Elements and Principles of Design Video VHS/DVD (CC)

Elements and Principles of Design  Video VHS/DVD (CC)
The principles of design reach much further than just the visual aspect.
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The hallmark of a good design is its ability to capture desired emotions and inspire certain actions. Whether the desired action is to entertain, motivate, inform, or to simply convey a message, the elements taught in this video will lead the student to appreciate the intricacies and exciting outcomes of learning design principles. 

Learning and understanding design principles and their applications is greatly enhanced when the student sees and conceptualizes the material. The video offers this style of learning as it is best suited for helping the student absorb and retain the information. 

A good design incorporates many elements that are taught in the video. Some of these elements are: 


Too often, an otherwise effective design is seriously degraded simply by using the wrong letter font. An example in the digital world is that a serif font, one that has a curled or extended projection at the end of the letter, should be used only on printed material. The reason is that some computer monitors are unable to accurately produce this type of font. Conversely, the sans-serif font, or one that does not have the extended projection are used almost exclusively in digital applications. 

The study of typography takes the student into a world of exciting new avenues in which to produce exciting and powerful designs. A sign of a great design is when the designer adheres to the rules of typography and understands the proper placement, use, and alignment. 


A crucial area that is discussed in the video is that of contrast. In a design environment the correct use of contrast determines how dramatic the effect of the design eventually becomes. Contrasting certain elements of a design whether on paper, on a web page, or even in landscaping, differentiating between important elements that enhance the final product is a step that a good designer painstakingly applies to maximize effect. 

White Space 

For any design to be effective, it needs to have the correct amount of white space. This is the space between and around the elements that add to the design’s appearance and performance. Too much white space creates the impression that something is missing or is left to be interpreted. Too little white space makes the design look cluttered and unprofessional.


To understand the effect that color has on a design, consider what a splash of color means to the overall effectiveness of the design. Many times only one well chosen color against a plain background can make all the difference. However, knowing which color and where to apply it, is what separates a good design from an average one. The video presents the student with examples and explores the properties of color to enhance designs.

The Elements and Principles of Design Video emphasizes the major areas of design using the elements mentioned above and many others. The many concepts learned are intended to facilitate a better understanding of the exciting aspects of design that lead to a professional and quality product.

Of course, a pleasing design is essential, but teaching and learning the concepts that must be applied to reach the pinnacle of a great design is the purpose of this 31 minute video.

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