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Some subjects, while important or interesting, do not "fit" in just one category. Interdisciplinary DVDs cover subjects that can enhance your knowledge of many different subjects.
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 #33141 Rice: A Precious Commodity: 89.95
 #32213 Thinking Big: 149.95
 #32209 Big Ideas - 4-part series: 599.80
 #37425 Great Museums - 29-part series: 1,468.55
 #35860 The Ultimate Media Librarian Collection - 6-part series: 3,995.95

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Product Description:
Rice ISBN-13: 978-0634047954 Run Time 31 minutes Copyright Date: 2002

Rice is the major food source in the majority of the world. In this DVD, you will explore the history of rice and watch it's production from seed, through cultivation, harvesting and eventually the dinner table. A section on genetically-modified rice and it's pros and cons is also included. You will never view rice with the same indifference again once you have watched this DVD.

Thinking Big ISBN: 319901 Run Time: 58 minutes Copyright date: 1989

Take a journey with six of the scientific and mathematical experts of the world. Together, they will show you what is needed to succeed in these ever-growing disciplines. Among the subjects they discuss are scientific anthropology, evolution and genetic mutation. You will gain a greater perspective on how science has watched the human race grow and what lies in store for us in the future.

Big Ideas ISBN: 9780176110789 Run Time: 57 minutes

Some of the world's greatest minds are interviewed in this DVD created by Princeton’s renowned Institute for Advanced Study. Look inside the minds of the world's geniuses and get an intimate picture of their passions, private lives and the way their minds work to provide the world with many of its major achievements.

The Great Museums ISBN: 9781608837588 Run Time: 55 minute

Some of civilization's greatest achievements are on display for the world to see. This DVD takes viewers on a journey through some of the most prestigious museums throughout the world. With interview that include such people as museum curators, historians, researchers and volunteers who have a passion for museums, you get an insight into how visiting museums will enhance the minds of your children and show them just how we arrived at where we are today as a society.

Ultimate Librarian Collection ISBN: 0425196437 Run Time: 95 minutes Copyright date: 1998

This DVD is for anyone looking to provide or own an extensive media collection in areas such as on business, English science, social sciences, and the arts. Divided into sections for each discipline, this DVD offers "mini-collections" that can be compiled to create media libraries that will enhance the learning in each of the individualized areas. Often, you need to purchase different DVDs for each subject, but this will enable you to view the best of the best in a variety of disciplines - all in one place.

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