Eugene Delacroix Video (DVD)- English

Eugene Delacroix  Video  (DVD)- English

This video, hosted by Alain Jaubert, explores the symbolism, controversy, and remarkable craftsmanship of Eugene Delacroix's "Liberty Leading the People." The DVD is compact and succinct at only 29 minutes long while attempting to answer the mystifying questions that surround this enigmatic and influential work of art.

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Eugene Delacroix was a French Romantic artist known for his expressive brushstrokes and his studies of the optical effects of color, influencing generations of artists, including the Impressionists.

Alain Jaubert interprets the symbols and composition of one Delacroix's most famous works, "Liberty Leading the People." The video goes into the events surrounding the artwork, including the verbal attacks and criticism the painting received when it was first unveiled in 1831. Although many of these questions will never be answered since the painting did not make it into the Louvre until after Delacroix's death, the video makes realistic and insightful commentary on this timeless from an artistic standpoint that will leave full of awe and inspiration. (29 minutes.) English. Art History, Art and Photography. 1989.

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