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Whether it is learning to read maps or learning about the kinds of terrain and wildlife inhabit an area, geography can help enrich your life. The world is a wondrously diverse place and understanding what is faced in various places can help you understand an area and its people, whether you travel globally or from your armchair.
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 #10565 Latitude and Longitude: A Global Address: 79.95
 #8053 Why Geography?: 89.95
 #3329 Maps and Mapmaking: 149.95
 #34257 The Face of the World: A History of Human Exploration - 3-part series: 269.85

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#10565 Physical Geography - Latitude and Longitude: A Global Address (Run time 33 min.) DVD $79.95

From the earliest ship captains to today's NASA satellites, the use of longitude and latitude has helped navigate the world. Knowing the exact location of any point on Earth can be determined by knowing its longitude and latitude "address". This DVD explores the history of longitude and latitude. It explains how the system works and what uses knowing these two coordinates can provide. Learn how the scientific community depends on knowing the exact locations of danger zones such as possible earthquakes. Finally, explore how longitude and latitude help navigate our satellites from space.

#8053 Physical Geography - Why Geography? (Run time 35 min.) DVD $89.95

This will be the most information-packed field trip you have ever taken. Interviews with professionals such as geologists, architects, geologists, climatologists and a host of others who depend on knowing the nature of the ground they are working with will give you an appreciation of just how many areas geography impacts. You will travel through some of the most famous areas in five states throughout the American Southwest. Take a 12-day journey with your hosts and see how culture, immigration, politics, history and religion are just a few areas of life impacted by geography. At the end of this journey, you will have a better understanding and new appreciation for what so many think is only dirt and plants.

#3329 Physical Geography - Maps and Map-making (Run time 30 min.) DVD $149.95

This DVD delves into the history of map-making from the earliest days of the original navigators to modern-day map makers who map the world from outer space. You will learn what information is required to make both topographical and hydro-graphical maps. From there, you will learn how this information is put together to form a complete picture of an area. Find out how the process differs depending on whether land, sea or space is being mapped and what this means.

#34257 Physical Geography - The Face of the World: A History of Human Exploration (Run time 90 min.) DVD $269.85 (3-part series)

The making of maps came about because of man's need to conquer areas and own land. With emotional dramatizations, you will experience the life of the earliest explorers and see how the art of cartography has grown and changed throughout the centuries. You will find yourself exploring with these early map-makers and learning just how much time and work goes into creating a picture of an area by simply mapping a route. Feel man's need to conquer an area, a nation, the world. Experts in areas of history and human behavior will help you understand the underlying need to understand the geography of a place and how that understanding helps determine the desirability of a location.

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