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 #36252 Children of Substance Abusers
 #36249 Cutting: Addicted to Self-Injury(+$20)
 #35832 Extreme Sports and Teens: The Psychology of Risk Addiction(+$30)
 #36256 Homeless: A Teen Perspective(+$30)
 #34665 Hope Beyond the Breaking Point: No Child Ever Deserves to Be Abused(+$30)
 #36235 Hooked: America on Meth(+$30)
 #24995 Child Abuse: Chain of Pain(+$33)
 #36956 HEADSS: An Interview Protocol(+$50)
 #8077 Children of the Night: The Lost Ones(+$60)
 #8078 Starting Over: The Long Road Back(+$60)
 #25747 Kids.calm: Childhood Stress(+$60)
 #29938 Bullies(+$60)
 #34760 Get Organized! Managing School, Life, and Fun(+$60)
 #35000 Bully Girls(+$60)
 #38815 CyberSecurity(+$60)
 #38816 CyberEthics(+$60)
 #11028 Eternal Scars: Physical and Emotional Child Abuse(+$60)
 #35674 Recognizing Child Abuse(+$60)
 #34738 Smoking Out the Truth: Teens and Tobacco(+$60)
 #10752 Understanding Hate Crimes: A Service for Jeremy(+$60)
 #1917 Kids in Crisis(+$70)
 #2721 Dealing with Teens: A Guide to Survival(+$70)
 #3148 Teen and Child Depression(+$70)
 #6622 Too Soon for Jeff: Coping with Teen Pregnancy(+$70)
 #8180 Teen Suicide(+$70)
 #11004 Hills and Valleys: Teen Depression(+$70)
 #11108 Bully Breath...How to Tame a Troublemaker(+$70)
 #29108 Troubled Kids: Is Medication the Answer?(+$70)
 #32319 Teens Dealing with Death(+$70)
 #33596 Growing Up Fast(+$70)
 #37255 From the Inside: Personal Challenges for Teens Reentering Society(+$70)
 #37256 On the Outside: Social Challenges for Teens Reentering Society(+$70)
 #1449 Child Abuse(+$70)
 #2349 Childhood Sexual Abuse(+$70)
 #2350 Childhood Physical Abuse(+$70)
 #2382 No More Secrets(+$70)
 #5724 Where's My Kid? Child Abduction and Child Safety(+$70)
 #5931 The Impact of Violence on Children(+$70)
 #9242 When Children Accuse: Sex Crimes(+$70)
 #33988 Child Abuse: We All Can Work Against It(+$70)
 #1115 Kids and Drugs(+$70)
 #1367 Teen Addiction(+$70)
 #1918 Kids Talk to Kids about Drugs(+$70)
 #2216 Kids Under the Influence(+$70)
 #29101 Looking for a Fix: Teens on Teen Drug Abuse(+$70)
 #2384 Kids Out of Control(+$70)
 #10787 Teenagers and Gangs: A Lethal Combination(+$70)
 #11100 Warning Signs: A Look at Teenage Violence(+$70)
 #11027 Chill: Straight Talk about Stress(+$78)
 #9355 Understanding Violence(+$79)
 #9356 Taking Action Against Violence(+$79)
 #9357 Preventing Violence(+$79)
 #6982 Secret Shame: Bullied to Death(+$110)
 #7131 Youth Violence: What's Out There(+$110)
 #7423 Teen Violence: Wot U Lookin' At?(+$110)
 #29969 Preventing School Violence(+$110)
 #2891 Pressure-Cooked Kids(+$130)
 #4110 Kids and Stress(+$130)
 #29443 Pretty Colors: Inside America's Rave Culture(+$130)
 #39464 Teenage Pregnancy and Adoption(+$130)
 #2055 Crying in the Dark: Misdiagnosed Child Abuse(+$130)
 #4626 Pedophiles(+$130)
 #11491 Broken Child: Case Studies of Child Abuse(+$130)
 #33578 Social Ills: When Children Suffer(+$130)
 #30378 Harm's Way: The Lessons of Youth Violence(+$130)
 #8076 Running Away, Dropping Out: Voices From Nightmare Street(+$139.95)
 #36517 Middle School Confessions(+$140)
 #36287 If I Could: Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Child Abuse-Educator's Edition(+$170)
 #9354 Conflict Resolution: Breaking the Barriers of Violence(+$276.9)

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Product Description:
#36252 Child & Teen Issues - Children of Substance Abusers (Run time 9 min.) DVD $19.95

Danielle's father is an alcoholic, as are both of Luke's parents. Nicole's mother is recovering from crack cocaine addiction. How have these teenagers dealt with such overwhelming conditions? This video explores the emotional confusion and trauma affecting children of substance abusers, showing how many young people are able to break the cycle of addiction and create a healthy pattern for their own lives. Important steps in that process are featured-most importantly, realizing that your parent's problems come from his or her sickness and are not your fault. Self-worth, acceptance, forgiveness, and the concept of the "parentified" child are all explored. (9 minutes)

#36249 Child & Teen Issues - Cutting: Addicted to Self-Injury (Run time 11 min.) DVD $39.95

Like most addictions, this one starts as a way of coping with emotional pain. But cutting-the habit of self-injury on the rise among teenagers, especially girls-is a sign of deep-seated anxiety and self-hatred that no one can cope with alone. This video examines the distressing, ritualized behavior and explores how parents, friends, guidance counselors, and those who cut themselves can work together to stop it. The program goes inside a support group for young women struggling with the habit, showing them engaging in group discussions, self-expression exercises, and role-play that helps them let go of negative emotions and confront the "demon" of addiction. (10 minutes)

#35832 Child & Teen Issues - Extreme Sports and Teens: The Psychology of Risk Addiction (Run time 11 min.) DVD $49.95

For teenagers with a particular psychological profile, traditional sports don't provide enough excitement. This ABC News program looks at the structure and chemistry of the adolescent brain and shows why certain teens develop addictions to danger-seeking thrills by leaping between rooftops, riding on top of fast-moving cars, and other outrageous pursuits. Dr. Frank Farley of Temple University-a psychologist who has studied risk-taking behavior for more than 30 years-outlines ways to identify the so-called Type-T personality at an early age. He also illustrates methods for engaging teens in organized activities that channel their energy away from adrenaline addiction. (11 minutes)

#36256 Child & Teen Issues - Homeless: A Teen Perspective (Run time 16 min.) DVD $49.95

Filthy clothes, needle marks, this an accurate picture of teenage homelessness? Going behind common stereotypes, this video tells human stories about human beings-most of them young people who know homelessness firsthand. Amber and Tieshi describe the harsh reality of life on the street, clearly demonstrating the same needs, fears, and hopes that all teens have. Andy explains what it's like to live in a car and why homeless teens should never give up or lose hope. Cindy and others describe the effects of homelessness on families, while Liz Murray describes her personal journey from homeless teen to Harvard student and New York Times journalist. (16 minutes)

#34665 Child Abuse - Hope Beyond the Breaking Point: No Child Ever Deserves to Be Abused (Run time 19 min.) DVD $49.95

Inspired by "simulated baby" counseling programs for teenage students, this video uses a classroom setting and dramatizations to teach personal responsibility and self-awareness in parenting and childcare. It helps young people recognize various forms of abusive behavior, including physical injury, sexual abuse, emotional humiliation, neglect of parental duties, and imminent risk, or knowingly placing a child in danger. With an instructor's guide full of useful tools-lesson plans, Q & A cards, abuse reporting guidelines, a template for informational letters to parents, and more-Hope Beyond is an indispensable resource for educators, counselors, health care personnel, and other professionals concerned with increasing awareness of child abuse issues. The viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. (19 minutes)

#36235 Teen Substance Abuse - Hooked: America on Meth (Run time 11 min.) DVD $49.95

A rising number of American children under the age of 18 are experimenting with methamphetamines. In Montana, meth addiction has become the No. 1 drug problem. This ABC News program reports on the Montana Meth Project, an organization undertaking an aggressive plan to "unsell" meth-with an ad campaign designed to frighten Montana's youth into avoiding the drug. Highlighting the campaign's gritty imagery and language involving prison, rape, and prostitution, the report includes information on the project's financing, how the ads play out in Montana's teen demographic, and the need for long-term antidrug programs. (11 minutes)

#24995 Child Abuse - Child Abuse: Chain of Pain (Run time 14 min.) DVD $52.95

Overviews the five basic categories of child abuse and their effects on children. The video also examines the reasons adults abuse children, and describes ways to stop current abuse and prevent future abuse. Also stressed are means of obtaining help for victims. (14 min.) A Meridian Production.

#36956 Child & Teen Issues - HEADSS: An Interview Protocol (Run time 14 min.) DVD $69.95

Identifying social and psychological needs is a critical step in caring for at-risk youth. The interview protocol known as HEADSS-focusing on Home, Education & Employment, Activities, Drugs, Sexuality, and Suicide & Depression-is a highly effective method for listening to teenagers and building strategies to help them. This video introduces the HEADSS protocol to health and social service students and to professionals who are developing outreach skills. It suggests ways to integrate HEADSS methodology into youth-oriented social service settings, highlighting the need to recognize an interview subject's strengths as well as vulnerabilities. (13 minutes)

#8077 Child & Teen Issues - Children of the Night: The Lost Ones (Run time 27 min.) DVD $79.95

The problems faced by teenagers considering running away usually seem totally unique and insurmountable. Children of the Night begins by showing viewers that they aren't alone and encouraging them to find other methods to work out their problems. Visit Hollywood-a haven for teenage runaways from all over the country who are hoping to be "discovered." Learn what they discovered the hard way-which is usually far from what they expected when venturing out on their own. Runaways discuss their reasons for turning away from their lives and moving to the streets. Viewers learn what homeless kids do to survive-dealing drugs, panhandling, prostitution-survival techniques typical among runaways. Professionals who work with homeless teenagers discuss the dangers of life on the streets and the fact that many adults take advantage of street kids. Viewers are warned about the addictiveness of life on the streets and how difficult it is to get away once the street habit has become a way of life. Through the real-life experiences of runaways and those who help them survive, viewers learn that turning to the streets should be their last alternative. The streets won't make their problems go away-instead, they will be replaced with permanent and often life-threatening problems. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 35-minute video.

#8078 Child & Teen Issues - Starting Over: The Long Road Back (Run time 30 min.) DVD $79.95

Starting Over focuses on the future to help kids who cannot go home realize and consider their options. Viewers hear advice from runaways who have dropped out of school and are struggling to get off the streets, off drugs, and out of prostitution. Residents and counselors at homeless shelters paint a vivid picture of life at the shelter-the rules they enforce, the assistance they provide, and the success they have in helping teens overcome their problems. Outreach workers and counselors discuss the alternatives that are available and help those with no hope, those with jail records, and those trapped by drugs and/or prostitution see that there are ways to start their lives over, and get off the streets and on with their lives. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 35-minute video.

#25747 Child & Teen Issues - Kids.calm: Childhood Stress (Run time 19 min.) DVD $79.95

Is childhood really the carefree and happy-go-lucky picture that some adults paint? Not always! In this program, we see that children do have stress in their lives, but not the wisdom or experience to know how to handle it. Eye-catching graphics and stories from the kids themselves will keep your classes watching to see fun and creative ways to handle stress in productive ways. And...a tag at the end of the program will provide useful skills for all adults who work with children. A positive, proactive way to help kids have childhoods filled with warm, positive memories instead of stomach aches, nail-biting, and too many tears. A Meridian Production. (20 minutes)

#29938 Child & Teen Issues - Bullies (Run time 18 min.) DVD $79.95

In the U.S., an estimated 1.6 million students in grades six through ten are bullied one or more times per week-and as many as 150,000 victims cut classes each day just to avoid it. In this program, Dr. James Shaw, author of Jack and Jill: Why They Kill, explains how to confront and counter bullying in the nation's schools. Candid interviews with bullied students including Evan Ramsey, convicted of killing his school's principal and a classmate, as well as with two reformed bullies-one male, one female-provide a wide-ranging peer perspective on school violence. Students also share their successes as part of anti-bullying and peer mediation programs in their schools. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. Correlates to all applicable state and national standards. A Meridian Production. (18 minutes)

#34760 Child & Teen Issues - Get Organized! Managing School, Life, and Fun (Run time 23 min.) DVD $79.95

Lost backpacks, unfinished homework, missed carpools...disorganization isn't just annoying-it can seriously jeopardize a student's future. This video teaches young people the value of personal management skills, and provides tips and strategies for getting organized in several key areas: living space, school materials, study time, extracurricular activities, and social life. Dramatizing situations in which a group of teenagers have made themselves miserable through a lack of self-management, the program uses a lighthearted approach that engages young viewers, while driving home a serious message: Effective organizational tactics will be a valuable asset throughout your education and career. A viewable/printable instructor's guide-complete with learning objectives, fast facts, vocabulary terms, discussion questions, student activities, and other features-is available online. Correlates to National Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences, National Educational Technology Standards, and Standards for the English Language Arts. A Cambridge Educational Production. (23 minutes)

#35000 Child & Teen Issues - Bully Girls (Run time 20 min.) DVD $79.95

Traditionally, bullying has meant physical intimidation and violence-and in the past was considered a problem only among boys. But experts are finding that girls can perpetuate bullying as well, although it often takes place on more subtle or secretive levels. This program focuses on increasing awareness of bullying among girls and educating viewers about how, when, and why it occurs. Understanding the difference between teasing and bullying, identifying specific female bullying techniques and tactics, recognizing warning signals that help is needed, knowing the best ways to report incidents, and getting school officials involved to combat the problem are all subjects thoroughly explored in the video. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. Correlates to all applicable state and national standards. A Meridian Production. (20 minutes)

#38815 Child & Teen Issues - CyberSecurity (Run time 21 min.) DVD $79.95

The Internet offers vast possibilities for learning, making a living, and having fun-but it can also destroy reputations, empty bank accounts, and ruin lives. This program cautions students about potential hazards to their computers-not to mention their careers, finances, and futures-that exist online. Highlighting the importance of setting up a firewall and keeping one's operating system up-to-date, the program provides straightforward advice about protecting against hackers, viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, phishing emails, and other high-tech threats. Each concept is defined in user-friendly terms. More basic but equally vital steps like maintaining multiple passwords and not sharing personal information are also discussed. Commentary from experts, as well as questions from peers about the details of computer safeguards, will help students increase their online security. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. Correlates to National ISTE Technology Foundation Standards for Students. A Cambridge Educational Production. (21 minutes)

#38816 Child & Teen Issues - CyberEthics (Run time 14 min.) DVD $79.95

Most people learn traditional standards of behavior and respect for others by the time they are teenagers-but many don't realize that those rules are just as valid in cyberspace. This program helps students take the high road on the information superhighway and avoid the temptations of the fast lane, pointing the way toward an ethically sound Internet presence and lifestyle. Guidelines for the use of intellectual property are featured, with emphasis on the consequences of illegal downloading, copyright infringement, and plagiarism. Pornography, gaming sites, chat rooms, and online social networks are also discussed, helping viewers steer clear of antisocial and abusive activities, especially cyber-bullying. Comments from experts, as well as questions from peers who are confused about the fine points of cyber legality, serve to clarify central ethical principles. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. Correlates to National ISTE Technology Foundation Standards for Students. A Cambridge Educational Production. (14 minutes)

#11028 Child Abuse - Eternal Scars: Physical and Emotional Child Abuse (Run time 23 min.) DVD $79.95

Sarcastic and rude statements to children can leave as deep a wound as a cigarette burn or welts from a belt. This important program looks at both physical and emotional child abuse, and the lifetime effects they may have on children. We touch on what you can do if you recognize abuse of someone you know. A Meridian Production.One 23-minute video.

#35674 Child Abuse - Recognizing Child Abuse (Run time 26 min.) DVD $79.95

Kids who grow up facing brutality and neglect are lucky if a teacher or daycare provider catches on. Tragically, child abuse often goes unnoticed-and if a first-responder does detect it, he or she may not understand what measures must be taken. This program spells out the Four Rs of child abuse-the harsh Reality of its presence in our society, the Results it leads to, the many ways to Recognize it, and the proper channels for Reporting it. Each of these concepts is explained through eye-opening dramatizations and supported by interviews with education and child welfare experts. By following the program's clearly illustrated steps to awareness and action, viewers will become better equipped to recognize and intervene in cases of neglect and abuse...while there's still time to help. A viewable/printable presenter's guide is available online. A Meridian Production. (25 minutes)

#34738 Teen Substance Abuse - Smoking Out the Truth: Teens and Tobacco (Run time 24 min.) DVD $79.95

You can lecture until you're blue in the face about the horrible effects of cigarettes, but with tobacco companies spending tens of millions of dollars every day on marketing, even the most forceful teachers and counselors need all the help they can get. This video focuses on the illusions and misconceptions surrounding teen smoking, exposing the faulty reasoning that leads kids to start or continue the habit. It also offers several rock-solid motives to quit or abstain-and strategies for doing so. Taking a proactive, student-driven approach, the program features myth-busting classroom presentations delivered by smoking and nonsmoking students alike. Topics covered include the methods and mind-set behind teen-targeted cigarette advertising, the ways that nicotine and tobacco damage health and personal appearance, and the fallacy of claiming, "My parents don't care if I smoke" or "I can quit whenever I want to." Use this video to show teenagers-among the most vulnerable of media consumers-how to see through Big Tobacco marketing schemes and dead-end peer pressure. A viewable/printable instructor's guide containing learning objectives, educational standards, fast facts, discussion questions, and more is available online. Correlates to National Health Education Standards. A Cambridge Educational Production. (24 minutes)

#10752 Teen Violence - Understanding Hate Crimes: A Service for Jeremy (Run time 47 min.) DVD $79.95

What happens when intolerance and hatred lead to tragedy? A Service for Jeremy presents one scenario. Fifteen-year-old Jeremy is abducted and beaten to death by fellow high school students because he is gay. Such tragedies are routinely played out in various forms across the country as victims are targeted because they are Black, Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, poor, gay, or just different. This video closely follows a handful of students through the days immediately following the murder of Jeremy. From the confessions of the killers to the media coverage, visitation, and final service for the dead teenager, students question the forces that led to Jeremy's murder and grapple with the task of organizing a memorial service for a student few people really knew. Interspersed with comments and opinions from a variety of professionals, this fast-paced drama explores the doubts, prejudices, compassion, inhumanity, and overall decency of a group of teens at what could easily be any high school in the country. What would you do if this happened at your school? Do you really think no one would care?A Cambridge Educational Production. One 47-minute video.

#1917 Child & Teen Issues - Kids in Crisis (Run time 52 min.) DVD $89.95

This program looks at the burgeoning problem of mental illness and emotional turmoil among teenagers and candidly profiles five troubled youths, interviewing them, their parents, and their doctors. It shows the kids and their problems, the parents trying to cope with their troubled kids, and the anguish, frustration, and guilt when they turn to psychiatric hospitalization as a last resort. The program also breaks down the stereotypes that surround professional treatment and institutions. (52 minutes)

#2721 Child & Teen Issues - Dealing with Teens: A Guide to Survival (Run time 47 min.) DVD $89.95

The teen years are not only difficult but dangerous: decisions made (or not made) often lead to irreversible results, from experimentation with sex and drugs to good relationships shattered and bad ones cemented. This program provides suggestions for dealing with teens and preteens in the areas of substance abuse, dating and sexuality, and moods and feelings, and offers a list of warning signs for those seeking to determine the limits of normal teenage behavior. Actor Howard Hesseman is the moderator, assisted by a panel of medical experts. (47 minutes)

#3148 Child & Teen Issues - Teen and Child Depression (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

Even parents who are psychologists sometimes fail to diagnose severe depression in their own children. This program describes the common symptoms of depression: crying, withdrawal, over- or undereating, oversleeping or insomnia, concentration and memory problems, getting no pleasure out of life. In the extreme, these symptoms can lead to suicide-any threat of which must always be taken seriously. The program examines the possible causes of bipolar depression, presents evidence for the biological (as opposed to psychological) causes of depression, and discusses the role of environmental factors such as child abuse in activating depression. Treatment is also discussed. (19 minutes)

#6622 Child & Teen Issues - Too Soon for Jeff: Coping with Teen Pregnancy (Run time 44 min.) DVD $89.95

Jeff is a high school senior forced to confront his manhood and take on the responsibilities that come with it when his girlfriend becomes pregnant in this ABC Afterschool Special. Jeff is a nationally ranked debater and writer with a good shot at a full college scholarship when his post-high school plans take a drastic turn after his girlfriend confronts him with the news that she's pregnant. Jeff, of course, has conflicting emotions about what he should do; to relinquish his college scholarship could mean the loss of a bright future. But in the end, recalling the absence of his own father during his childhood, he decides that being a good father is more important and decides to attend a community college. (44 minutes)

#8180 Child & Teen Issues - Teen Suicide (Run time 34 min.) DVD $89.95

We all get depressed or feel stressed once in awhile. But today, teenagers have more stress in their lives than ever before. Divorced parents, substance abuse, lack of adult supervision, abusive family situations, unemployment, and a sense that the world may not be getting any better...are all factors which cause many teenagers to feel alone and desperate. Most teenagers successfully deal with these problems-but the fact remains that, on their own, too many can't. This excellent production takes a look at the reasons kids consider, attempt, or commit suicide while stressing specific measures to help prevent unhappy teens from becoming suicide statistics. Viewers learn how to recognize the signals of suicide contemplation which they can look for in friends or relatives considering taking this drastic measure, the importance of communication, what to do to help, and where to go for assistance in saving a friend's life. Those who may be thinking that ending their lives is the only way to escape discover that they are not alone in their problems, learn how to conquer these feelings, and become aware of specific people and organizations that desperately want to help. A life-saving message for teens, parents, teachers-anyone who comes in contact with at-risk teens. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 35-minute video.

#11004 Child & Teen Issues - Hills and Valleys: Teen Depression (Run time 15 min.) DVD $89.95

Don't feel like biking...lost interest in following your favorite pro basketball team...even your friends don't seem fun anymore? You may be depressed, a normal feeling that happens to everyone once in a while. In this timely video we talk about symptoms of depression. When you're feeling "down," what can you do for yourself or someone you know? What is normal and how long should feelings of depression last? There can be a fine line between normal depression and clinical depression, which requires professional intervention. This is an important distinction for all young people to understand. But most important, help students recognize and react appropriately to life's ups and downs. A Cambridge Educational Production. One 16-minute video.

#11108 Child & Teen Issues - Bully Breath...How to Tame a Troublemaker (Run time 18 min.) DVD $89.95

This video entertains and advises viewers about handling the bullies on their block. Real-life situations, dramatizations, and discussions help viewers understand the reasoning behind a bully's behavior, specific steps to neutralize his or her power, and how to avoid becoming a victim. Practical guidelines are given for managing conflict and creating win-win results for bullies and their victims in the classroom, on the playground, and at home. A Meridian Production. One 18-minute video.

#29108 Child & Teen Issues - Troubled Kids: Is Medication the Answer? (Run time 21 min.) DVD $89.95

Millions of children in America are being diagnosed with learning disorders and depression. While many say medications such as Ritalin, Dexedrine, and Prozac are the answer, others recommend counseling, social skills training, or dietary changes. How does one distinguish between a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and a kid who is just being a kid? This program offers parents, teachers, and caregivers a balanced look at options for helping children with learning difficulties or behavioral problems. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. A Meridian Production. (21 minutes)

#32319 Child & Teen Issues - Teens Dealing with Death (Run time 29 min.) DVD $89.95

Maybe it's hearing about friends, driving home from a dance, who get into a car wreck that no one survives. Or a fellow student-the one who wears a bandanna to hide what chemotherapy has done to her hair-one day fails to show up for homeroom. Or an announcement over the school's PA system: "There will be a memorial service this afternoon..." For many young people, this will be their first exposure to death. How can teachers and school administrators help guide them through the experience? This program features Camp Comfort Zone, in Virginia, where viewers meet teens who have come to spend a weekend of talking, enjoying the outdoors, and sharing their grief over someone they've lost. The stories range from suicide, to sudden death, to terminal illness, and as the camp weekend progresses, viewers see how veteran campers help first-timers release their feelings. As healing and personal growth continue, an amazingly positive spirit, in most cases, actually overshadows the sadness. Teens Dealing with Death includes expert advice from Dr. Elena Lister, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at Cornell University Medical College, New York City, and the collaborating psychoanalyst at the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center as well as the co-author of I Will Remember You: A Guidebook Through Grief For Teens. Dr. Lister shares her own personal experience of losing her daughter and offers suggestions on where teens can go for support and help in their communities. A viewable/printable instructor's guide is available online. Correlates to the National Health Education Standards. A Cambridge Educational Production. (29 minutes)

#33596 Child & Teen Issues - Growing Up Fast (Run time 35 min.) DVD $89.95

In this engrossing documentary, filmmaker and author Joanna Lipper follows six teen mothers and several young fathers through their last months of high school. This film goes beyond explaining the difficulties of early parenthood to reveal the compassionate strength, resilience, self-awareness, and insight of these adolescents as they look back on past decisions with enhanced understanding of their consequences. Through their intimate stories, the program explores the emotions, relationships, and psychological forces that lead to teen pregnancy. Assumptions about teen mothers are challenged as the girls work at minimum wage jobs to support their families while simultaneously working to graduate from high school with the assistance of tutoring and daycare. Recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as an outstanding short documentary. Additional information is located online at (35 minutes)

#37255 Child & Teen Issues - From the Inside: Personal Challenges for Teens Reentering Society (Run time 21 min.) DVD $89.95

For many inmates at juvenile correctional facilities, looking ahead to freedom brings anxiety and doubt. This program illustrates the challenges that often await young offenders following incarceration and shows teen inmates preparing to face the corporate world, their families, and themselves. Overcoming illiteracy, building marketable work skills, and becoming familiar with employment counseling and job search techniques are some of the subjects explored. The emotional side of leaving prison-including homecomings with elated parents and siblings and the counseling that often accompanies those reunions-is also illustrated in depth. A Cambridge Educational Production. Correlates to all applicable National and State Educational Standards including the NCLB Act. (21 minutes) Follows educational and program recommendations provided by the National Center on Education, Disability and Juvenile Justice.

#37256 Child & Teen Issues - On the Outside: Social Challenges for Teens Reentering Society (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

The importance of guidance programs for prisoners can't be overstressed-they help society as well as the individual reentering it. Following young people who have been discharged from Rikers Island Academy, this program focuses on the payoffs that come from educational and counseling services for those behind bars. A lively peer-to-peer class setting is featured, while the process of court-ordered drug-testing is illustrated in detail by a visit to an ex-offender's home-highlighting a central concern of many young people trying to find meaning and success on the outside. A wealth of insight is also provided on the advantages gained from structured vocational and recreational programs. A Cambridge Educational Production. Correlates to all applicable National and State Educational Standards including the NCLB Act. (23 minutes) Follows educational and program recommendations provided by the National Center on Education, Disability and Juvenile Justice. Correlates to prevention principles for the National Institute on Drug Prevention.

#1449 Child Abuse - Child Abuse (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This program deals with the delicate subject of sexually and physically abused children. A therapist who deals with sex offenders describes the common characteristics of offenders; a clinical social worker trained to talk with sexually abused children discusses the effects of abuse on the child and explains how she gets children to re-create what has happened to them by using anatomically correct dolls. The program offers tips on selecting a daycare center. A specialist provides examples of disciplinary problems and offers clues to help identify a physically abused child. (19 minutes)

#2349 Child Abuse - Childhood Sexual Abuse (Run time 26 min.) DVD $89.95

Childhood sexual abuse affects all social and economic groups. Psychiatrists, social workers, and law enforcement officials explain how the pattern of abuse is frequently spread throughout the family; why children can be manipulated into silent acceptance of abuse; the signs of sexual abuse and how and to whom they should be reported; the reliability of children as witnesses; teaching prevention skills to children; and under what circumstances treatment of sex abusers can be effective. From The Doctor Is In. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (26 minutes)

#2350 Child Abuse - Childhood Physical Abuse (Run time 26 min.) DVD $89.95

This program from The Doctor Is In covers the range of problems in the area of physical abuse of children: the kinds of adults likely to abuse their children; the signs of such abuse; the effects on the children; the ways in which abuse should be dealt with; how abusive parents can break the cycle of their behavior and whether and how they should be punished; what happens to the children when the law steps in; the distinction between discipline and abuse; and whether and how the physical abuse of children can be prevented. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center production. (26 minutes)

#2382 Child Abuse - No More Secrets (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

This program discusses the long-term damage that results from childhood sexual abuse, offers the stories of sexually abused children and of adults who were abused as children, follows the trial of an adult accused of abusing eight girls, and shows how children can be encouraged to share their secret with those who can help put an end to the abuse. (24 minutes)

#5724 Child Abuse - Where's My Kid? Child Abduction and Child Safety (Run time 20 min.) DVD $89.95

The Susan Smith kidnapping and murder case in South Carolina significantly raised awareness about child abduction. Although most kidnappings are committed by relatives, say the experts, children and their parents have a lot to learn when it comes to keeping themselves safe. This program examines a police investigation into the disappearance of a preschooler and visits a school to test how easily youngsters can be lured by a stranger. The program also visits the National Center for Missing Children, the central agency helping authorities on a nationwide scale with missing children. (20 minutes)

#5931 Child Abuse - The Impact of Violence on Children (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

What is the future of our children in America? Kids today live in a volatile world where violence in the school, home, and streets is an everyday occurrence. Statistics are staggering as children are not only abused by adults, but are killing each other. This program looks at the sources of violence that affect our children. Among the experts featured in the program are Dr. James Garbarino, Director of Cornell University's Family Life Development Center; James Stayer, President of Children Now; and Kathleen Kostelny, Ph.D., of the Erikson Institute. (28 minutes)

#9242 Child Abuse - When Children Accuse: Sex Crimes (Run time 43 min.) DVD $89.95

In sexual molestation cases, if children are allowed to tell what happened in their own words they can be very reliable witnesses. But what happens when overzealous investigators and social workers interview the children and follow all the techniques classically used in brainwashing-the isolation, the threats, the powerful and repetitive use of suggestion? This shocking ABC News program revisits some of the famous juvenile sex crime cases that have rocked America in the last twenty years, from Bakersfield to New Jersey, and discovers a pattern of legal abuse that has turned children against parents, pitted communities against their citizens, and left courts with the nagging question: "Whom to believe?" (43 minutes)

#33988 Child Abuse - Child Abuse: We All Can Work Against It (Run time 33 min.) DVD $89.95

This video speaks directly to adults and children with two helpful segments on confronting child abuse. The first emphasizes that adults in supervisory roles have clear responsibilities, not only to overcome fears of reprisal and report suspected abuse, but also to create a safe environment in which children can freely express problems. The reassuring second segment counsels children that they have a right to be safe and protected, and suggests that they identify trustworthy adults to approach if needed. Both segments clearly illustrate the need for communication and the idea that child protection must be a shared goal. (33 minutes)

#1115 Teen Substance Abuse - Kids and Drugs (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

This program presents the stories of five teenagers and their battles with drug abuse. Gina began experimenting with marijuana when she was 13; at 19, she had a $400-a-day addiction to heroin. Mike sold drugs to support his cocaine addiction. Mary began drinking alcohol when she was 12. Jorge began using alcohol and marijuana when he was 11, and began to steal to keep the drugs coming. Ed had both a drug and alcohol problem. All five are now in rehabilitation. The program also provides insight from experts and explores parental denial, children's denial, warning signs, and the stress that drug and alcohol abuse inevitably put on the family. (28 minutes)

#1367 Teen Substance Abuse - Teen Addiction (Run time 19 min.) DVD $89.95

This is a profile of an 18-year-old high school student recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. He discusses the factors that led to his addiction, and how his addictions led him to contemplate suicide. His parents talk about the effect of their son's problems on their family life, and what finally compelled them to force their son into a treatment program. A specialist in adolescent medicine offers insight into how parents and siblings may inadvertently act as "enablers" to help the addict ignore the problem. (19 minutes)

#1918 Teen Substance Abuse - Kids Talk to Kids about Drugs (Run time 28 min.) DVD $89.95

This program shows a group of inner-city youngsters who describe the experience of living in the center of a drug-infested culture-the scene is New York, but it could be any of America's urban areas. The youngsters tell how they learned to say "no" to drugs in the face of pressures that could overwhelm any child. (28 minutes)

#2216 Teen Substance Abuse - Kids Under the Influence (Run time 58 min.) DVD $89.95

This program looks at alcohol, our number one drug problem among kids. It examines school problems, run-ins with the law, and the long-term physical and psychological disorders caused by alcohol consumption; demonstrates the enormous influence of peer pressure and seductive advertisements; shows the wrenching process of rehabilitation; and explains why alcohol is so easily abused by youngsters, and what can be done about it. (58 minutes)

#29101 Teen Substance Abuse - Looking for a Fix: Teens on Teen Drug Abuse (Run time 23 min.) DVD $89.95

With no lack of people willing to cash in on smuggling drugs into the U.S., reducing user demand is the key to unraveling America's drug problem. In this ABC News program, three recovering teenage substance abusers candidly reflect on their experiences with drugs. Topics include how they deceived their parents for years at a time, stole money from family and friends to pay for their habits, "graduated" from marijuana to harder drugs, and saw friends get killed in drug-related violence. They identify an attitude of parental denial as a contributing factor to their delinquency, but also admit that ultimately the choices they made were their own. (22 minutes)

#2384 Teen Violence - Kids Out of Control (Run time 25 min.) DVD $89.95

Teenagers are running away from home, dropping out of school, having babies, taking drugs, committing suicide, and going to jail for violent crimes. This program discusses normal adolescence and today's too-frequent scenarios: a juvenile delinquent whose drug use led him to criminality; an eighth-grader whose drug use completely altered his personality; a young girl who became severely depressed because of work, school, and familial pressure; a teenage rape victim who ran away from home, attempted suicide, and became addicted to drugs. The program presents a five-question quiz to help others determine whether a child is in need of help; discusses how society is attempting to deal with troubled kids by means of the school and the legal systems; and offers an inside look at a group therapy session, where parents and kids tell emotion-packed stories of their struggles. (25 minutes)

#10787 Teen Violence - Teenagers and Gangs: A Lethal Combination (Run time 26 min.) DVD $89.95

Gang violence plagues schoolyards and pervades city streets. Both inner-city and suburban teenagers are confronted by it daily. This documentary-style program features former gang members and their stories. Each one views his/her experience differently and viewers will learn who joins gangs, the reasons they join, and alternatives to gang life. It's no secret that a gang lifestyle can be attractive to teenagers, so we talk to psychologists and inner-city counselors to find out why. As they discuss the need to belong, low self-esteem, peer pressure, and academic failure, they also offer expert advice. An extremely focused and insightful view of a serious problem. A Meridian Production. One 26-minute video.

#11100 Teen Violence - Warning Signs: A Look at Teenage Violence (Run time 24 min.) DVD $89.95

Open any newspaper or listen to any news report and hear about teenage violence. This fast-paced, edgy video brings together experts, victims, and offenders to help viewers identify and detect the warning signs surrounding a violent situation. Victims explore the emotions of fear and helplessness while perpetrators expose the mayhem behind their emotions and offer ways to identify and deal with teens who may be most likely to strike. Experts who work with troubled teens share critical insight into the minds and behaviors of potentially violent individuals. Viewers will be given not only specific warning signs, but also an effective plan of action against a possibly volatile situation. A Meridian Production. One 24-minute video.

#11027 Child & Teen Issues - Chill: Straight Talk about Stress (Run time 22 min.) DVD $97.95

Unresolved stress is all too frequently a cause of substance abuse and suicide. This program shows teens how to recognize, analyze, and manage the stresses in their lives by using the C.H.I.L.L. formula: Communications, Health (nutrition), "I" concerns (self-esteem and self-image), Laid back (relaxation techniques), and Little at a time (time management). This valuable instructional tool can help teens reduce their stress levels and avoid the related problems that stress can cause. A Meridian Production. (22 minutes)

#9355 Teen Violence - Understanding Violence (Run time 28 min.) DVD $98.95

This program defines the types of violence affecting young men and women today. Teenagers from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds openly tell their stories of how violence has impacted and reshaped their lives. Each narrative is complemented by commentary from experts who explain the roots of violent behavior-and advise on how to detect the warning signs. A Cambridge Educational Production. (29 minutes)

#9356 Teen Violence - Taking Action Against Violence (Run time 33 min.) DVD $98.95

In this program, young men and women from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds reveal their experiences of violence, analyze their responses to those experiences, and come to grips with the choices they made. Experts also discuss appropriate ways of dealing with both the perpetrators and the victims of youth violence. A Cambridge Educational Production. (33 minutes)

#9357 Teen Violence - Preventing Violence (Run time 32 min.) DVD $98.95

This program focuses on the prevention of youth violence. Expert commentary offers teenagers solid advice on recognizing the warning signs of violence, protecting themselves, and finding alternatives to violent lifestyles. In addition, stories of teen experiences supply a peer perspective on the effectiveness of violence prevention-and a forum for introspection on the lessons of violent living. A Cambridge Educational Production. (34 minutes)

#6982 Child & Teen Issues - Secret Shame: Bullied to Death (Run time 28 min.) DVD $129.95

Thirteen-year-old Wesley Oleksuk was personable and bright. He was also the victim of bullying so vicious that he took his own life. In telling the tragic story, this program places the focus on this growing social problem, and on its victims who are often too afraid or too embarrassed to seek help. We see how Wesley confronted his tormentors, to no avail, how school officials ignored the problem, and how Wesley's struggle for acceptance eventually led to uncharacteristic antisocial behavior. A psychologist shares a disturbing video of one child's 37-minute beating at the hands of classmates, and explains why children are reluctant to report similar incidents. The long-term psychological effects of bullying are explored. (28 minutes)

#7131 Teen Violence - Youth Violence: What's Out There (Run time 48 min.) DVD $129.95

Weapons in school, street gangs, kids pressuring "good" kids to commit crimes. Adolescents need a variety of survival skills when confronted by violent situations, and this program can be a key instructional resource. After viewing dramatic re-creations of various tense situations, a studio audience of adolescents discusses each threat, and what might be done to avert it. A host, acting as group facilitator, guides the teens through the discussion toward conclusions that make sense and can save lives. (48 minutes)

#7423 Teen Violence - Teen Violence: Wot U Lookin' At? (Run time 58 min.) DVD $129.95

Is violent behavior a product of nature or nurture? This documentary explores the causes of antisocial behavior in young urban males. Candid interviews with youthful criminals encourage viewers to question whether there is, indeed, such a thing as a "violent" gene, and whether violent behavior is linked to low intelligence. At times, these and other theories seem both consistent and at odds with the personalities of those interviewed. This is a provocative and challenging discussion of a controversial and timely topic. A BBC Production. (58 minutes)

#29969 Teen Violence - Preventing School Violence (Run time 29 min.) DVD $129.95

With bullying, sexual harassment, and credible death threats on the rise, school is becoming less about learning and more about fear. This program from The Doctor Is In thoroughly examines violence among children and teens of both sexes. Innovative preventive measures yielding impressive results at Bartle Elementary in New Jersey and Lebanon Junior High in New Hampshire are featured. In addition, psychologist Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence, presents his theories on improving the school environment and James Garbarino, author of Lost Boys, talks about the pressures that can lead to extreme acts of violence at school-even murder. A Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Production. (29 minutes)

#2891 Child & Teen Issues - Pressure-Cooked Kids (Run time 28 min.) DVD $149.95

Are our teenagers prepared to lead us into the next century? Will they be able to balance the pressures of home and workplace? What can be done to teach them how to handle stress in their early years so that they can cope when they are adults? This program looks at the problems and at some attempts to solve or at least cope with them. (28 minutes)

#4110 Child & Teen Issues - Kids and Stress (Run time 17 min.) DVD $149.95

Kids are functionally different from adults in the ways they are subject to stress: they are dealing with their peer group, their family, and school, each of which is a source of stress. This program looks at how stress affects kids-at the symptoms that show that psychological buffers have failed; at eating and sleeping disturbances; at drug and alcohol use; and at mental illness, depression, and suicide. The program also offers suggestions to relieve stress, to enable adults to help kids and enable kids to help themselves. (17 minutes)

#29443 Child & Teen Issues - Pretty Colors: Inside America's Rave Culture (Run time 77 min.) DVD $149.95

As a way of escaping their dysfunctional families and their boredom in suburbia, Sarah and Stacey have embraced the L.A. underground rave scene. This gritty program, filmed in a cinema verite style, presents an insider's look at a world of teenagers fueled by techno music and synthetic drugs such as Ecstasy and methamphetamines. As enlightening as it is disturbing, the film eerily crosscuts the girls' roller-coaster ride of depression and euphoria with an ongoing stakeout by narcotics officers of a clandestine drug factory. Some language may be objectionable. (77 minutes)

#39464 Child & Teen Issues - Teenage Pregnancy and Adoption (Run time min.) DVD $149.95

This ABC News program sheds light on the most heartbreaking dilemma a teen mother can face. Viewers enter the lives of Erin and Brookanne, who-because of college plans and financial hardships-have decided against motherhood and now reside at the Gladney Center for Adoption, a unique facility for pregnant teens in Fort Worth, Texas. Ob-gyn appointments, counseling sessions, and meetings with hopeful adoptive parents reveal the medical, emotional, and economic realities the girls must confront as the impending births approach. The program culminates with the arrival of the babies and, within days, the moment of greatest sadness and joy. Original ABC News broadcast title: A Rare Look at Teenage Pregnancy and Adoption. (38 minutes)

#2055 Child Abuse - Crying in the Dark: Misdiagnosed Child Abuse (Run time 55 min.) DVD $149.95

The flip side of unreported child abuse is falsely-charged child abuse. This award-winning documentary tells the story of anguished families whose tranquillity was shattered and whose very existence was placed into question-the children were removed to community shelters and the parents cast under a cloud of suspicion and revulsion-because of a controversial diagnostic technique used by overzealous medical personnel. (55 minutes)

#4626 Child Abuse - Pedophiles (Run time 52 min.) DVD $149.95

This program reports on child abusers who, despite repeated convictions and extensive therapy, continue their abusive behavior throughout their lives-the "average" American child abuser offends against 117 children in the course of his sinister career. In frank interviews, pedophiles describe their inability to stop re-offending and the ease with which they manipulate the so-called safeguards to gain access to their prey. The program examines some radical responses to recidivism, which include informing the public when a convicted offender is released and moves into their neighborhood and locking serial offenders up for life. It also stresses the apparent evidence that there is no known effective rehabilitation and no effective way to keep pedophiles out of the neighborhood, or even out of the classroom. (52 minutes)

#11491 Child Abuse - Broken Child: Case Studies of Child Abuse (Run time 61 min.) DVD $149.95

Every year in the U.S., approximately one in 25 children is reported as a victim of prenatal substance abuse, criminal neglect, or physical or emotional violence, and child-protection agencies are being overwhelmed by the crisis. Filmed on location in Baltimore, Atlanta, Houston, and Seattle, this cautionary program narrated by Susan Sarandon examines the cycle of child abuse. Case studies include children with developmental difficulties caused by maternal drug addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder brought on by scenes of extreme violence in the home, and life-threatening injuries from beatings. An HBO Production. (61 minutes)

#33578 Child Abuse - Social Ills: When Children Suffer (Run time 56 min.) DVD $149.95

Too often, children suffer because of society's malaise: drug abuse, violence, prejudice, and poverty, to name only four. This program illustrates how hospital employees at Children's Memorial deal with child abuse while working to prevent it. "Domestic violence, child abuse, child neglect. You name it, we have it, and the hospital deals with all of it," says Gail Brodkey, child life specialist. The video also profiles a boy born with HIV who continues to beat the heavy odds against him through the cutting-edge efforts of the hospital's pediatric and maternal HIV clinic. (56 minutes)

#30378 Teen Violence - Harm's Way: The Lessons of Youth Violence (Run time 47 min.) DVD $149.95

Are the increasingly frequent accounts of wanton, often cold-blooded youth violence a reflection of a toxic culture or the problems of troubled, isolated individuals? This program tells the stories of several young offenders from their own perspectives as well as from those of their families and the families whose lives they have irreparably changed. Interviews with social workers, law enforcement and probation officers, psychologists, criminologists, forensic psychiatrists, and, most importantly, the kids themselves offer possible answers to a deeply disturbing problem. (47 minutes)

#8076 Child & Teen Issues - Running Away, Dropping Out: Voices From Nightmare Street (Run time min.) DVD $159.9

This informative two-part series graphically illustrates the reality of the lives of teenagers struggling to survive on the streets. Designed to benefit several different groups of kids, the frightening stories of runaways and how they survive satisfy the curiosities of viewers considering running away and deter them from dropping out of life. Those who have run away and "throwaway" kids who have found themselves alone due to circumstances not under their control learn that they are not alone in their experiences. From the experience of other kids in similar situations, each group discovers that there are things they can do and there are people who want to help them end this living nightmare and start their lives over. A Cambridge Educational Production.

#36517 Child & Teen Issues - Middle School Confessions (Run time 74 min.) DVD $159.95

Going beyond superficial news-segment reporting, this documentary gets inside the lives of American kids as they transition into their teen years. The program features young people age 11 to 14 from a wide range of ethnic and economic backgrounds in one-on-one interviews and small-group conversations; cameras also record their school, home, and social lives. Much of the film is shot while parents and teachers are absent, but it also includes poignant commentary from parents and tense scenes in which adults and kids struggle to establish lines of communication. All the issues that concern parents most-drugs, alcohol, violence, sexual activity, and sexual orientation-are explored with eye-opening, non-gratuitous frankness. Viewer discretion is advised. An HBO Production. (75 minutes)

#36287 Child Abuse - If I Could: Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Child Abuse-Educator's Edition (Run time min.) DVD $189.95

"Families destroy themselves, so families have to heal themselves." If I Could is the heart-wrenching chronicle of Tracy Marasco, a single mother struggling to help her adolescent son James cope with severe emotional trauma resulting from abandonment by his father and sexual abuse by his father's cousin. To complicate the situation, Tracy herself was victimized as a child, sexually abused by her father and forced, for a time, into prostitution. Rage and despair permeate this disturbing program, but so do hope and determination-represented, in part, by VisionQuest, a provider of innovative intervention services to at-risk youth and families. Tracy benefited from it as a teen; can it turn James around, too? Will the Marascos' multigenerational cycle of abuse be broken? Sally Field narrates. Contains mature content; viewer discretion is advised. Comes with 90 minutes of bonus material (DVD only)-comments by NPR's Fred Goodwin, post-viewing reactions of numerous medical professionals, an interview with director Patti Obrow White, and more. (99 minutes + 90 minutes of bonus material)

#9354 Teen Violence - Conflict Resolution: Breaking the Barriers of Violence (Run time min.) DVD $296.85

For many teenagers, violence has become a fact of everyday life both at school and in the community. Some are harassed or bullied, while others fall victim to rape or hate crimes. This penetrating three-part series classifies the types of youth violence, explores the feelings behind the actions, and suggests preventive measures to help break the cycle of anguish and retaliation. A Cambridge Educational Production. 3-part series, 29-34 minutes each.

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