Going Green Real-World Solutions for the Environment (DVD)

Going Green Real-World Solutions for the Environment  (DVD)
The talk on the conservation of the environment could be easy but very engaging. What has been the most challenging is putting the ongoing talk into action. Below are episodes compilations for the ABC news stories. The stories show how the business, government, and individuals around the world are taking the matter of the eco- friendly into action.
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Product Description:
The episodes include;

Business Going Green; Several corporations around the world have taken the issue into the accounts. The issue is finding its’ source in major cities such as Dallas, Texas and the Atlanta. In Atlanta, for instance, the environmental issue is being addressed in the Atlanta home- building market. I n all these cities concrete discussions about environmental issue have been taken into greater levels

The second episode is the interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger on Global Warming. The California base actor and governor strongly emphasize the importance of the environmental awareness. He put it clear that environmental conservation is an issue that everyone should get involved with. According to him, even business people should not be left behind. It is a subject that is clearly not anti-business stance. On the second segment, the governor talks more to the business people, he advises on the various ways for people to look at eco- friendly initiatives. The initiatives could range from General Electric, DoPoint, Wal-Mart, and FedEx

The third episode is on encouraging Electric Cars operating in Small California town. One thing for sure those electric cars will eventually do is the reduction of the fuel consumption. As such, citizens from Lincoln have over the time shared their enthusiasm for the neighboring electric vehicles. It's about time that majority of the people are not concerned with the speed records, but rather an impact that the car will have on the environment and the ecosystem in general

The fourth episode is on the Solar Power Usage; solar power usage can easily replace the agents that seem to pollute our environment. As such, many people and organization recommends the usage of solar power. Solar power is both economical and environment friendly. Places like the Will Silicon Valley have today become the new “Solar Valley”. Besides, several cities have come up to support the action. Some of these cities are; Solar City, Sun Power, and Miasole. These cities have shown the trending direction in the high technology.

The fifth episode is about China: China was seen to be going green with the onset of the Olympics. One of the b aspects that have been discussed in the Beijing city is how they can use alternative sources of energy without necessarily polluting the environment. The sixth episode is about the right to pollute. The right to pollute has been brought in many instances. The practice is no n s the issuing of the “carbon offsets” However, this has raised various questions, majority of the people are viewing it as an enabling factor rather than the prevention aspects

On the seventh episode, Japan has also gone Green. In Tokyo, for instance, there is a well-established family energy-efficient apartment. The equipment has over the time demonstrated several devices that many Japanese citizens are now using a relatively lower price.

Biofuel Usage for the Airplane comes in episode eight. The advancement to achieve this has been done by some of the major figures in the aviation industry. Richard Branson has elaborated partnership with the Boeing. The major objectives being the production of zero emissions to the environment.

Finally, there is the San Francisco which has eventually gone green. The city has well-established architectures for efficient energy used for both lighting and heating.
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