Goya Video (DVD)

Goya  Video  (DVD)
Find out how Goya became the most beloved artist of Spain and how his works chronicled the life he lived there.
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The works of the painter Goya have been renowned far outside of Spain. As one of Spain's best-known artists, he created paintings and prints that came to epitomize art in Spain. In this 58-minute video from 1997, learn more about the world in which Goya lived and how that world affected his life and his work. Learn about his paintings, his drawings and the prints that he made. Rather than interpreting his works for the viewer, this video presents his life as it was and his works as a reflection of what was going on in his life and in that time in Spain. Learn more about who the artist was and what he created during his long career as an artist and how his work is considered a chronicle of Spain during this period.

(58 minutes)
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Houston, Texas
October 06, 2011

AS a serious artist, I deeply feel that you are charging too much money for those of us who love Goya because poor people can't afford your price for this great film on one of my heroes, Goya. Please lower your price so that I, as an artist can study this great man.

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