Calculated Industries® Construction Master® Pro Calculator

Calculated Industries® Construction Master® Pro Calculator

The Calculated Industries Alvin Construction Master Pro-4065 is a construction engineer's favorite calculating tool. Not only does it calculate every basic construction mathmatical problem, but it keeps a track record of the past 20 entries for easy viewing and comparisons. A must have for construction professionals.

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Product Description:

Calculated Industries Alvin Construction Master Pro - 4065, is one of the most commonly used constructional math solution calculators for the most technical and experienced construction workers in the world. No matter what type of mathematical work that has to get done within a construction project of interest, this is your answer. With the capability to work accurately in any common construction dimensional format, the Pro-4065 calculates constructional mathematical results in feet, inches and fractions; decimal feet (10ths and 100ths), inches, decimals inches, fractions, millimeters, centimeters,meters, yards and even both square dimensions and cubic dimensions - just the right measurement incremental types for construction worker at hand.

Key Benefits:

  • Converts to and from any dimensional format. 
  • Finds lengths of every aspect of a roof: rafters; regular and irregular hips, valleys and jacks, stairs: stringers, angle of incline, risers and treads for any landing  to landing height, riser height and tread width 
  • Works basically with any construction, building or remodeling application 
  • Includes paperless tape for reviewing last 20 entries 
  • Upgraded functions for roof areas, blocks and footings 
  • Enhanced rafter, rake wall, circular cone and stair cone functions 
  • Rugged slip on hard case with a convenient pocket on the back to hold field Users Guide. 

Best buy for construction engineers who want a quality construction calculator.

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