Winsor and Newton's Gouache Indigo watercolor is a professional grade watercolor in a deep blue, with a hint of violet.
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Indigo is famous for being the sixth line of the rainbow, but the color has a fascinating past beyond its place in the color spectrum. Indigo is a very old dye, created from plant matter during the time of Ancient Egypt. Indigo came into wider use during the classical era when the Greeks and the Romans began importing the dye from India, which was seen as the center for Indigo production and dye up until the 1900s. Indigo has formed a base for a number of cultural economies from the Eastern textile trade during the Renaissance, to the massive indigo plantations of Jamaica and South Carolina. Today, most Indigo is produced synthetically, but remains culturally important as the color of the Summer Kimono Yukata in Japan, and (perhaps most famously) indigo is the dye used in blue jeans.

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