Ellsworth Kelly and Jasper Johns: Modern Masters? Video (DVD)

Ellsworth Kelly and Jasper Johns: Modern Masters?  Video  (DVD)

The video "Ellsworth Kelly and Jasper Johns: Modern Masters?" personally explores the work of these two modern but controversial greats. The video begs important questions about art. In this modern day, what is it? What does it mean? And how can we decipher the noise from the brilliance?

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Ellsworth Kelly and Jasper Johns: Modern Masters? (DVD/VHS) examines the lives of these two prominent though demanding artistic masters. Both offer very sometimes opposing but often unifying takes on modern art. 

  • Ellsworth Kelly: the guarded but modern leader in new abstract expressionism. He tends to express emotions in purely abstract simple form.
  • Jasper Johns: a thickly veiled symbolic artist. He is known to layer his work in heavy symbolism and intricate composition and design.

Both artists offer an eccentric look at modern art. This narrative documentary gets advice from art critic Hilton Kramer and the many men and women of New York's Museum of Modern Art. The video examines the credibility of modern art, and what it will become.

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