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 #33928 Reading Across the Lines: Closing the Literacy Gender Gap
 #35225 Molly Brown House Museum: The Unsinkable(+$10)
 #34925 All about Boys(+$20)
 #33377 Gay Marriage and the Constitution(+$30)
 #11743 Sexual Stereotypes(+$30)
 #36237 Women and Alcohol(+$30)
 #5605 The Differences Between Men and Women(+$50)
 #8400 Intellectual Parity: What Little Girls Are Made Of(+$50)
 #8985 Sugar and Spice: The Facts Behind Sex Differences(+$50)
 #8987 Love, Love Me, Do: How Sex Differences Affect Relationships(+$50)
 #9172 The Secret Life of Boys(+$50)
 #9218 Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: Gender Differences in Relationships(+$50)
 #10005 Boy or Girl? When Doctors Choose a Child's Sex(+$50)
 #32660 Gay Rights, Marriage, and the Supreme Court(+$50)
 #1608 Blind Justice: Women and the Law(+$50)
 #2583 Women in World Politics(+$50)
 #3388 Women in Jamaica(+$50)
 #4234 Not a Bedroom War: New Visions of Leadership for Women(+$50)
 #4938 The Changing Role of Women: Mary Catherine Bateson(+$50)
 #4992 The Stories of Maxine Hong Kingston(+$50)
 #5185 Gloria Steinem: A Woman's Progress(+$50)
 #5950 Has Feminism Gone Too Far?(+$50)
 #7244 Two Views on Feminism(+$50)
 #7990 The Changing Role of Hispanic Women(+$50)
 #8356 Here's to You, Sister: Women and Alcoholism(+$50)
 #8666 Exercise Your Options: Math and Gender(+$50)
 #8933 Germaine Greer Uncensored(+$50)
 #9221 Taking on the Boys' Club: Women in the Workplace(+$50)
 #10163 Voices of Power: African-American Women(+$50)
 #10164 Is Feminism Dead?(+$50)
 #10302 Women's Rights: Finding a Voice(+$50)
 #30135 Dirty Business: Who's Profiting from Pornography?(+$50)
 #31765 Gloria Steinem: The Accidental Activist(+$50)
 #32200 The Abortion War: Thirty Years after Roe v. Wade(+$50)
 #32656 Death by Stoning: Justice, Punishment, and Human Rights(+$50)
 #32894 NOW with Bill Moyers: Katie Roiphe on Pornography, Censorship, and Feminism(+$50)
 #33354 Flannery O'Connor(+$50)
 #33858 Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment and How to Confront It(+$50)
 #33860 Women in the Combat Zone(+$50)
 #34282 The Politics of Gay Marriage and Abortion Rights(+$50)
 #36264 Secrets and Dangers: The World of Today's Teens(+$50)
 #37289 Furniture Farm: Going It Alone as a Solo Proprietor(+$50)
 #37290 Hip-Hop Shop: Opening a Music/Multimedia Studio(+$50)
 #37387 The Difference Between Men and Women(+$50)
 #37653 Aviation(+$50)
 #37654 Construction(+$50)
 #37655 Culinary(+$50)
 #37657 Entertainment(+$50)
 #37658 Information Technology(+$50)
 #37659 Manufacturing(+$50)
 #37660 Medical/Health(+$50)
 #37661 Protective Services(+$50)
 #37663 Utilities(+$50)
 #37668 Forestry(+$50)
 #37669 Marine Transportation(+$50)
 #37670 Mining(+$50)
 #37672 Robotics and Automation(+$50)
 #37673 Telecommunications(+$50)
 #37674 Video Games(+$50)
 #37675 Wood Products(+$50)
 #37676 Adventure Tourism(+$50)
 #37678 Biotechnology(+$50)
 #37679 Finance and Investment(+$50)
 #37680 Gaming(+$50)
 #37684 Rubber(+$50)
 #37685 Steel(+$50)
 #38959 Bill Moyers Journal: Rachel Carson, Nature's Guardian(+$50)
 #7854 Female Circumcision: Human Rites(+$60)
 #32989 Zoe Valdes-in Spanish with English Subtitles(+$60)
 #11183 Baby Love(+$90)
 #6017 Susan B. Anthony Slept Here(+$90)
 #6885 Beyond the Veil: Are Iranian Women Rebelling?(+$90)
 #8860 Toni Morrison Uncensored(+$90)
 #29834 The Women of Hull House: Harnessing Statistics for Progressive Reform(+$90)
 #31074 Women's Prisons: Old Problems and New Solutions(+$90)
 #31126 Iron Butterflies: Powerful Asian Businesswomen(+$90)
 #31278 Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit by Sylvia Plath(+$90)
 #32256 Carmen Martin Gaite: In Search of Conversation-in Spanish with English Narration and Subtitles(+$90)
 #32794 Emily Dickinson(+$90)
 #32944 Virginia Woolf: A Room of One's Own(+$90)
 #33061 Women and Alcoholism(+$90)
 #33153 Wafa Idriss: The First Female Palestinian Suicide Bomber(+$90)
 #33231 Expressing the Inexpressible: Shirin Neshat(+$90)
 #33346 Mary Shelley: The Birth of Frankenstein(+$90)
 #33347 The Real Jane Austen(+$90)
 #33348 George Eliot: A Scandalous Life(+$90)
 #34539 The Right to Femininity: Fighting Female Circumcision in Africa Today(+$90)
 #35109 Shakti: The Power of Women(+$90)
 #36141 Ladies First: Rwandan Women Help Heal Their Nation(+$90)
 #36144 An Honest Citizen: Cocaine and Corruption in Colombia(+$90)
 #36546 Cyberbullying: Cruel Intentions(+$90)
 #37612 The Alhambra and the Reign of Queen Isabella of Spain(+$90)
 #34540 100 Percent Woman: The Story of Michelle Dumaresq(+$110)
 #35407 Attraction(+$110)
 #35408 Love(+$110)
 #35637 The Gender Puzzle(+$110)
 #35826 War of the Sexes: Language(+$110)
 #35827 War of the Sexes: Power and Leadership(+$110)
 #35829 War of the Sexes: Spatial Abilities(+$110)
 #35830 War of the Sexes: Sexuality and Seduction(+$110)
 #4239 Isabel Allende: The Woman's Voice in Latin American Literature(+$110)
 #5756 Pornography: Andrea Dworkin(+$110)
 #7917 Margaret Sanger(+$110)
 #8809 Writing Women's Lives(+$110)
 #9035 Women in the Struggle Against Poverty: A Case Study(+$110)
 #10068 Shackled Women: Abuses of a Patriarchal World(+$110)
 #10090 Alice Walker: Possessing the Secret of Joy(+$110)
 #10739 Geisha(+$110)
 #11382 Mother and Eve: Breaking the Silence(+$110)
 #11487 Lives Together, Worlds Apart: Men and Women in a Time of Change(+$110)
 #11563 Flappers: The Birth of the 20th-Century Woman(+$110)
 #11726 Japanese Dance: Succession of a Kyomai Master(+$110)
 #12118 Africa's Children: Kenyan Women in Transition(+$110)
 #29883 Women and War(+$110)
 #29980 The Story of Mothers & Daughters(+$110)
 #32217 World of Ideas: Doris Lessing(+$110)
 #32218 World of Ideas: Maya Lin(+$110)
 #32481 Jane Jacobs: Urban Wisdom(+$110)
 #32974 The Art of Barbara Hepworth(+$110)
 #35406 Brain Sex(+$110)
 #37152 The Extremes of Fashion: Women's Couture and the Media(+$110)
 #37567 Sex, Censorship, and the Silver Screen: The Early Decades(+$110)
 #39008 Lives for Sale: Human Trafficking(+$110)
 #39086 Inside North Carolina Women's Prison(+$110)
 #39088 Return to Valley State(+$110)
 #10162 I Am Woman(+$139.95)
 #33471 Mme. Chiang Kai-shek: A Legendary Life-on DVD(+$230)
 #11182 Girls in America: Identity and Adolescence(+$349.9)
 #35405 Secrets of the Sexes(+$409.9)
 #30253 Mystic Women of the Middle Ages, Part 2(+$559.85)

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Product Description:
#33928 Gender Issues - Reading Across the Lines: Closing the Literacy Gender Gap (Run time 16 min.) DVD $39.95

This program explores the literacy gender gap in North American schools. Boys typically lag behind girls in school performance, and most education experts blame poor reading habits. Should traditional reading approaches be more strictly enforced? Should girls and boys be segregated in certain grades to reduce distractions and self-consciousness? Should schools recognize-as University of Alberta professor Heather Blair argues-the potential of computer games, comic books, and other traditionally boy-oriented media as teaching tools? This is a helpful resource for anyone concerned about the literacy gender gap and the academic progress of children, either in the classroom or at home. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (16 minutes)

#35225 Women's Studies - Molly Brown House Museum: The Unsinkable (Run time 28 min.) DVD $49.95

When asked how she survived the Titanic disaster, Margaret Tobin Brown is said to have replied "Typical Brown luck. We're unsinkable." This program introduces viewers to the one and only Molly Brown-progressive reformer, social activist, and all-around humanitarian-at her Victorian home in historic Denver. The larger purpose of the museum? To inspire courage, conviction, and proactive change in the spirit of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown." One 27-minute video.

#34925 Gender Issues - All about Boys (Run time 22 min.) DVD $59.95

This video analyzes the links between biological and cultural development in boys, and addresses problems-such as Attention Deficit Disorder and behavioral difficulties in schools-that tend to involve boys. (22 minutes)

#33377 Gender Issues - Gay Marriage and the Constitution (Run time 22 min.) DVD $69.95

This ABC News program looks at the constitutional controversy over gay marriage as it exploded in both Massachusetts and California in February 2004. Is it a matter of civil rights or human rights? Should it be addressed at a state level or a federal level? Ted Koppel moderates a debate about gay marriage and its legal ramifications with Representative Barney Frank, conservative political activist Gary Bauer, and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who arranged for the issuance of marriage licenses to eligible same-sex couples because the California Family Code is allegedly in violation of the state's constitution in the matter of gay marriage. (22 minutes)

#11743 Women's Studies - Sexual Stereotypes (Run time 19 min.) DVD $69.95

More than ever before, Americans are being bombarded-and acculturated-by the media, and only discerning individuals will recognize the sexual biases that all too often are a part of each day's worth of information and entertainment. This program focuses on identifying and looking beyond categorical stereotypes of women, men, gays, and lesbians. A Cambridge Educational Production. (25 minutes)

#36237 Women's Studies - Women and Alcohol (Run time 17 min.) DVD $69.95

Binge drinking is traditionally a young man's "sport," but now many college-age women are doing their best to keep up. Why? And how does such a staggering level of alcohol consumption affect a woman physically? This ABC News program explores those questions, documenting one young woman's quest to systematically determine the impact of regular, heavy drinking-four drinks every two hours for a month, to be specific-on her physiology. The results can be described as horrific. The program also shows how binge drinking can turn women into targets of sexual assault, although these tragedies are often not remembered by the victims. (17 minutes)

#5605 Gender Issues - The Differences Between Men and Women (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

The debate still rages: are the social and psychological differences between men and women conditioned by biology or by familial and social environment? This program presents the opinion of scientists who reach beyond the obvious physical differences between the sexes to others that are not as visible. We are also introduced to recent research which claims that the female and male brain are far from identical. Finally, we attempt to determine whether nature or culture makes the sexes so different. (23 minutes)

#8400 Gender Issues - Intellectual Parity: What Little Girls Are Made Of (Run time 48 min.) DVD $89.95

In the 19th century, science held the view that women were intellectually inferior to men. This argument was carefully cultivated over the years by the "science" of phrenology and subsequent research into skull size, brain makeup, and even facial angles. All of this seemingly proved that neuroanatomical deficiencies in women made them less intelligent than men and more fit for child-bearing and domestic duties. This program from the BBC archives examines the history of intellectual prejudice against women, and how that prejudice has diminished educational opportunities. Scientist and host Jan Harding discusses the barriers that nearly thwarted her own science career, and insists that prejudice still exists in the classroom today. Throughout the program, stories of famous women in science reinforce the points discussed. (48 minutes)

#8985 Gender Issues - Sugar and Spice: The Facts Behind Sex Differences (Run time 51 min.) DVD $89.95

Even during the first moments of life, baby girls and boys already behave differently. Combining case histories and scientific analysis, this program argues that the mixture of hormones in the womb "hardwires" the brain with a sex-aligned signature before birth, causing it to become distinctly female or male-or a mixture of both. (51 minutes)

#8987 Gender Issues - Love, Love Me, Do: How Sex Differences Affect Relationships (Run time 51 min.) DVD $89.95

How might acknowledging the brain's sex make interpersonal relationships run more smoothly? Using images from popular art, television drama, and hidden-camera footage to illustrate both predictable and unexpected conflicts, this program presents the way sex-related differences in brain architecture may influence love, marriage, reproduction, and parenthood. (51 minutes)

#9172 Gender Issues - The Secret Life of Boys (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Is male youth violence one result of the societally imposed demand for men to seem "strong and silent"? In this ABC News 20/20 program, correspondent John Stossel; Dr. William Pollack, of the Harvard Medical School and author of Real Boys; and researchers from Emory University and the University of Connecticut explore why boys tend to repress their feelings. Using a real counseling session, experts demonstrate how to help boys express their feelings before they begin to act them out at school and at home in antisocial behavior-or even in a shooting spree or suicide. (24 minutes)

#9218 Gender Issues - Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: Gender Differences in Relationships (Run time 89 min.) DVD $89.95

In this ABC News special with Barbara Walters and John Grey, author of the best-selling book Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, six couples learn what makes men and women different in emotion and outlook, the implications for a relationship, and how to adopt behavior that brings out the best in each partner. From listening skills to the importance of affection or solitude, John Grey applies his theories and techniques to real-life situations to create more successful, satisfying, and harmonious partnerships. (89 minutes)

#10005 Gender Issues - Boy or Girl? When Doctors Choose a Child's Sex (Run time 15 min.) DVD $89.95

What is to be done when chromosomal abnormalities or an accident leave a baby with what is known as "ambiguous genitalia"? In this program, ABC News correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman investigates the once-accepted belief that surgical sex assignment would determine gender in such cases. The studies of Johns Hopkins child psychiatrist William Reiner and pioneering medical researcher Milton Diamond-plus testimony from the man known to medical literature as John/Joan-argue that gender comes from the brain, not the body, and that no operation can alter that basic fact. Some content may be objectionable. (15 minutes)

#32660 Gender Issues - Gay Rights, Marriage, and the Supreme Court (Run time 21 min.) DVD $89.95

Opponents of gay marriage call it an attempt to obtain preferential treatment in the eyes of the law. Supporters see it as an opportunity to abolish the inherent discrimination against same-sex couples that exists in a non-inclusive legal definition of marriage. This ABC News program uses the landmark Lawrence v. Texas case and the legalization of gay marriage in Canada to shed light on the future of gay marriage in the U.S. Changing attitudes toward homosexuality in general are addressed as well. (20 minutes)

#1608 Women's Studies - Blind Justice: Women and the Law (Run time 30 min.) DVD $89.95

This group of four animated programs provocatively traces the ways and means in which justice has been applied to women in Western society. Blind Justice was cheered at the San Francisco Film Festival as an imaginative antidote to complacent attitudes towards women's rights.All Men Are Created Equal traces the origins of many basic concepts of Western law to ancient Greece and shows just how unequal men and women are before the law. Someone Must Be Trusted shows the inherent bias of tribunals and courts of law. Murders Most Foul is based on an actual case. It is set in a British Crown Court, where the rules of drama are twisted to expose a villain who gets away with murder, a murdered wife who gets her own back, and a judge who is forced to eat his words. Some Protection shows the devastating effect of detention and imprisonment on young girls who are sent away "for their own protection." The voice and the words are those of a young woman inmate, her furious words running to expletives with which students are familiar-but that some teachers may wish to avoid. (30 minutes)

#2583 Women's Studies - Women in World Politics (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

It is not so long since women fought for the right to vote-women in Russia were enfranchised in 1917 as a result of the Revolution, in 1918 in Great Britain, and the U.S., Germany, and Sweden soon followed suit. This program begins with suffragette scenes and quickly moves to portray some of the outstanding women politicians of the 20th century: Lady Nancy Astor; Prime Ministers Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka, Indira Gandhi of India, Golda Meir of Israel, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, and of course Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain; President Corazon Aquino of the Philippines; the wives of politicians who became important political figures in their own right, like Eva Peron, Mao Tse-tung's wife Chiang Ching, and Imelda Marcos; Greek culture minister (and former movie star) Melina Mercouri; and others. Notable as these women are, the question naturally arises why there are so few of them. (23 minutes, b&w/color)

#3388 Women's Studies - Women in Jamaica (Run time 58 min.) DVD $89.95

This program traces the political, economic, and social history of Jamaica and looks at the lives of women now living there. In an economically depressed country, the unemployment rate of women is twice that of men: in agricultural areas, the lucky women are employed in seasonal or low-paying jobs, and in urban areas, women are employed primarily in the lower-paid jobs. The program shows the vulnerability of small countries like Jamaica, at risk both for natural disasters and world economic troubles, as well as the choices open to women-and the choices they would like to have. (58 minutes)

#4234 Women's Studies - Not a Bedroom War: New Visions of Leadership for Women (Run time 52 min.) DVD $89.95

The title of this unique documentary is drawn from Betty Friedan's challenge of the 1970s that feminism is not about men and women but about changing the world. The program was filmed at the meeting of women leaders from around the world who gathered in Dublin in 1992 to discuss new visions of leadership. Ireland's President Mary Robinson, Friedan, and Utte Ranke-Heinemann are among the many charismatic speakers who debate the nature of power and empowerment-of religion, marriage, dreams, and achievements. (52 minutes)

#4938 Women's Studies - The Changing Role of Women: Mary Catherine Bateson (Run time 30 min.) DVD $89.95

The subject of women and their roles at home and at work is one of the major and continuing stories of the day. Mary Catherine Bateson, anthropologist and author, has written on topics ranging from the social consequences of the AIDS epidemic to life with her celebrated parents, anthropologists Margaret Mead and Gregory Bateson. One of her primary areas of interest is the social consequences of the changing roles of women. In this program with Bill Moyers, she talks about how the idea of "home" as a place to give and receive nurture might become a new metaphor for the workplace. Bateson also discusses how women can create order and sense out of their conflicting commitments. (30 minutes)

#4992 Women's Studies - The Stories of Maxine Hong Kingston (Run time 52 min.) DVD $89.95

When Maxine Hong Kingston was growing up in California, she listened to her parents' stories and memories of their native China. In her highly acclaimed memoirs, The Woman Warrior and China Men, she linked those tales of tradition to the story of her own American experience, blending childhood memory, meditation, and magic. They are the most widely taught books by a living American author on college campuses today. In this program with Bill Moyers, Kingston discusses new images of America as a "melting pot" where the dutiful notions of the Puritans blend with the Chinese Monkey Spirit to produce a new American consciousness. (52 minutes)

#5185 Women's Studies - Gloria Steinem: A Woman's Progress (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

With a steady increase in reported cases of battered women and sexual harassment, can the "women's movement" be called a success? Gloria Steinem assesses the status of women in American society and reflects on her own experience, as the child of an itinerant father who abandoned her family when she was ten, as a young woman whose first act in taking control of her life was her decision to have an abortion, and as the founder of the most influential journal of feminist ideas. The movement is succeeding, Ms. Steinem argues, because we have "made a place for change in our imaginations." (28 minutes)

#5950 Women's Studies - Has Feminism Gone Too Far? (Run time 26 min.) DVD $89.95

In an era of feminist studies and women's progress, this program asks: Has feminism gone too far? Have activist women betrayed the women's movement? Do feminist leaders speak for most women? What is left for the women's movement to accomplish? The guests on this program are two prominent and controversial feminists, Camille Paglia and Christina Sommers. Ms. Paglia is Professor of Humanities at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and best-selling author, most recently of Vamps and Tramps. Ms. Sommers is a professor of philosophy at Clark University and author of the recent book Who Stole Feminism? (26 minutes)

#7244 Women's Studies - Two Views on Feminism (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

In this 1997 program, Think Tank host Ben Wattenberg elicits opposing views on the state of feminism from Catherine MacKinnon, Camille Paglia, and Christina Hoff Sommers. The opposing views presented in the program contribute significantly to the debate between gender feminists and equity feminists. MacKinnon defends "radical" feminist views and discusses pornography within the context of the exploitation and sexual subordination of women. On the other hand, Sommers criticizes feminists on the basis of anti-intellectual movements on campuses that promote male-bashing, female chauvinism, and portray women as perennial victims-a position that Sommers adamantly denies exists. Paglia also rejects "totalitarian feminism," which she holds responsible for creating hysteria among women by grossly exaggerating rape statistics. Sommers and Paglia also discuss the issues of wage gaps between the genders, abortion, and the Anita Hill case. (24 minutes)

#7990 Women's Studies - The Changing Role of Hispanic Women (Run time 44 min.) DVD $89.95

The traditional role of wife and mother is changing rapidly to that of independent, self-sufficient working woman for many American Latina women. In this program, several prominent Latina women, including author Isabel Allende, discuss their changing role within the context of Hispanic family values, male machismo, and the traditional role of females as the center of family and community life. Actress Jennifer Lopez explains her choice of career over marriage. A psychiatrist and several Hispanic men examine the issue from the male perspective. Hosted by actor Jimmy Smits. (44 minutes)

#8356 Women's Studies - Here's to You, Sister: Women and Alcoholism (Run time 25 min.) DVD $89.95

The demands involved in trying to balance work with family responsibilities, as well as other causes of stress related to modern living, are taking their toll on women. Many are turning to alcohol to make it through their days ... and nights. In this program, women speak candidly about their addiction and what caused them to become alcoholics. The program discusses patterns of addiction, enumerates its symptoms, and examines its effects on children and partners. At a recovery program, women alcoholics learn ways to stay sober and to deal with the looming reality of relapse. (25 minutes)

#8666 Women's Studies - Exercise Your Options: Math and Gender (Run time 13 min.) DVD $89.95

In school, math is often considered a boy's domain, but this program presents the reasons why high school girls should not shy away from it and investigates rewarding math-related career opportunities, from economist to investment banker. This entertaining program presents the pros of taking math classes and the cons of avoiding them, along with some insider advice from women who have succeeded in the male-dominated world of finance. (13 minutes)

#8933 Women's Studies - Germaine Greer Uncensored (Run time 29 min.) DVD $89.95

Sharp words combined with keen intelligence have made Germaine Greer a frequent personality in the press. In this program, the author of The Female Eunuch and Cambridge lecturer fields pointed questions concerning her views on marriage, men, and sexuality; her feelings about religion; and her attitude towards being written about while still living. In addition, she candidly discusses her search for truth, the value of skepticism, her love of teaching, and why she wrote a sequel to her 1970 best-seller. Some language may be objectionable. (29 minutes)

#9221 Women's Studies - Taking on the Boys' Club: Women in the Workplace (Run time 36 min.) DVD $89.95

This two-part ABC News program examines the workplace that emerged in the '90s-a workplace influenced by sexual discrimination law suits and the ensuing legislation that defines sexual harassment not only in quid pro quo terms, but also as fostering a "hostile environment." In the first segment, professional women discuss the discrimination they have encountered as doctors and lawyers and their legal struggles to overcome the "boys' club" mentality pervasive in many professions. In the second segment, issues of environment and appropriate behavior guidelines are discussed. Of particular interest is the military-a traditional bastion for men that is seeking to develop new rules that allow both men and women to work side-by-side, with stringent guidelines as to permissible interactions in the workplace. (36 minutes)

#10163 Women's Studies - Voices of Power: African-American Women (Run time 29 min.) DVD $89.95

African-American women have captured the moral imagination of mainstream America through their essays, novels, poetry, and other artistic endeavors, breaching the static lines of race, gender, and class. How have their reflections so clearly articulated the hopes and philosophies of so many? In this program, writers Alice Walker and bell hooks and Ohio State University faculty Dr. Martha Wharton, of the departments of African-American studies and women's studies, and Dr. Valerie Lee, of the departments of English and women's studies, examine the emergence of African-American women as popular and powerful voices of social conscience. (29 minutes)

#10164 Women's Studies - Is Feminism Dead? (Run time 29 min.) DVD $89.95

Years after the women's movement burst open doors of opportunity that had long been barred, a new generation of women seems to be questioning the meaning and the value of the battles fought by their mothers and grandmothers. Has feminism somehow gone out of style? In this program, Patricia Ireland, of NOW; Phyllis Schlafly, of the Eagle Forum; Ellen Goodman, of The Boston Globe; Dr. bell hooks, of CUNY's English department; Dr. Tessie Liu, of Northwestern University's history and gender identity departments; and Dr. Martha Wharton, of The Ohio State University's departments of African-American studies and women's studies, appraise the women's movement as it currently exists and discuss its relevance in today's cultural climate. (29 minutes)

#10302 Women's Studies - Women's Rights: Finding a Voice (Run time 21 min.) DVD $89.95

"Men their rights and nothing more; women their rights and nothing less." This was the motto of the women's movement at the beginning of the 20th century-eloquent, direct, and extremely difficult to achieve. This ABC News program anchored by Peter Jennings traces the evolution of women's rights, from Susan B. Anthony through the fight for passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. Following the rocky road to true equality, it examines the contributions of pivotal figures such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Friedan, Amelia Earhart, and Babe Didrickson. (21 minutes)

#30135 Women's Studies - Dirty Business: Who's Profiting from Pornography? (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

Pornography, a multibillion-dollar industry that fueled the VCR revolution, remains a driving force behind the success of the Internet and has become big money for companies that many might find surprising. In this program, ABC News anchor Ted Koppel provides a timely assessment of the ever-increasing growth of the porn industry, the proliferation of access via cable and Web sites, and its move out of theaters and into private homes. Koppel interviews entrepreneurs and CEOs who are some of the biggest players in the market and tracks the profits to a number of the most firmly established companies in America. (23 minutes)

#31765 Women's Studies - Gloria Steinem: The Accidental Activist (Run time 21 min.) DVD $89.95

This ABC News program introduces a Gloria Steinem unknown to many: the accidental activist behind the feminist icon. In conversation with correspondent Michel Martin, Ms. Steinem talks candidly about how covering a hearing on abortion in the days before Roe v. Wade set her feet on the path to a leadership role in the women's movement. She also discusses her decision to marry very late in life and to not have children, her mother's struggles with depression, and how she lived out her mother's unlived life. (22 minutes)

#32200 Women's Studies - The Abortion War: Thirty Years after Roe v. Wade (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

In the years since the U.S. Supreme Court's legalization of abortion, the political scene has changed dramatically enough to threaten this landmark decision. On the 30th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, this ABC News program surveys the current landscape of opinion and political alignment, examining the shift of momentum concerning abortion rights. Correspondent Dave Marash reports from Minnesota, while anchor Chris Bury discusses the issue with a panel of women who hold disparate views on abortion rights. (22 minutes)

#32656 Women's Studies - Death by Stoning: Justice, Punishment, and Human Rights (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

Under Islamic law, the bearing of a child out of wedlock is a capital offense-and the instrument of death is stoning, as done since time immemorial. Set in Nigeria, this ABC News program uses the harrowing case of Amina Lawal as a platform to discuss the concepts of justice and punishment as they relate to human rights. Akbar Ahmed, chair of Islamic studies and professor of international relations at American University, and Ayesha Imam, founding director of a human rights agency that assisted in Ms. Lawal's defense, are featured. (23 minutes)

#32894 Women's Studies - NOW with Bill Moyers: Katie Roiphe on Pornography, Censorship, and Feminism (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

How damaging to society, and women in particular, is the proliferation of pornography? And how is the tension resolved between community standards and First Amendment rights? In this program, Bill Moyers talks to Katie Roiphe, feminist critic and author of The Morning After: Sex, Fear, and Feminism. Expanding on many of the ideas in her book, Roiphe discusses how restrictions on pornography could lead to more general censorship, while widespread access actually undermines pornography's fascination. (22 minutes)

#33354 Women's Studies - Flannery O'Connor (Run time 21 min.) DVD $89.95

Flannery O'Connor is often likened to Faulkner for her portrayal of the character and lifestyle of the South, Kafka for her fascination with the bizarre, and Beckett for her dark humor-comparisons that underscore the fact that her voice has a unique place in the canon of American literature. This program provides a biographical sketch of O'Connor that illuminates her efforts to come to terms with what she perceived as the fundamental absurdity of the human condition while never shying away from incendiary social issues. Readings from Wise Blood, "The Displaced Person," "The River," "The Life You Save May Be Your Own," and "Revelation" are included. (21 minutes)

#33858 Women's Studies - Crossing the Line: Sexual Harassment and How to Confront It (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

The only way to remove sexual harassment from school and work is to get educated about the problem and learn ways to deal with it. This informative video (an update of an earlier program, Sexual Harassment: Crossing the Line) explains different kinds of sexual harassment, defines the factors motivating harassers, and provides specific techniques for dealing with the problem. Viewers will see what steps to take if anyone harasses them or if they witness the harassment of others, including keeping a journal, employing the "broken record" technique, speaking with supervisors, sending memos, using grievance procedures, and filing formal complaints. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. A Cambridge Educational Production. (24 minutes)

#33860 Women's Studies - Women in the Combat Zone (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

In places where the military grapples with insurgents, servicewomen and servicemen alike face the very real risk of injury or sudden death by ambush, booby trap, or sniper fire. In this ABC News program, correspondent Deborah Amos reports on the experiences of U.S. servicewomen in Iraq and how, by their ever-growing presence in the armed forces, they are reshaping the historically male military establishment. (22 minutes)

#34282 Women's Studies - The Politics of Gay Marriage and Abortion Rights (Run time 22 min.) DVD $89.95

In recent years, the evangelical community has often favored the Republican Party, with broad agreement on social issues. Broadcast during the run-up to the 2004 election, this ABC News program travels first to Massachusetts, to consider legal ramifications of same-sex marriage, and then to Colorado, where a bishop has declared that anyone who votes for a supporter of abortion rights-or gay marriage, for that matter-should not take communion. (22 minutes)

#36264 Women's Studies - Secrets and Dangers: The World of Today's Teens (Run time 40 min.) DVD $89.95

How have mixed cultural signals and online social interaction impacted the average teenager's behavior? Is reducing violence, drug abuse, and dangerous sex a lost cause? This ABC News program examines those questions, presenting three eye-opening stories of teen life... First, a small Michigan town recoils from a school-hall stabbing, highlighting an alarming rise in abusive teenage relationships... In the second segment, 14 girls from around the country attend a New York-area slumber party, discussing their personal lives and the confusing world of teen sexuality today... Finally, viewers get an in-depth look at hugely popular Internet meeting place that can spell trouble for misguided teens. Viewer discretion is advised. (40 minutes)

#37289 Women's Studies - Furniture Farm: Going It Alone as a Solo Proprietor (Run time 25 min.) DVD $89.95

Sarah Green sells furniture online and has a showroom in a quaint barn in Hertfordshire. In her first year, she has made nearly $200,000 in sales and her debt is practically zero. That's impressive for a 19-year-old-or any entrepreneur, for that matter. This program shows how a sharp furniture salesperson turned ambition into a company named 1st For Furniture as Sarah pursues a dream of building a globally recognized brand. Unfortunately, she is spiraling toward burnout. Working seven days a week in the office and making deliveries, how long can she keep 1st For Furniture first? (25 minutes)

#37290 Women's Studies - Hip-Hop Shop: Opening a Music/Multimedia Studio (Run time 25 min.) DVD $89.95

Carla Campbell's business, Instant Melodies-Britain's first pay-as-you-go music/multimedia studio-is doing well enough for her to relocate and expand. With loans secured, new space rented, and equipment purchased, the 27-year-old is ready for her grand opening. This program follows Carla as sizzle quickly turns to fizzle. When business proves alarmingly slow, she makes a bold decision to speed up her promo plan by sinking her last startup money into extra advertising. Within days of a targeted flyer campaign and a strategic radio ad featuring celebrity DJ Phoebe One, business at the hip-hop shop takes off-and Carla breathes a sigh of relief. (25 minutes)

#37387 Women's Studies - The Difference Between Men and Women (Run time 37 min.) DVD $89.95

Men don't listen. Women can't read maps. Men snore more. Women are less likely to have affairs. Should those statements be dismissed as stereotypes, or can we point to tangible discrepancies-behaviorally and neurologically speaking-along gender lines? This ABC News program explores sex differences and the brain circuitry behind them. Presenting an interview with Dr. Louann Brizendine, author of the controversial book The Female Brain, the program covers such provocative topics as teen brain chemistry and development, the ways that sex is discussed in "mixed company," and the powerful hormones brought on by motherhood. Renowned transgender neurobiologist Ben Barres is also featured. (37 minutes)

#37653 Women's Studies - Aviation (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Students will gain inspiration from three courageous women who have entered the aviation field. This program profiles Capt. Tanya Sprathoff, pilot and crew commander of an Aurora CP-140; Isabelle Marsan, an aircraft mechanic who maintains and repairs internal systems on airliners; and Dawn Patterson, an aircraft structures mechanic responsible for aircraft inspection and repair. Interviews with co-workers and supervisors help to create well-rounded descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37654 Women's Studies - Construction (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

In this program, three women with rewarding careers in the construction trades describe their work. Menyui Leung is a welder with experience in manufacturing and shipbuilding; Suzy Zaric is a restoration carpenter specializing in damage repair; Luce Gregoire is an electrician who works on lighting and heating equipment. Conversations with co-workers and supervisors add to the descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37655 Women's Studies - Culinary (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

This program features profiles of three women who have stirred up successful careers in the culinary industry: Josee Bagdadi, a gourmet butcher who considers her trade an essential part of fine cooking; Heather Irvine, a commercial baker specializing in artisan breads; and Lisa Gardin, an apprentice chef who plans to open her own restaurant one day. Additional information from co-workers and supervisors supplements each job profile. (24 minutes)

#37657 Women's Studies - Entertainment (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Meet three women who have embarked on successful careers in media and entertainment. This program profiles Stephanie Gignac, an animation storyboard artist for award-winning children's films; Andrea Dixon, a film colorist with extensive television experience; and Marie-France Coallier, a photojournalist whose work often makes the front page. Remarks from co-workers and supervisors provide additional layers to the descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37658 Women's Studies - Information Technology (Run time 25 min.) DVD $89.95

Students can learn a lot from women who have found success in the IT field. This program profiles Coraleigh Hine, a computer service support technician specializing in sales and installation; Shawna White, a desktop support analyst who troubleshoots and repairs client problems; and Nancy Nadeau, a software developer producing high-end tools for digital image creation. Interviews with co-workers and supervisors help to create well-rounded descriptions of each job. (25 minutes)

#37659 Women's Studies - Manufacturing (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

In this program, three women with rewarding careers in manufacturing describe their work. Marnie Zimmerman is an instrumentation technician who repairs circuit boards for air conditioning systems; Kristina Bouchard is a machine operator for an aerospace company; and Darlene Fitzgerald is a horticulturalist who manages a large production staff. Conversations with co-workers and supervisors add to the descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37660 Women's Studies - Medical/Health (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

This program features profiles of three women who have developed successful careers in medicine and health care: Karine Fortin, a pharmaceutical plant manager overseeing production and factory expansion; Sandra Swanson, a biomedical technologist who maintains and repairs hospital equipment; and Ann Perreault, a prosthetics technician in charge of evaluating and measuring patients. Additional information from co-workers and supervisors supplements each job profile. (24 minutes)

#37661 Women's Studies - Protective Services (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Introduce viewers to three women who have found gainful employment in the field of protective services. This program profiles Capt. Jamie Speiser, a Griffon helicopter pilot who has flown missions in Bosnia and Haiti; Sylvie Nault, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable; and Shauna Vollmer, a fire protection designer working for a large fire prevention contractor. Commentary from co-workers and supervisors rounds out the descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37663 Women's Studies - Utilities (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

There's a lot to learn from women who have succeeded in the utilities industry. This program profiles Melanie Young, a network operations technician in the telecommunications field; Laura Warkentin, a natural gas systems planner who coordinates the installation of gas main services; and Nicole Brochu, a linesperson accustomed to working at extreme heights. Interviews with co-workers and supervisors help to create well-rounded descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37668 Women's Studies - Forestry (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Meet three women who have embarked on successful careers in the forestry industry. This program profiles Karen Trimmer, a helicopter pilot who transports raw lumber by air; Lorraine Muskwa, a dispatch attendant for a large pulp mill; and Chantal Isabelle, a forest technician responsible for ensuring that woodland development stays within legal boundaries. Remarks from co-workers and supervisors provide additional layers to the descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37669 Women's Studies - Marine Transportation (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Students have plenty to gain from hearing the stories of women in the marine transportation field. This program profiles Manon Turcotte, a boat pilot accustomed to busy shipping lanes and port harbors; Gina Gray, a ferry deckhand working her way up to Second Officer; and Louise McGowan, a Canadian naval engineer who maintains shipboard mechanical equipment. Interviews with fellow crewmembers and supervisors help to create well-rounded descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37670 Women's Studies - Mining (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

In this program, three women with rewarding careers in the mining industry describe their work. Robin Betker is a mining technician who lays drill patterns for long hole drillers; Marilene Larocque is Chief Geologist with a mining exploration company; and Shalni Prowse is a grade control technician who monitors ore quality. Conversations with co-workers and supervisors add to the descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37672 Women's Studies - Robotics and Automation (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Introduce viewers to three women who have found gainful employment in the field of robotics and automation. This program profiles Isabelle Tremblay, an engineer specializing in the use of robotics for space exploration; Jessica Amsden, a robotics technician who works in automated manufacturing; and Cheryl Hyrnkiw, owner-operator of Solarbotics, which produces educational robot kits. Commentary from co-workers and supervisors rounds out the descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37673 Women's Studies - Telecommunications (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Meet three women who have embarked on successful careers in the telecom industry. This program profiles Josselin Grebinsky, a telecommunications specialist who maintains institutional systems; Louise Meilleur, a technical support specialist who designs telecommunications systems for clients; and Mindy Turk, a naval communicator making her way up in the ranks. Remarks from co-workers and supervisors provide additional layers to the descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37674 Women's Studies - Video Games (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

There is plenty to learn from women who have found success in the video game industry. This program profiles Sophie Gagnon, a background modeler who helps build game environments; Chantal Fournier, a 2-D animator with a background in fashion and a passion for games; and Erin Olorenshaw, a 3-D animator who has helped her company win several prestigious awards. Interviews with co-workers and supervisors help to create well-rounded descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37675 Women's Studies - Wood Products (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

In this program, three women with rewarding careers in the wood products business describe their work. Jodie MacDonald is a sawmill production coordinator who liaisons with sales and marketing; Marie-Claude Giguere is a composite technologist who tests and fabricates OSB boards; and Roxanne Fayant is a crate builder specializing in extremely large-scale work. Conversations with co-workers and supervisors add to the descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37676 Women's Studies - Adventure Tourism (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

This program features profiles of three women who have staked out successful careers in the adventure tourism industry: Diny Harrison, a certified mountain guide with experience in Italy, Switzerland, and other countries; Mylene Pronovost, a dog sled musher and outdoor activities instructor; and Marie-Josee Blanchette, an ecotourism development agent who plans and guides wilderness tours. Additional information from co-workers and supervisors supplements each job profile. (24 minutes)

#37678 Women's Studies - Biotechnology (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Meet three women who have embarked on successful careers in the biotechnology field. This program profiles Allison Ross, a chemist and research technician who analyzes test samples at a busy lab; Sylvie Bilodeau-Goeseels, a research scientist tasked with improving cow fertility; and Dia Matheos, Vice President of Research and Development at a biotech firm. Remarks from co-workers and supervisors provide additional layers to the descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37679 Women's Studies - Finance and Investment (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Students can profit from the insight of women who have succeeded in the financial industry. This program profiles Charlotte Faulkner, a stockbroker who works closely with investment clients; Karen McMeekin, a market supervisor for the Montreal Exchange; and Josee St. Hilaire, a micro-finance advisor who helps provide capital to tiny start-up companies in developing countries. Interviews with co-workers and supervisors help to create well-rounded descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37680 Women's Studies - Gaming (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

In this program, three women with rewarding careers in the gaming industry describe their work. Dianna Schwanke is a dealer and floor supervisor at a popular casino; Leanne Painter is a 118-pound jockey who rides and races thoroughbreds; and Suzie Dumont is a game designer and multimedia wiz who produces interactive lotto games. Conversations with co-workers and supervisors add to the descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#37684 Women's Studies - Rubber (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Students would do well to meet three women who have found success in the rubber industry. This program profiles Catherine Dupont, an extruder operation manager in charge of an automotive rubber production line; Michelle Hennessey, a tire builder who also functions as a rotating safety monitor; and Nathalie Leger, a production specialist involved in several phases of the rubber manufacturing process. Interviews with co-workers and supervisors help to create in-depth job descriptions. (24 minutes)

#37685 Women's Studies - Steel (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

In this program, three women with rewarding careers in the steel industry describe their work. Stephanie Sebastian is a production worker at a fast-paced galvanizing mill; Jennifer Zahra is a quality control inspector involved with steel tubing for automotive uses; and Christine Guerin is a research technician focusing on the chemical components of super-strong steel. Conversations with co-workers and supervisors add to the descriptions of each job. (24 minutes)

#38959 Women's Studies - Bill Moyers Journal: Rachel Carson, Nature's Guardian (Run time 58 min.) DVD $89.95

In this program, Bill Moyers pays tribute to environmental crusader Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring. Grim footage of ecological degradation from the pre-Carson era is combined with generous excerpts from actress Kaiulani Lee's one-woman play about Carson's life called A Sense of Wonder to honor the legacy of an individual who, heedless of personal cost, sounded the alarm that launched the environmental movement. Moyers also talks with photographic artist Chris Jordan, who turns the statistics of consumerism into indelible images of consumption and waste. Broadcast date: September 21, 2007. (58 minutes)

#7854 Women's Studies - Female Circumcision: Human Rites (Run time 40 min.) DVD $99.95

This program documents the ritual of female genital mutilation, also known as female circumcision, practiced among some African groups; explores its roots in myth; and discusses movements under way to ban the practice. Interviews with anti-circumcision activists, including medical personnel, describe the health ramifications, including hemorrhage, infection, and painful sex. Victims discuss both the physical and emotional pain of circumcision, and both males and females discuss why they support or reject circumcision as a valid cultural practice. Graphic scenes of an actual female circumcision are shown. (40 minutes)

#32989 Women's Studies - Zoe Valdes-in Spanish with English Subtitles (Run time 27 min.) DVD $99.95

Born in Cuba to Chinese parents, award-winning novelist Zoe Valdes has achieved worldwide recognition for portraying the struggles and dreams of women. This program highlights her upbringing, education, and influences, as well as examining several of her most important books, including La Hija del Embajador and Te Di La Vida Entera. (Spanish with English subtitles, 27 minutes)

#11183 Gender Issues - Baby Love (Run time 57 min.) DVD $129.95

Unintended teenage pregnancy is an issue that concerns everyone. In this intimate program, a diverse group of teen mothers-some as young as 13 years old-speak out on a wide range of topics, including love, virginity, sex, pregnancy, birth, parenting, their families, and their babies' fathers. Their experiences, attitudes, and insights reveal the compellingly personal side of a complex social problem of national proportions. This documentary is an indispensable resource for use in teen pregnancy prevention, intervention, and parenting programs. Contains explicit language. Baby Love is a presentation of the Independent Television Service, with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. (57 minutes)

#6017 Women's Studies - Susan B. Anthony Slept Here (Run time 47 min.) DVD $129.95

In this highly acclaimed program, ABC News correspondent Lynn Sherr takes us on a lively trip across America to visit the landmarks and places that celebrate famous American women. She maps out a unique tour of the nation following in the footsteps of these women, and in doing so creates mini-biographies of them.In four different categories, seven women are featured. Adventurers and Athletes: Babe Didrikson Zaharias and Annie Oakley; Artists and Performers: Georgia O'Keeffe and Bessie Smith; Groundbreakers and Heroes: Madame C. J. Walker and Christa McAuliffe; and Suffrage and Stateswomen: Susan B. Anthony.Each category is hosted by a notable contemporary woman. First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton on Suffrage and Stateswomen tells us about Susan B. Anthony, with a special personal message about the importance of women's right to vote. Olympic Gold Medalist and sportscaster Donna de Varona profiles Babe Didrikson Zaharias and Annie Oakley. Actress Blair Brown tells us the stories of Georgia O'Keeffe and Bessie Smith, and Dr. Mae Jemison, the first African-American woman astronaut, takes us into the lives of Mme. C. J. Walker and Christa McAuliffe.There are many other montage-vignettes that include other great American women like Louisa May Alcott, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Sacajawea, Isadora Duncan, Jacqueline Cochran, Helen Keller, Amelia Earhart, Eleanor Roosevelt, Molly Brown, Harriet Tubman, and many others. (47 minutes)

#6885 Women's Studies - Beyond the Veil: Are Iranian Women Rebelling? (Run time 22 min.) DVD $129.95

In this program, a female reporter dons the hijab-"modest dress"-and goes undercover to find out how Iranian women feel about the government-enforced dress code and about their diminished role in Iranian society. We watch teenage girls flaunt accepted behavioral codes, while morality police roam the streets of Teheran in search of offenders. Proponents of the hijab-Islamic scholars, a woman doctor, and a female student-discuss the practice within the context of Islamic religious tradition and the social benefits derived from it. Professional women and others discuss the broader issue of Islam's right to subjugate women by shaping who they are and how they think. (22 minutes)

#8860 Women's Studies - Toni Morrison Uncensored (Run time 30 min.) DVD $129.95

In this compelling program, world-renowned author Toni Morrison candidly answers questions regarding how she became a writer, the pain of empathizing with her characters, the sensual nature of her novels, and how it felt to win the Nobel Prize. In addition, she pulls no punches discussing how she first became aware of her racial otherness, how writing for a black audience has kept her work from becoming derivative, the societal uses of racism, and how racism leads to barbarism when individuals abdicate their humanity. (30 minutes)

#29834 Women's Studies - The Women of Hull House: Harnessing Statistics for Progressive Reform (Run time 18 min.) DVD $129.95

Horrified by the living conditions in Chicago's tenements, Jane Addams opened Hull House in 1889, a place where she, Julia Lathrop, and other fellow activists could provide outreach services to the poor and uneducated people of the neighborhood-and by applying statistical analysis to real-world problems, pave the way for far-reaching social reform. Filled with archival photos and footage, this powerful program brings together Daphne Spain, author of How Women Saved the City, and Robyn Muncy, author of Creating a Female Dominion in American Reform, to discuss topics including infant and maternal mortality, the landmark Hull House Maps and Papers, and women's progressive reform movements. (18 minutes)

#31074 Women's Studies - Women's Prisons: Old Problems and New Solutions (Run time 47 min.) DVD $129.95

Once solely a realm of punishment, some prisons now offer choices intended to educate, empower, and, ultimately, liberate. This program goes inside three women's prisons in the U.S. and Canada, contrasting old and new correctional philosophies. Key differences between the countries' systems are noted, such as the level of tolerance for sexual relationships between inmates. Interviews with the women poignantly highlight their struggles with drugs, suicide, motherhood, and physical and sexual abuse. The warden of the Kentucky Correctional Institute for Women, the District Director of the Burnaby Correctional Centre for Women in British Columbia, and other prison officials discuss giving a second chance to women who often never had a first. (47 minutes)

#31126 Women's Studies - Iron Butterflies: Powerful Asian Businesswomen (Run time 28 min.) DVD $129.95

As Asia embraces free enterprise and its attendant changes, women are experiencing the challenges of shifting roles more than any other group. This program profiles three businesswomen who discuss their success in commerce, society, and at home: Joyce Ma, who introduced European designer fashion to Hong Kong; Yoshiko Shinohara, founder of Tempstaff, the second-largest temporary employment agency in Japan; and Asma Abdullah, a human resources specialist in Malaysia who uses her skills to fill the gaps between foreign and local companies. (27 minutes)

#31278 Women's Studies - Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit" by Sylvia Plath" (Run time 25 min.) DVD $129.95

When the innocence of childhood is confronted with the harsh world of reality, only an uncle's trust and love can assuage the betrayal experienced by a disillusioned narrator. In this program, Emmy Award-winning actress Edie Falco narrates Sylvia Plath's largely autobiographical tale of adolescence set at the start of World War II. Insightful commentary by poet Claire Pollard complements dramatic reenactments of scenes from the story. (25 minutes)

#32256 Women's Studies - Carmen Martin Gaite: In Search of Conversation-in Spanish with English Narration and Subtitles (Run time 31 min.) DVD $129.95

As a child of the Spanish Civil War and the repressive post-war era, Carmen Martin Gaite found kindred spirits among the Madrid literati, led by her future husband Rafael Sanchez Ferlosio, during the '50s. In her long and uninterrupted literary career, Gaite chose socially critical topics such as the relationship between the sexes and the differences between provincial and city life. Using modes of expression that became increasingly more personal and experimental, her prose hovers between reality and dreams, the trivial and the exceptional, and the novel and the essay. This program features an interview with Gaite and readings from her works, including Las Ataduras, as well as the critical insights of writer and journalist Inmaculada de la Fuente, the University of Madrid's Alicia Redondo Goycoechea, and Fernando Valls, of the Universidad Autonoma of Barcelona. (Spanish with English narration and subtitles, 30 minutes)

#32794 Women's Studies - Emily Dickinson (Run time 21 min.) DVD $129.95

While many of her literary peers achieved notoriety, "the woman in white" remained virtually unknown-by choice. The self-imposed obscurity of Emily Dickinson is just one of many aspects of her life that this program explores. Blending daguerreotypes, paintings, manuscripts, excerpts from Dickinson's letters, and readings from nearly a dozen of her poems, this program presents the biography of one of America's most unique and influential voices in poetry. (20 minutes)

#32944 Women's Studies - Virginia Woolf: A Room of One's Own (Run time 53 min.) DVD $129.95

"A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction." So spoke Virginia Woolf in 1929 as she discussed the problems of the writer and of women in general. Woolf's talk represents perhaps the most persuasive of all her writings on liberty, literature, and the role of women in her society. Woolf spoke not only about writing, but about writing as a woman-speaking in an age when women were deprived of virtually every possibility of earning their own living. In this program, the actress Eileen Atkins re-creates her acclaimed one-woman stage show based on Woolf's talk, in the original lecture hall at Girton College, Cambridge, where Woolf spoke and amidst the background of Cambridge, with its distinguished colleges and elegant riverbanks that were the original inspiration for Woolf's noble and exhilarating talk. (53 minutes)

#33061 Women's Studies - Women and Alcoholism (Run time 28 min.) DVD $129.95

Physiological differences between women and men place women at greater risk for physical complications from alcoholism. This program from The Doctor Is In profiles several women from different backgrounds and age groups who are in recovery from that disease. Interviews with medical experts include Michelle Lauria, M.D., of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center; Patrice Muchowski, Sc.D., of AdCare Hospital of Worcester; and Kathleen Mitchell M.H.S., LCADC, of the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Production. (28 minutes)

#33153 Women's Studies - Wafa Idriss: The First Female Palestinian Suicide Bomber (Run time 28 min.) DVD $129.95

Wafa Idriss was both a nurse with the Red Crescent and an anti-Israeli occupation activist. What motivated the 28-year-old to make her mark on history not as a healer, but as a martyr and a murderer? This program uses her story as a window into the simmering standoff that exists in the embattled West Bank. Through interviews, Wafa's mother and others who knew her express their surprise and dismay at her actions, while a Jewish victim's widow and al Fatah's Marwan Barghouti add their own particular perspectives. Footage of attacks and reprisals-and of Dareen abu Aisheh, inspired to become the second female Palestinian suicide bomber-underscores the desperation felt by many Palestinians. Viewer discretion is advised. (28 minutes)

#33231 Women's Studies - Expressing the Inexpressible: Shirin Neshat (Run time 42 min.) DVD $129.95

An acclaimed photographer, filmmaker, and video artist, Iranian-born Shirin Neshat addresses the complex forces shaping the identity of Muslim women throughout the world and explores the social, political, and psychological dimensions of women's experiences. In this program, she explicates her haunting video installations Shadow Under the Web; Turbulent; Soliloquy; Rapture; and Fervor, as well as her seminal series of still images, The Women of Allah. In addition, she discusses being both an insider and an outsider in two different cultures, the narrative power of cinema, sexual taboos in Islamic society, the tension between traditional and modern values, the nature of expression when expression itself is forbidden, and the quiet strength and bravery of women that prompts them to rebel against repression. (42 minutes)

#33346 Women's Studies - Mary Shelley: The Birth of Frankenstein (Run time 60 min.) DVD $129.95

Her father was philosopher William Godwin. Her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, was feminism's founder. By pedigree and experience, Mary Shelley was uncannily equipped to write the gothic masterpiece, Frankenstein. This program offers a fresh exploration of her novel, focusing on how Shelley's personal life influenced the book and mirrored it afterwards. Along with reenactments of scenes from her classic and dramatizations of her life, the program draws from a wealth of primary sources, including readings from her mother's A Vindication of the Rights of Woman and Mary Shelley's personal letters, as well as those of her husband, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Lord Byron. A BBCW Production. (60 minutes)

#33347 Women's Studies - The Real Jane Austen (Run time 60 min.) DVD $129.95

Illustrated with clips from movie and television adaptations of her novels, this program takes a visually rich approach to understanding the woman behind such classics as Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Emma. An extensive biographical and psychological profile of the author provides insight into what life was like for a woman in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Filmed at key locations, including Bath and Austen's later home in Chawton, the program also shatters the myth that she lived the elegant Regency life of one of her heroines. A BBCW Production. (60 minutes)

#33348 Women's Studies - George Eliot: A Scandalous Life (Run time 60 min.) DVD $129.95

She disobeyed the social mores of her time, defied the critics bent on her destruction, and maintained her reputation by her brilliant books. Along with Charles Dickens, she was one of the two most successful novelists in Victorian England. This program offers a concise biography of George Eliot, exploring the complexities and contradictions of her personal character and the achievements of her writing career. Dramatizations from some of her greatest works, including Middlemarch and The Mill on the Floss, complement this detailed study. A BBCW Production. (60 minutes)

#34539 Women's Studies - The Right to Femininity: Fighting Female Circumcision in Africa Today (Run time 46 min.) DVD $129.95

The custom of female circumcision faces growing opposition in Africa. This program presents multiple perspectives on the issue, interviewing health care personnel, professional circumcisers, women who have undergone the ritual, and men who are against it. Examining medical and emotional problems that follow genital mutilation, the video also features signs of positive change, including a Nigerian drama troupe that stages anti-circumcision productions and groups like UNICEF, CARE Austria, and the Girls' Power Initiative that campaign in areas where the ritual's effects are most profound. Includes graphic footage of births and circumcisions. (46 minutes)

#35109 Women's Studies - Shakti: The Power of Women (Run time 54 min.) DVD $129.95

Taking inspiration from the spiritual concept of Shakti, the Great Mother or supreme female deity of the Hindu religion, this program celebrates the power of women to drive social and economic change in India. Female-centric activism propels an organization that combats the practice of child marriage, and another which has created a banking system for the poor. The video also examines a renowned scientist who promotes eco-feminism and a married couple fighting for the rights of the traditionally shunned Dalit caste. These stories support the idea that Shakti is a phenomenon to be reckoned with-a source of creative energy for cultural transformation. (Portions in Hindi with English subtitles, 54 minutes)

#36141 Women's Studies - Ladies First: Rwandan Women Help Heal Their Nation (Run time 57 min.) DVD $129.95

After genocide ripped their nation apart in the 1990s, the women of Rwanda have led the healing process and have helped usher in a much-needed era of stability. By depicting the multifaceted efforts of women activists to build a sustainable peace between the majority Hutus and minority Tutsis, this Wide Angle documentary explores the challenges facing Rwanda. The film features an in-depth examination of the remarkable role Rwandan women play in politics and the business sector and shows how one portion of a citizenry, no matter how under-recognized and under-appreciated, can help guide a nation and provide a courageous example to the wider world. Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Director of the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, discusses Rwanda's women with Mishal Husain. (57 minutes)

#36144 Women's Studies - An Honest Citizen: Cocaine and Corruption in Colombia (Run time 57 min.) DVD $129.95

Colombia's $5-billion-a-year cocaine trade has funded a brutal civil war involving leftist guerillas, right-wing paramilitaries, and a national government severely undermined by corruption. This Wide Angle report spotlights the efforts of Maria Cristina Chirolla, head of the Colombian attorney general's anti-money laundering office, to crack down on the drug lords. But the cost of her integrity is a life of almost constant fear as she evades drug barons plotting to assassinate her. This program also includes an interview with Marc Grossman, former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. (57 minutes)

#36546 Women's Studies - Cyberbullying: Cruel Intentions (Run time 41 min.) DVD $129.95

The teenage years have always been tough-but digital technology has raised the dangers of the social battlefield to a whole new level. This ABC News program reports on how cell phones, digital cameras, and personal websites encourage and amplify the frequent cruelty of teen behavior. With the help of an experiment conducted by Brigham Young University child development researchers, the program analyzes the behavior of a group of teenage girls as they use online verbal innuendos and emotional attacks to vie for attention and create a social hierarchy. The program also looks at the difficulties parents face in monitoring what kids do on the Internet. (40 minutes)

#37612 Women's Studies - The Alhambra and the Reign of Queen Isabella of Spain (Run time 53 min.) DVD $129.95

In seeking to unite Spain under Catholicism, Queen Isabella expelled the Muslims from the country-and during that period, many Moorish buildings were destroyed. But the Queen spared the Alhambra because of its magnificent beauty. Using two contrasting castles-the gothic Segovia Palace, where she resided, and the Islamic-style Alhambra Palace-as the settings, this program paints a fascinating portrait of the reign of Queen Isabella, from the unification of Spain to the launch of the great period of Spanish sea voyages. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (53 minutes)

#34540 Gender Issues - 100 Percent Woman: The Story of Michelle Dumaresq (Run time 60 min.) DVD $149.95

A post-operative transsexual, Michelle Dumaresq has provoked outrage by entering the sport of women's mountain bike racing. This program studies complex issues of gender identity surrounding the controversy and manifested in Dumaresq's personal and professional relationships. Commentary from her parents reveals unconditional support for her choices, while interviews with friends and rival cyclists indicate a wider range of positions-from confused ambivalence to a belief that Dumaresq is male and should be barred from competing. A candid look at clashing views of femininity, 100 Percent Woman explores challenging terrain in gender sociology. (60 minutes)

#35407 Gender Issues - Attraction (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

Can sexual attraction be scientifically predicted? Do opposites really attract, or is it similarity that draws men and women together? In this program, biologists and psychologists organize 50 men and 50 women in a grand experiment: finding matches for an aggressive professional woman with a ticking biological clock and a milquetoast politics professor who constantly strikes out with women. To test the expert panel's core prediction-that mutual attraction is explained by physical similarity-the two principal subjects circulate through several rounds of challenging prospects, culminating in a massive, highly revealing speed date. A BBCW Production. (51 minutes)

#35408 Gender Issues - Love (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

Science tells us a lot about sex, but what can it tell us about love? This program highlights research on the neurochemistry and psychology of love, suggesting ways to improve-and even salvage-long-term relationships. Four couples undergoing various types of relationship stress are put through a battery of experiments, while a team of research scientists try to determine the physiological and neurological factors that make love last. In the most daunting stress test that many couples will ever face, the scientists discover unique biochemical reactions to conflict and create a communication-building plan designed to turn troubled relationships around. A BBCW Production. (51 minutes)

#35637 Gender Issues - The Gender Puzzle (Run time 46 min.) DVD $149.95

Science is identifying new biological processes that determine a person's sex. How will these findings affect the transgender and transsexual community? This program explores the latest research into gender development and the medical, cultural, and legal issues at the heart of the "brain sex" school of thought. Showing how human genome research has shifted scientific focus away from chromosomes, the video examines the role of brain receptors and the discovery of the SRY protein, which establishes maleness. Interviews featuring people with intersex and transsexual experiences shed light on how gender identity emerges, and how it figured into one man's legal battle for the right to marry. (46 minutes)

#35826 Gender Issues - War of the Sexes: Language (Run time 46 min.) DVD $149.95

Why do girls demonstrate greater reading and writing ability than boys? Is the female brain hardwired for faster verbal development? Should men let women do the talking? This program studies language differences between the sexes and explores the possibility that many communication skills are gender-specific. Following two teams of well-educated adults as they undergo a crash course in broadcast journalism, the program documents wide variations between male and female abilities to verbally multitask, and examines distinctions in physical interaction, eye contact, and other behavioral factors. Clinical evidence regarding the significance of testosterone levels is also explored. (45 minutes)

#35827 Gender Issues - War of the Sexes: Power and Leadership (Run time 45 min.) DVD $149.95

The war of the sexes, like any war, needs leaders and followers. Using a military-style competition between male and female test subjects, this program examines the different ways in which men and women exercise power, set goals, construct hierarchies, and perform teamwork. A chain of command, incorporating clearly defined roles and responsibilities, quickly materializes among the male participants-while the women appear less equipped to implement rigid organization. But the program shows that a female-centric system, in which authority figures emerge only after a period of familiarization and mutual affirmation, proves more effective for satisfying the contest's requirements. (45 minutes)

#35829 Gender Issues - War of the Sexes: Spatial Abilities (Run time 46 min.) DVD $149.95

Packing the trunk, finding the right road, parking in a tight spot-are these masculine tasks, best accomplished with a man's mechanical aptitude and spatial reasoning? This program resists broadly brushed stereotypes, but does identify disparities in the ways men and women operate machines, manipulate tools, focus on tasks, and navigate. Accompanying two teams as they race to organize and complete an extended car trip, the program juxtaposes a woman's use of personal reference points and outside assistance with the male penchant for self-reliance and schematic course-plotting-while observations from psychologists and neurologists link these tendencies with brain evolution. (45 minutes)

#35830 Gender Issues - War of the Sexes: Sexuality and Seduction (Run time 46 min.) DVD $149.95

Looks, personality, intellect, bank account-the reasons for attraction can't be predicted. Or can they? This program investigates ways that men and women evaluate potential lovers and life partners, and shows how male and female criteria may be more similar than many think. Creating a relaxed, club-like setting in which a small group of singles meet, flirt, and discuss their goals, the program records each participant's candid responses to the interaction, and to a barrage of additional images and questions designed to measure deeply ingrained preferences. Commentary from psychologists and a respected sex therapist provides analysis on the evolving romantic expectations of both genders. (45 minutes)

#4239 Women's Studies - Isabel Allende: The Woman's Voice in Latin American Literature (Run time 56 min.) DVD $149.95

Isabel Allende, the most recent Latin American novelist to bestride the world literary stage-and the first Latin American woman-describes the emotions that inform her fiction and the events that set them in motion. Niece of the deposed (and presumably assassinated) Chilean Marxist president Salvador Allende, she fled Chile in terror and blossomed in exile to write of the love, hate, and revenge that shape the lives of people she knew, or dreamt about: her characters, her own legend in the making. (56 minutes)

#5756 Women's Studies - Pornography: Andrea Dworkin (Run time 48 min.) DVD $149.95

Pornography is a topic that leaves few people indifferent, least of all Andrea Dworkin, feminist activist and author of Pornography: Men Possessing Women and Intercourse. This program confronts the one with the other. The result is an unnerving expose of the pornography industry and its implications for wider questions of sexuality and violence-not so much a portrait of Andrea Dworkin as an account of the struggle she and other women are waging against what they perceive as a radical social evil. (48 minutes)

#7917 Women's Studies - Margaret Sanger (Run time 87 min.) DVD $149.95

Birth control advocate, self-styled libertarian, and ardent proponent of women's rights-Margaret Sanger was all of these, as this balanced, probing documentary attests. Using rare archival footage, diary excerpts, and commentary from historians, critics, and relatives, the program traces Sanger's extraordinary life and exhaustive work in the promotion and legalization of contraception. The documentary examines Sanger's legal battles, her work to distribute scientific birth control information, and her best-known achievement: the establishment of Planned Parenthood. Grandson Alexander Sanger-himself a birth control activist-offers insight into her bohemian life as well as the fierce opposition she faced from conservative religious and social groups. Margaret Sanger is seen in both triumph and failure. At the start of her career, she opened the first birth control clinic in the United States. She finished her work a half-century later after launching the research that led to the birth control pill. But her darker side-her use of the racist and elitist arguments of eugenics-haunts her memory to this day. (87 minutes)

#8809 Women's Studies - Writing Women's Lives (Run time 60 min.) DVD $149.95

They come from diverse backgrounds and represent a cross-section of global culture, yet they all share a passion for the written word. In this documentary, authors Gloria Steinem, Doris Lessing, Amy Tan, Isabel Allende, Bharati Mukherjee, Harriet Doerr, June Jordan, and Mona Simpson speak out about their personal lives and openly share their thoughts and feelings on the themes of childhood; love, marriage, and children; starting out as writers; the creative process; publishing; politics; philosophy; success; and motivation. This delightful program is an essential part of any curriculum involving women's studies, creative writing, or contemporary literature. (60 minutes)

#9035 Women's Studies - Women in the Struggle Against Poverty: A Case Study (Run time 29 min.) DVD $149.95

Women living in third-world nations often must defy repressive social customs and religious doctrines in order to become financial contributors to their families and villages. This program focuses on the growing movement of courageous women in Bangladesh who, with the assistance of aid societies, run profitable cottage industries, often risking severe reprisals. As these determined women swell the working ranks of their village communities-significantly raising the standard of living for all-traditional patriarchal structures must accommodate them as coequals in business-or face open rebellion. A Deutsche Welle production. (29 minutes)

#10068 Women's Studies - Shackled Women: Abuses of a Patriarchal World (Run time 41 min.) DVD $149.95

With dowries reaching fifty percent of a family's income, a second daughter is often called "the girl born for the burial pit." This program assesses second- and third-world abuses of women's rights by the male establishment-and examines how female collaboration sometimes contributes to their perpetuation. Feminist Taslima Nasreen; the author of Brides Are Not for Burning; and others speak out on topics such as dowry deaths, female circumcision, the Islamic zina law, the rigors of hijab, and child prostitution. But does the banding together of women against female infanticide in Tamil Nadu spell the beginning of a women's solidarity movement and a new world order? Some content may be objectionable. (41 minutes)

#10090 Women's Studies - Alice Walker: Possessing the Secret of Joy (Run time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

Pulitzer Prize-winner Alice Walker has been a standard bearer for the civil rights and women's movements since the early 1960s. In this classic interview, the womanist writer discusses her novel Possessing the Secret of Joy, in which protagonist Tashi attempts to preserve her tribal heritage by undergoing traditional female genital mutilation-still a common practice in Africa today. Archival footage, dramatized scenes from the book, and additional interviews with Gloria Steinem; Barbara Christian, Professor of African-American Studies at Berkeley University; and others shed light on Alice Walker's career and issues of womanhood worldwide, while Ms. Walker examines the influence of people and events on her life. (53 minutes)

#10739 Women's Studies - Geisha (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

Their world is ruled by a strict code of privacy and silence, and in Japan their title is a byword for exotic allure. Called "entertainers" by some and "prostitutes" by others, the geisha are a secretive sorority in high demand by members of Japan's wealthy elite. Filmed in collaboration with Arthur Golden, author of the best-selling Memoirs of a Geisha, this program captures the geisha mystique while documenting the experiences of two maiko, geisha-in-training. Additional interviews with clients, patrons, and others offer insights into contemporary Japanese culture and a profession that is slowly fading away. (51 minutes)

#11382 Women's Studies - Mother and Eve: Breaking the Silence (Run time 54 min.) DVD $149.95

In this program, four middle-aged women-Jeannine, Paulette, Suzanne, and Rachel-speak with both candor and sensitivity about how they came to redefine their sexual orientation. Their stories of coming to terms with their true sexuality in Sudbury, Ontario, are stories of courage, transformation, and a fierce determination to be true to themselves. Additional insights are provided by their ex-spouses and children. (French with English subtitles, 54 minutes)

#11487 Women's Studies - Lives Together, Worlds Apart: Men and Women in a Time of Change (Run time 57 min.) DVD $149.95

Drawing on case studies from first- and third-world nations, this program exposes the "gender apartheid" that has led to the marginalization of women around the world through violence and poverty. Commentary by Kofi Annan, secretary general of the UN; Festus Mogae, president of Botswana; and Margaret Jay, Britain's minister for women, as well as by many grassroots leaders reveals the victimization that is occurring through educational neglect, unfair labor practices, spouse abuse, and inadequate reproductive healthcare. The positive effects of rural empowerment programs, battered women refuges, and free health and legal counseling are also presented-but will cuts in funding sweep away the good that these initiatives have done? (57 minutes)

#11563 Women's Studies - Flappers: The Birth of the 20th-Century Woman (Run time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

Living in the era of The Great Gatsby, flappers succeeded in breaking through the barricades of gender prejudice and social inequality on a large scale. Using vibrant archival film clips and interviews with women who came of age during the Roaring 20s in Britain, this program chronicles the emergence of the modern woman in the aftermath of World War I. Higher education for women, the entry of women into politics and the professions, women's suffrage, new attitudes toward sexuality, and other topics are addressed within the historical context of the early 1900s. (53 minutes)

#11726 Women's Studies - Japanese Dance: Succession of a Kyomai Master (Run time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

With a gracefulness equal to its subject, this intriguing program goes behind the scenes to film for the first time the private world of kyomai, Kyoto-style dance. The efforts of the 95-year-old reigning master, Inoue Yachiyo IV, to prepare her 43-year-old granddaughter to become her successor are deftly captured amidst footage of training sessions and performances; rare film clips of Yachiyo IV and her predecessor, Yachiyo III, on stage; background on the history of kyomai; and insights into the education of geisha, chief practitioners of this centuries-old form of Japanese dance. (53 minutes)

#12118 Women's Studies - Africa's Children: Kenyan Women in Transition (Run time 58 min.) DVD $149.95

This program explores the pressures on female adolescents in the Third World through the stories of four young Kenyan women growing up in a time of cultural upheaval: Christine, a Masai who escaped an arranged marriage so she could study law; Dekha, brought up in a rigidly patriarchal Muslim town, who aspires to be a doctor; Anastasia, who works on her family's farm while yearning to become a Catholic nun; and Mboone, who dreams of exchanging her affluent urban lifestyle for a career of service in the UN, to help improve the lives of women all over the world. Female circumcision, polygyny, AIDS, reproductive choice, equal access to education, and other issues are discussed with candor. (58 minutes)

#29883 Women's Studies - Women and War (Run time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

Interwoven with gripping footage from recent conflicts in the Middle East, Bosnia, northern Uganda, and South Africa, this compelling program captures women's personal experiences of military violence, explains how they survived, and reflects on their growing resistance to war. The women's feelings of loss, uncertainty, and anguish are expressed through stories of cruelty, degradation, and psychological trauma, while their attempts to achieve reconciliation and rebuild shattered communities demonstrate their positive efforts to create a more peaceful future for everyone. Funded in part by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation and the International Development Research Centre. (53 minutes)

#29980 Women's Studies - The Story of Mothers & Daughters (Run time 46 min.) DVD $149.95

Winner of numerous awards, this moving documentary explores the special bond between mothers and daughters by letting dozens of ordinary women share their insights, emotions, and experiences. Their stories form a diverse tapestry of age and race, anger and understanding, sorrow and joy. Like the timeless cycle of motherhood itself, the program is arranged into basic sections: birth, growing up, separation, woman to woman, and death and renewal. (46 minutes)

#32217 Women's Studies - World of Ideas: Doris Lessing (Run time 40 min.) DVD $149.95

Born in Iran when it was still Persia and raised in colonial Zimbabwe, Doris Lessing has transformed her remarkable life into a literary tour de force. Her oeuvre comprises novels, poetry, short stories, plays, essays, a two-volume autobiography, and even a couple of operas-testimony to a drive that she herself calls compulsive. In this program, Ms. Lessing talks with Bill Moyers about her life and work, including her new novel, The Sweetest Dream. (40 minutes)

#32218 Women's Studies - World of Ideas: Maya Lin (Run time 55 min.) DVD $149.95

One of the rare few who have managed to excel in both art and architecture, Maya Lin creates places of refuge and contemplation in highly public spaces. Constructed on an intimate human scale, they invite visitors to touch, feel, respond, and reflect. In this program, the acclaimed sculptor and architect talks with Bill Moyers about a life and a career that has been shaped by her Asian-American heritage and a profound respect and love for the natural environment. (54 minutes)

#32481 Women's Studies - Jane Jacobs: Urban Wisdom (Run time 44 min.) DVD $149.95

Through her groundbreaking books, Jane Jacobs has influenced the planning and understanding of cities and economies with what she calls a "web way of thinking." In this program, Jacobs shares her insights into urban planning by tracing the progression of ideas in her books, including The Death and Life of Great American Cities; The Economy of Cities; Cities and the Wealth of Nations; Systems of Survival; and her most recent, The Nature of Economies. An extended interview with Jacobs is blended with scenes from various North American cities and footage of her 1997 seminar, "Ideas That Matter." (45 minutes)

#32974 Women's Studies - The Art of Barbara Hepworth (Run time 49 min.) DVD $149.95

Praised by the New York Times at the time of her death as one of the world's foremost sculptors, Barbara Hepworth left a legacy of creations that continues to inspire new generations of artists. This program reveals the beauty and the power of her sculptures through footage of her naturalistic carvings of the 1920s, her increasingly abstract sculptures of the '30s, her ambitious postwar works, her monumental public commissions, and the striking creations of her final years. The program also uses Dame Barbara's own words, drawn from writings, correspondence, and archival interviews, to express the ideas that motivated her. (49 minutes)

#35406 Women's Studies - Brain Sex (Run time 51 min.) DVD $149.95

Busting some gender-related beliefs while supporting others, this program shows that brain chemistry doesn't fit neatly into male and female categories. Five men and five women are put through scientific experiments, exploring major sex-related brain functions-including emotional recognition, empathy, competition, communication, and basic cognition. Candid camera sessions reveal male and female attitudes and behaviors that correspond to the test results-while a scientist studies the brains of a couple who constantly disagree, searching for clues in their neural activity that will help explain communication difficulties. A BBCW Production. (51 minutes.)

#37152 Women's Studies - The Extremes of Fashion: Women's Couture and the Media (Run time 53 min.) DVD $149.95

Fashion show runways, photo shoots, the playgrounds of the chic and stylish: this program illustrates the cycles of women's couture through the '50s, '60s, and '70s-and the portrayal of women in the media as they progressed through the postwar decade, the civil rights movement, Beatlemania, the Vietnam War, and the era of women's lib. Plenty of designer names are dropped, both from then and now, as viewers are presented with a kaleidoscope of relentlessly captivating creations from Europe and the U.S. Whether covering everything or baring all, fashion liberates even as it objectifies. Contains nudity. (53 minutes)

#37567 Women's Studies - Sex, Censorship, and the Silver Screen: The Early Decades (Run time 50 min.) DVD $149.95

While the earliest motion pictures were admired simply for their novelty, viewers soon demanded more than raw footage of trains, sneezes, and other random subjects. This program describes the discovery of sex as a surefire cinematic attraction and the outrages it provoked among religious and civic authorities during Hollywood's formative years. Documenting the rise of William Hays as the arbiter of movie morality-and the studio system's answer, after the Fatty Arbuckle fiasco, to the threat of government censorship-the program explores the artistic and cultural shock waves created by Theda Bara, Rudolph Valentino, Erich Von Stroheim, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow, Busby Berkeley, Mae West, Barbara Stanwyck, and many other early film luminaries. Contains footage from A Fool There Was, Possessed, Klondike Annie, and more. (50 minutes)

#39008 Women's Studies - Lives for Sale: Human Trafficking (Run time 60 min.) DVD $149.95

Each year, more than one million people try to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, contending with dangerous forces that prey on their hopes and exploit their gullibility. This program exposes the most painful, disturbing, and hidden dimension of illegal immigration: the growing black market trade in human beings. Shedding light on the poverty that causes so many to risk everything by leaving their home countries, the film reconstructs the frightening journeys of sex-slavery victims and highlights the work of CAST-the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking. Border patrol agents and other members of law enforcement share their knowledge and experience regarding this ongoing human rights crisis. (60 minutes)

#39086 Women's Studies - Inside North Carolina Women's Prison (Run time 42 min.) DVD $149.95

Proving that female prisoners struggle with the same conditions male convicts face, this MSNBC documentary goes inside a North Carolina facility filled with 1,100 troubled mothers, sisters, aunts, and even grandmothers. Warden Annie Harvey conveys the goals and frustrations of her job, while male officers acknowledge an ongoing challenge to maintain professionalism and objectivity. Although sexual relationships among inmates are discouraged, several openly gay prisoners share what life is like for their small community and their disdain for opportunistic guards. Rampant drug addiction and substance abuse are also addressed, along with the daily drudgery of-and poignant attempts to brighten-life inside an eight-by-eight-foot cell. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (42 minutes)

#39088 Women's Studies - Return to Valley State (Run time 45 min.) DVD $149.95

It is one of the largest women's prisons in the world, full of murderers, violent criminals, and drug dealers-but many at Valley State Prison are hoping to turn their lives around. Recorded at the jail in 2000 and again five years later, this MSNBC documentary profiles three women who contemplate the severity of their crimes-ranging from manslaughter to murder-and their chances for emotional and spiritual healing. The film also features Warden Gloria Henry, whose self-proclaimed duty is to help inmates rehabilitate, and guides viewers through a typical day at Valley State, from breakfast to educational programs to addiction therapy to lights-out. The often desperate situation of pregnancy behind bars is another major topic. Not available in French-speaking Canada. (44 minutes)

#10162 Women's Studies - I Am Woman (Run time 58 min.) DVD $179.9

What is the state of the women's movement? This provocative two-part series questions whether the women's movement is running out of steam or merely shifting gears as well as evaluates the contributions of African-American women to America's maturing social conscience. 2-part series, 29 minutes each.

#33471 Women's Studies - Mme. Chiang Kai-shek: A Legendary Life-on DVD (Run time min.) DVD $269.95

In this insightful program-the first and only documentary on Madame Chiang Kai-shek's legendary life-Public Television Service, Taiwan, presents recently declassified historical documents and rare archival footage, as well as in-depth interviews with historians, journalists, former aides, nurses, and family members of Mme. Chiang. Part one tells her compelling story up to the ousting of the Chinese Nationalist government; part two carries the drama forward through the second half of her remarkable life, ending with her death at the age of 106. (100 minutes)

#11182 Gender Issues - Girls in America: Identity and Adolescence (Run time min.) DVD $389.85

This brilliant three-part series explores the world of contemporary teenage girls, with a focus on their struggle to separate their own identities from the expectations and outright demands of parents, boyfriends, and a society bent on molding them. This intimate glimpse into adolescent life is guaranteed to stimulate discussion and is a necessary part of any high school, college, or community education curriculum promoting an understanding of women's issues and adolescent psychology. 3-part series, 57 minutes each.

#35405 Women's Studies - Secrets of the Sexes (Run time min.) DVD $449.85

What happens when conventional wisdom on the differences between the sexes is put to the test? This three-part series examines the latest theories about neurological and psychological gender distinctions, and how those differences influence everything from flirting techniques to empathy for one's partner. While each episode features testing methods that are entertaining and "outside the box" in approach, they lead to viable conclusions by trained psychologists and promise lively gender studies discussion. A BBCW Production. 3-part series, 51 minutes each.

#30253 Women's Studies - Mystic Women of the Middle Ages, Part 2 (Run time min.) DVD $599.8

Filmed at locations around Europe, this series presents the portraits of six women who served God in their own unique ways, from Margaret of Hungary, who lived in ascetic isolation on an island, to Joan of Arc, who led French armies to victory. Each program uses primary sources, such as letters, testimony, and works written by these women, while scholars and experts provide insightful commentary. Accompanying visuals include written and illuminated manuscripts, paintings, woodcuts, and iconography. 4-part series, 49 minutes each.

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