50

The full 10-part series features all of the entertaining videos above. (For Grades 2-6)

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