Alvin® Large Series Ellipse Template Set of 10

Alvin® Large Series Ellipse Template Set of 10

Drawing ellipses is one of the most difficult tasks to do freehand, and for many drawing applications, making mistakes in the size or shape of any part of the drawing isn't an option. Keep your ellipses just right with these templates. 

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Alvin® Large Series Ellipse Template Set of 10 Drawing an ellipse that has just the right curve, and that doesn't waver in its degrees, is a difficult prospect that you can make much easier with the use of a template. With the Alvin Ellipse Templates - Set Of 10, you can draw ellipses that measure from 2 1/8" to 4" quickly and perfectly. Each of the 10 templates, 10 through 80, has 12 cutout ellipses, and the cutouts on each sheet cover the full progression of sizes from 2 1/8" to 4". Don't leave your ellipses to chance even if you have a steady hand. With this handy assortment of templates, you can get jut the size and shape you needed, and the green color ensures that the templates won't be lost among your papers.

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Santa Barbara, CA
October 25, 2012

The product itself is great, exactly what I wanted and my order was promptly processed and shipped. However, the product description read:

Alvin Ellipse Templates - Set Of 10
Set Contains: 15 templates from 10 through 80

The image showed 15 templates and the description said Set of 10. I was expecting 10 so I wasn't disappointed but this discrepancy needs to be addressed so it's not confusing.

[Ed. Note: Thank you! This has been corrected.]

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