Fractals: The Colors of Infinity Video (DVD)

Fractals: The Colors of Infinity  Video  (DVD)
Few mathematical formulas have captured the imagaintion like the beautiful, artistic logic of the Mandelbrot set.
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Mathematics isn't something that is usually described as beautiful, but the Mandelbrot set is a mathmatical discovery that is often described as such. This set is an artful and remarkable mathematical discovery that is described in this 52-minute film that is narrated by Arthur C. Clarke. Clarke interviews mathematicians about this set, including the discoverer, Benot Mandlebrot, about what this set is and what it represents. Find out how mathematical formulas that seem simple can lead to extremely complex results. The discovery of this set has led to thought revolutions in mathematics and demonstrates a fascinating internal consistency. While there may be limits to how small the pieces of the universe can get, the Mandelbrot set may show that ther is no limit to how large it may be. View a Preview Clip
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