Gustave Courbet: The Place of Death Video (DVD)

Gustave Courbet: The Place of Death  Video  (DVD)
Gustave Courbet, a French painter credited for spurring the shift to Realism in painting examines in detail using his painting of "The Place of Death". This DVD beautifully examines with close shots of different sections of the painting the subject matter, painting style, and relationship to history of the time. Any student of art especially of the Realism period, art or history educator, or a lover of art will find this DVD both educational and beautifully present thus an excellent addition to their art library.
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Courbet's 1851 "A Burial at Ornans" said to represent the death of the Republic in 1848 and start of Realistic movement in art. Art experts believe that in reality this is an excellent portrayal of a political commentary by Courbet's use of subtleties and the construction of geometric patterns within the painting. Courbet 's painting includes forty characters all appear flat with the men are on one side while the women are on another side. Experts believe that in this painting the coffin contains the death of the Republic in 1848 as seen in 1873 clothing from the Republic worn by two men in the painting.

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  • ISBN: 978-0-7365-6676-6
  • Run Time: 32 Minutes
  • Copyright Date: ©1996
  • Closed Caption: Yes

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