Expressing the Inexpressible: Shirin Neshat Video (DVD)

Expressing the Inexpressible: Shirin Neshat  Video  (DVD)

Video artist and filmmaker Shirin Neshat contemplates the existence of Muslim women, the way in which their world's are shaped and influenced by their culture, self-expression, and many more complex yet enthralling subjects. A haunting narrative told by video installations, it illuminates the struggles and conflicts arising between Muslim women their values, culture and society.

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Expressing the Inexpressible is a compelling collection of video installations exploring the extisent changes of the identity of women in the Muslim world from the viewpoint of acclaimed Iranian video artist, filmaker, and photographer Shirin Neshat. 

A powerful portrait of the complicated forces influencing Muslim women in today's world, this video explores several dimensions of Muslim women's experiences today, inlcuding social and politcal impacts, through in-depth and harrowing installations; Shadow Under the Web, Turbulent, Soliloquy, Rapture and Fervor. 

Take a journey into the complicated, sometimes dangerous and confining world of the Muslim culture and learn what it's like to be a Muslim women today. 

Neshat delves into complex subjects with insightful commentary and enthralling intellectual discussions. Broaden your understanding of the Muslim world, the values, and how each impacts natural self expression.

Complicated social forces currently define and change how Muslim women think about themselves and the tension it creates in the culture is extreme. If you want to explore a typical Muslim women's world, this video is a must see. A truly enlightening experience. 

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