Beka Maple Wood DOLL HOUSE

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The Beka Maple Wood DOLL HOUSE is a sturdy wooden doll house that can be customized in any number of ways; it is designed to allow children to have the ultimate say in their dollhouse design.
Item Code: BEKA-06700

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Product Description:

The Beka Maple Wood Doll House is a fun toy for any young girl and her friends. This doll house will give the child hours of fun entertainment and exciting possibilities. The wooden pegs allow the rooms to be moved from side to side, and changed around for new designs. The rooms are easy to decorate with decals, stickers, paint, and markers. Girls can add lace, fabric scraps, contact paper, or even construction paper to redecorate rooms as they please. Each room can be moved to allow several children access at the same time keeping disagreements to a minimum. 

This Beka doll house is designed from a sturdy maple that means it will last for years and years. Children will find that they can design their doll house with rooms in any direction and set on any axis with the wooden poles making it perfect for her unique style. Girls love the ability to redesign the rooms with fun decor as they please. Each room can be stacked in any way creating dozens of doll house designs for your little one. The doll house will be fun for years to come ensuring that this gift is one that will last. 

Customer Reviews

This maple wood dollhouse has a modular design that allows a child to use his or her imagination to create limitless configurations.  Rooms can be stacked on the solid wood play surface in many different ways.  This is a toy that can really grow with a child.

This solid birch wood dollhouse is the perfect gift for the child who wants a doll house but just can't decide which one.  The unique design of this toy allows a child to configure rooms almost any way that he or she would like.  The solid wood rooms of the house can be stacked on the included wood rods.  The rooms can pivot from side to side, allowing a child to play from any angle.  In fact, the design of this doll house makes it possible for multiple children to play with different rooms.  It's simple design also makes it easy to transport; simply place the rooms on the rods and lift.

The house comes ready for decorating.  A child can customize each room however he or she would like.  It is the perfect canvas for children to craft their own furniture and design their own decorations.  Best of all, the rooms can be redecorated hundreds of times.  The sturdy design of this toy means that it will last for years.  

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