W&N Designers Gouache 14ml IVORY BLACK #331

W&N Ivory Black is a rich, professional-grade black watercolor.
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Product Description:

Winton and Newton's Designers Gouache line of watercolors is famous for its extremely high quality. The line is often the choice of professional and artists and illustrators. Ivory Black (previously known as bone char) is a synthetic pigment that was once made from grinding charred ivory into oil. A form of Ivory Black or Bone Black has been in use since prehistory. More modernly, It was often used as a calligraphers ink, and in printmaking because of its deep, true black hue. However, since the ivory used was often from endangered animals, this method of production became illegal. Sometimes artists are wary of using black in their palette, but Ivory Black is a superb all around, reliable black, that produces a slightly warmer grey than Chromatic Black or Mars Black when mixed. Ivory black is also more dense and more smooth than Lamp Black.

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