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The Clios 2007

(37403) This program tallies up 2007's winners of the gold, silver, and bronze Clio Awards for Best TV Commercials of 2007.
A lot to learn for advertisers, and great fun for all to watch!
Entries include Combos' "Heart to Heart," Honda's "Brand New," Camelot Lottery's "Bag of Smiles," Coca-Cola's "Video Game," Reale Mutua's "The Family," Skittles' "Leak," Nike Air Max's "Defy," Altoids' "Fruit Pants," BBC Radio 2's "Elvis," Minority Forum's "Black Soccer Star," Axe Dry's "Mother Hen," Volkswagen's "Like," Propel Fitness Water's "Stress Monster," Nokia's "Jeans," Guinness' "Hands," Johnny Walker's "Human," and National Breast Cancer Center's "Finding Changes."
Some content may be objectionable

Segments in this Video - (40)

1. 2007 Clio: Hall of Fame Award and Home Entertainment Award (02:01)
Winners: Playstation for "Doublelife" and Sony Bravia for "Paint."

2. 2007 Clio: Home Entertainment Award (01:18)
Home Entertainment Award Winner: Sony Bravia for "Paint."

3. 2007 Clio: Student Award (01:39)
This award goes to three Combos' commercials: "Fever," "Heart to Heart", and "Video Game."

4. 2007 Clio: Animation & Direction Award; Animation & Sound Design Award (01:22)
The winner of this category is the Dove Self-Esteem Fund for "Evolution."

5. 2007 Clio: Public Service & Direction Award (01:32)
This award goes to Brazil's Instituto de Apolo a Crainca for "Alzheimer's." The message of this commercial is about the lasting effects of child abuse.

6. 2007 Clio: Public Service Award (03:08)
The Public Service Award goes to AIDES (AIDS Awareness) for "Sugar Baby Love." This animated commercial encourages the use of condoms for safe, gay sex. (Graphic images)

7. 2007 Clio: Student Award (01:44)
The Student Award goes to Honda for "Brand New."

8. 2007 Clio: Animation & Direction Award; Animation & Sound Design Award (02:45)
Camelot Lottery wins the Animation & Direction Award for the animated commercial "Bag of Smiles." Coca-Cola wins the Animation & Sound Design Award for "Happiness Factory."

9. 2007 Clio: Sound Design Awards (03:23)
The Sound Design Award goes to Toyota Yaris for "Chase." The same award also goes to EA Games--Need for Speed Carbon for "Night Sky," and to Sprite's "Sublymonal-Omnibus."

10. 2007 Clio: Music/Adaptation Award; Cinematography Award (02:10)
Coca-Cola wins the Music/Adaptation Award for its animated "Video Game" commercial. The Cinematography Award goes to Vaseline's "Sea of Skin."

11. 2007 Clio: Editing Award (03:11)
Microsoft-XBOX 360 takes the Editing Award for "Cops & Robbers."

12. 2007 Clio: Editing Award (01:38)
JC Penney takes the 2007 Editing Award for it humorous "Crazy Beautiful" commercial.

13. 2007 Clio: Visual Effects Awards (02:15)
Sure for Men Deodorant wins the Visual Effects Award for its "Go Wild" commercial. Sears wins the same award for "Arboretum."

14. 2007 Clio: Visual Effects & Direction Award; Direction Award (02:22)
Travelers Insurance wins this category with "Snowball." Reale Mutua wins the award for direction for "The Family."

15. 2007 Clio: Music/Original Awards (03:48)
MTV UK/Ireland wins the Music/Original with "Brassband." Coca-Cola also wins this award with its "Parade" commercial. Nike wins this award for "Swing," a slow-motion video of Tiger Woods making a golf swing.

16. 2007 Clio: Corporate/Institutional Awards (02:16)
Adidas wins this award for "Equipo," a commercial in Spanish. Toyota wins for "Humanity."

17. 2007 Clio: Campaign Confections/Snacks & Direction Award (01:54)
Skittles wins with a triad of commercials: "Beard," "Leak," and "Trade."

18. 2007 Grand Clio: Home Furnishings/Appliances, Animation & Visual Effects (00:47)
The Grand Clio goes to Ariston Washing Machines for "Underwater World."

19. 2007 Bronze Clio: Apparel/Fashion (02:26)
Winner of this award is Nike Air Max for "Defy" and "I Feel Pretty."

20. 2007 Bronze Clio: Apparel/Fashion (01:37)
Winner of this award is Levi's for "Dangerous Liaisons."

21. 2007 Bronze Clio: Automotive (02:29)
The award winners are V.A.E.S.A. - Audi for "Emotions," Toyota Tacoma for "Tide," and Nissan Qashqai for "Skateboard."

22. 2007 Bronze Clio: Confections/Snacks (01:45)
The award winners are Starburst for "Factory" and Altoids for "Fruit Pants."

23. 2007 Bronze Clio: Entertainment Promotion and Media Promotion (01:46)
BBC Radio 2 takes the award for "Elvis" and G4 for the commercial "Bedroom."

24. 2007 Bronze Clio: Toiletries/Pharmaceuticals (01:07)
The winner is Axe 3 for "Crashes."

25. 2007 Bronze Clio: Public Service (03:09)
Minority Forum wins for "Black Soccer Star," Transport for London wins for "The Day You Went to Work," and NSPCC wins for "Caravan."

26. 2007 Bronze Clio: Campaign Award (04:04)
Axe Dry wins for "The Mother Hen," "The Mess," and "The One Upper." La Nacion Deportiva wins for "Everything Excites Me," "Nothing Makes Me Laugh," and "Nothing Ruins My Day."

27. 2007 Bronze Clio: Campaign Award (01:39)
The winner is Volkswagen for "Like," "Movie," and "Four Hours."

28. 2007 Bronze Clio: Student Award (01:07)
The winner is Bayer Aspirin for "Grey Beard."

29. 2007 Bronze Clio: Animation Award (03:22)
Becks wins for "Four Steps," bigFM wins for "Speakers," Citroen C4 wins for "Ice Skater," and Amp for "Paper."

30. 2007 Bronze Clio: Animation Award (02:22)
The winners are Propel Fitness Water for "Stress Monster" and Buenos Aires Zoo for "Together."

31. 2007 Bronze Clio: Cinematography & Direction Award (01:13)
The winner is MotoRAZR for "Cut Through."

32. 2007 Bronze Clio: Cinematography Award (05:01)
Nokia wins for "Jeans," Audi wins for "Satellite," Shell for "Movement," and Jaguar for "XKR Launch."

33. 2007 Bronze Clio: Direction Awards (03:32)
Winners include Johnnie Walker for "Human," Vodafone for "Live," and Lynx for "Billions."

34. 2007 Bronze Clio: Direction Awards (03:18)
Winners include Gatorade for "Big Head," and Boots for "Summer Rush." The National Breast Cancer Center wins for "Finding Changes."

35. 2007 Bronze Clio: Direction -Music Video Award (03:52)
Beck wins for "Cell Phone's Dead"

36. 2007 Bronze Clio: Editing & Visual Effects (01:07)
The winner is Transport Accident Commission for "Reconstruction."

37. 2007 Bronze Clio: Editing & Music - Adaptation (01:07)
Guinness wins for "Hands."

38. 2007 Bronze Clio: Music - Adaptation and Music - Original Awards (04:13)
The winner is MHD for "Crow." Music - Original Awards go to Adidas for "Adcolor Blue" and Travelers Insurance for "Bridge."

39. 2007 Bronze Clio: Sound Design Award (03:13)
Solon wins for "The Return of the Sun" and Scion xB wins for "Boxhead."

40. 2007 Bronze Clio: Visual Effects Award (01:08)
Heineken wins for "Past Experience."

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The Clios Awards 2007

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