David Hockney's Secret Knowledge Video (DVD)

David Hockney's Secret Knowledge Video  (DVD)

In 1420, painters began implementing photo realistic qualities in their work in large numbers. David Hockney's Secret Knowledge video picks apart this trend in intimate detail, showcasing the varied and groundbreaking techniques implemented by artists nearly 200 years before the camera. 

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DISCONTINUED Item #30692 David Hockney’s Secret Knowledge has sold-out and was discontinued by the DVD publisher. It is a shame. It was extremely popular here.

David Hockney's Secret Knowledge video (DVD) feature explores the versatile world of photo-realism painting. Artists such as Jan van Eyck, Caravaggio, and Holbein implement brilliant and revolutionary techniques to harness borderline photo-realistic imagery in their work. These techniques include:

  • convex mirror capture
  • camera obscura
  • camera lucida

Painters of the early 1400's began exploring these techniques, resulting in some of the most fantastic and eternal work in Western art. The video follows David Hockney as he guides viewers through the implementation of these techniques and finally to a Hollywood set where  he replicates these old-school tricks of the art. Viewers visit Florence, Ghent, and Bruges for what inevitably has turned into a mystery-shattering deconstruction of classic art methods.

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